The rest of the country (ok the entire world!) is forever grateful to the South of India for its culinary contribution. We are talking Idlis and Dosas and just how no one ever gets tired of eating them! They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner and their versatility knows no bounds!

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Dosas and Idlis are made from a fermented batter of Urad dal and rice and then simply let your imagination go wild! Every south indian household will have its own recipe for the perfect idli/dosa batter. Made from simple ingredients idlis and dosas are easy for young tummies to digest, are super easy to make and taste absolutely delicious while delivering that nutritious punch!

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Here are some must try dosa and idli recipes!

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Neer Dosa

A traditional recipe from Karnataka, Neer dosa is a simple, yet yummy delicacy which your baby will enjoy. Made of runny rice batter, which does not require much time for soaking and fermentation, the dosa is soft and thin, making it easy for babies to eat. Add some carrots or beetroot to give it a nice colour or even dress it up with coriander for that added flavour. Simply serve this with a runny dal or curry. Recipe

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Green Gram Dosa (Pesarattu)/ Idly

Adding some colour to any food can make kids curious. So, here’s a little trick to add some colour to your dosa or idli, while making it healthy too. Go green and add some green gram to your usual dosa batter and watch your baby enjoy it. High in protein and fibre and low in fat and calories, green gram is a safe bet for your baby. Recipe

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Rava Dosa/Rava Idli

Another win-win breakfast dish from down South, Rava dosa is made of sooji or semolina. It is crisp, thin and can also make for a wholesome meal when mixed with some veggies. However, if you have not started your baby on sooji already, you could first try khichdi or kheer before you try a dosa.

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Ragi Dosa/Ragi Idli

We all know the benefits of ragi. Loaded with fibre and a whole lot of other nutritional elements, why not invite rago to the dosa, idli party? Give your baby a break from the usual porridge or khichdi and try making a crisp dosa. Add some ghee and serve it with jaggery and watch that big, broad smile on your baby’s face. Ragi can also be used to make idli. Just mix some ragi along with your usual rice batter and steam it like you do. One of the most baby-friendly grains, Ragi is every baby’s comfort food. Recipe

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Masala Dosa

One of the most favourite dosas in every home, masala dosa is for everyone in the family. Ensure you don’t add too much spice to the masala stuffing. You could also add peas and carrots and top up your filling, making it more delicious and healthy. Brush off a little butter on the top and your baby is sure to relish it. Recipe

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Vegetable Dosa

Make the usual dosa and top it with your baby’s favourite veggies. Carrot, beetroot, tomato, coriander and cheese can be some toppings to go with the dosa. However, make sure, all the veggies are cooked separately before you add it to the filling. This power-packed meal is sure to keep your baby full and happy! Recipe

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Millet Dosa/Idli

You might have used pearl millet or Kambu in your baby’s khichdi, but have you tried making millet dosa or idli? Not only do they taste yummy, but are also high in nutritional value and are a great powerhouse of energy too. Try the recipe.

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Wheat Dosa/ Idli

While some say wheat is hard on the baby’s stomach, a few others believe in starting kids early on wheat. So if your baby is used to this grain, then you could make it interesting in many more ways, than just khichdi, porridge or halwa. Simply mix an equal proportion of wheat to your rice batter and dish out some yummy idlis and dosas. And what’s bonus? The best part about wheat dosa is that it can be made with sugar or salt. Try the recipe.

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Oats Idli

Another South Indian delicacy, oats idli is a huge hit in most homes. While the usual oats porridge is a breakfast staple for babies too, a little twist to this humble grain can make it so much more interesting. Here’s how to make idlis using the oats you have at home.

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Carrot/Beetroot Idli

Does your baby throw a fit to savour these root veggies? Try giving them in other forms. Usual purees and boiled veggies might become boring for babies too. So make a juice or puree it and add it to your idli or dosa batter. The colour and the taste will definitely appeal to your baby! Here’s the recipe.

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Dosas and Idlis are great because:

All of these can make for great breakfast recipes, not just for your baby, but for your entire family. Just make a tangy chutney to go with it and you can see the dosas and idlis vanishing.

Light on the stomach and does not cause digestive issues.

Can also be given as a dinner option, as a major portion of the ingredient is rice, which is again easily digestible.

An alternative way to get your baby to eat veggies

With veggies, idlis and dosas are a complete meal in itself.

You can introduce chutney and sambar as an accompaniment to this meal to your child slowly, if not they can eat this with dahi or even plain!

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