There is a new song sweeping the internets and I can’t get it out of my head. Not since John Wall’s first BallIsLife mixtape have I watched a YouTube video so many times. I’m mesmerized by it. I’m perplexed. One minute I think it is brilliantly done, the next minute I think it is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s probably a little bit of both. No, it is both. And I love it.

The song is called “What Does The Fox Say?” and it is written and performed by two Norwegian brothers, a comedy duo called Ylvis. It is an electronic dance music masterpiece with a catchy beat and surprisingly not-terrible vocals, but the lyrics make absolutely no sense. It is literally about wondering what sound a fox makes. Just take a look at the first verse:

Dog goes woof
Cat goes meow
Bird goes tweet
and mouse goes squeek

“Cow goes moo
Frog goes croak
and the elephant goes toot

Ducks say quack
and fish go blub
and the seal goes ow ow ow ow ow

But theres one sound
That no one knows
What does the fox say?”

The video, which features all sorts of bizarre scenes and animal characters, is also surprisingly well done. I can’t begin to put it into words, so just watch it for yourself…

That video you just watched — yes, that one — hit 100,000,000 YouTube views in 35 days, 16 days faster than “Gangnam Style.” It is shattering YouTube records and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. I don’t think I’m slowing down watching it, either. I’ll probably watch it a couple more times before bed. Some of you will, too.

But first, the News and Views…


Kelly Oubre Sr.’s comments were misinterpreted, he says.

One day after his son committed to Kansas University, Kelly Oubre Sr. got caught in a media storm for comments he made about the recruiting process. He implied that some coaches “kick players out” after one season of college basketball, and everyone with a pulse read that as a shot at John Calipari, the assumed runner-up in Oubre’s recruitment. That’s not the case, he told our own Matt Jones:

“It was not a statement at all in reference to Kentucky. Eight schools were in the running for my son. The media turned into the big two. But some of the other schools were talking about one and done but Calipari was not one of them. Me and Calipari share the same view on the one and done situation. We both don’t think it is a good idea.”

In fact, Oubre Sr. told Matt that Coach Cal was one of three coaches — along with Bill Self and Billy Donovan — who kept it honest throughout the process. They were the only three coaches he would want his son playing for:

“I wanted a coach who was the head of his ship and ran his own program. Those three, were the ones that I saw do that. And they didn’t spend their time talking about “one and done” but talked about their programs”

While most coaches took jabs at others pursuing Oubre, Calipari and Self kept it about themselves, avoiding negative recruiting to deter Oubre from others schools:

“What pushes the kid out is the money. Other schools talk about why my son shouldn’t go to Kentucky or to another school and focused on the other places, but the two schools in question right now (UK and KU) don’t talk about the other guy. They weren’t little guys getting in a big dog fight, they were big guys comfortable in their own skin. And that is what I wanted to see.”

In the end, Kansas just felt like home and Oubre didn’t see a need in visiting anywhere else. He knows Kansas is where he wants to play college basketball. Good for him. But before hanging up the phone, Oubre Sr. wanted Matt to know there is no animosity or bitterness between the Oubre family and the University of Kentucky:

“Make sure and tell the Big Blue Nation that we wish them the best of luck. I love John Calipari and really respect him and those fans are amazing.”

So there ya go. We can all move on and focus on putting the full court press on Stanley Johnson.

James Blackmon Jr. may or may not announce his decision October 22.

Blackmon Jr. tentatively scheduled a press conference for October 22 to end his recruitment. That is the Tuesday after he is in town for Big Blue Madness, if you’re keeping score at home. Several Michigan message board posters believe the Wolverines are in great position to land the guard from Indiana, but the popular assumption is that he’ll become a Cat.

Or if I need to play Devil’s advocate, he could already know he is picking Michigan and wants to get a free trip with his good friend Trey Lyles to see the greatest spectacle in all of basketball practice. Even then, I can’t imagine him feeling good about pulling the trigger to Michigan days after seeing Big Blue Madness. Maybe that’s why it’s tentative.

With that said, I think he’ll pick Kentucky. I was just kidding about that pro-Michigan scenario.

Come on down.

Bud Dupree is doubtful for the Alabama game.

Mark Stoops told reporters Dupree has yet to join the team for practice this week and it’s not looking good for Saturday. If Dupree cannot go, true freshman Jason Hatcher will see a lot of playing time against the Crimson Tide. It’ll be an “amped-up role,” according to Stoops.

It was a rough day for the KHSAA.

Mentions on SportsCenter, Good Morning America, The Today Show and Lord knows what else forced the KHSAA to come forward with a new statement clarifying yesterday’s statement about handshakes that aren’t banned but kind of sounded banned:

“For those that may choose to read only the first few lines, it is worth reiteration. THERE IS NO BAN OR PROHIBITION ON POSTGAME HANDSHAKES. Has not been considered, contemplated or reviewed as an option.” [KHSAA]

I sense a little frustration in that first sentence. Fair, I guess.

Simply put, handshakes are okay, but the KHSAA will not be held responsible if said handshakes go wrong. Each school should police its own handshake lines to prevent unsportsmanlike situations.

I feel like all of this could’ve been handled in private e-mails to the participating athletic departments. Oh well.

The basketball players are motivated.

According to Julius Randle and Andrew Harrison:


— Julius Randle (@J30_RANDLE) October 9, 2013

Motivated as ever

— Andrew Harrison (@DrewRoc5) October 9, 2013

Yeah, good luck with that, college basketball.

UK Hoops will host the first two rounds of the 2014 NCAA Tournament.

Shortly after his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Matthew Mitchell received word that his UK Hoops team will host the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament. Not a bad a little Wednesday, right?

Memorial Coliseum will play host to the tournament for the first time ever as women’s postseason basketball returns to Lexington for the first time since the 1986 Final Four, held at Rupp Arena. And if things go Kentucky’s way in March, it’ll play its first two games in Lexington, advance to the regionals in Louisville, and hopefully move on to the Final Four in Nashville. They won’t even have to fire up the jet.

Congrats to Coach Mitchell, twice.

Nerlens Noel bought an “I Hate Sidney Crosby” t-shirt.

Already a star in the city of Philadelphia, Nerlens Noel moved up a couple more notches in the City of Brotherly Love’s favorite people list after he was spotted purchasing an “I Hate Sidney Crosby” t-shirt, a very popular shirt amongst Philly sports fans.  The owner at Cheesesteak Tees called Nerlens “the coolest guy ever.” [CBS Philly]

Sign up for the KSR Week 6 NFL Pool with DraftStreet.com.

There are still spots available in the second running of the KSR “Beat The Expert” NFL Pool. This time around it is open to 100 entries with the top ten finishers splitting a $1,000 prize pool. Finish ahead of me — I’m the so-called “expert” this week — and you’ll receive $5, no matter what place you’re in. You just have to beat me. So check it out and let’s have fun with the Week 6 NFL games.

Matt returns to KSR tomorrow, we’ll be at Keeneland Friday.

Ryan Lemond and I are handing the radio reins back over to Matt tomorrow morning as he returns to his regular routine after some family time in Middlesboro. On Friday, the three of us will do the show live from the Keene Barn near the back tailgating lot at Keeneland. We encourage you to come listen to the show as part of your pre-Keeneland routine, and even if you aren’t planning to go to the track Friday, you should stop by anyway to hear the show. Parking is free and Ryan’s testosterone levels will be high.

That’ll do it for tonight, ladies and gents. Thanks for stopping by.

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