By Amanda Wicks

Cam goes retro in her new music video for “Mayday” off her 2015 album Untamed. She plays an early 20th century pilot who must let go of a toxic relationship in order to fly.

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The song focuses on being in a bad relationship and being frightened about what happens if you leave. “You’re fighting back and forth with yourself about wanting to leave, but not really having the guts to do it,” she told People.

Cam elucidated on the specifics behind the song, explaining, “I had a boyfriend that told me, ‘No one’s going to love you like I loved you,’ and [I thought], ‘That’s so terrifying.”

In the video, Cam plays a female pilot a la Amelia Earhart, but after she crashes into the ocean she finds herself sinking because she can’t let go of the one relationship keeping her down. She added about her own experience, “You’re so afraid, so you stay in this crappy relationship. You’ve got to get out.”

The video becomes an empowering call to women everywhere, as it shows a little girl watching from the crowd as Cam boards her plane. She must find the strength and courage to stand up for herself and walk away in order to inspire other girls to live their full potential.

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