Did I ever mention that I had jury duty last week? Ugh. I had already postponed it once and knew I couldn't get out of it again, but it's a real pain to rearrange my work week and get childcare on my usual days off. I was told to go downtown from 9-5 pm on Wednesday and Thursday. So I saw a ridiculous amount of patients on Monday and also had Friday loaded up to account for my 'missed' work day on Wednesday, and Lori watched the kids as usual on Wednesday. No big deal....aside from the fact that Truman was sick again on Monday so Nate had to stay home and I wasn't sure T was even well enough for Lori's on Wednesday. It's been a crazy few weeks of illness around here but everyone is finally well, I think.

Anyway, I got to the courthouse on Wednesday morning and started working on a few posts for the blog. My name was never called and at noon they told everyone with last names starting with A-K to come to the front. Uh-oh. But then she told us the best news ever: we were dismissed early for the day and didn't have to come back at all on Thursday, either. AMAZING. So freaking happy. I used the rest of that day to work on the back hallway (post coming soon) and catch up on work stuff.

Nate had already requested off for Thursday, to cover me for my second day of jury duty. But when I got called off, he still didn't have patients scheduled for that day and so he kept the day off. Which means we had a Family Fun Day during the week and it was pretty magical.

We bummed around in the morning at home, then got ready and headed to a local gardening store to pick up some pumpkins, some mums, and check out their clearance perennials.

First day in Halloween tee shirts and they seem pretty un-impressed.

The gardening store is always SO festive for each holiday and did not disappoint for Autumn. We had a blast looking around at everything there. It's Stein's for the Milwaukee locals;)

I wanted a white pumpkin so badly but they were too expensive to justify. Instead we got three regular ones for $12, and a few of the tiny pie pumpkins for $1.69 each. Not bad.

CC hated these warty ones. I do not blame her.

Getting a little bored at this point. T still didn't feel 100% this day and was getting tired.

Dying over their mums! We only bought two pots so far but I love them so much I could stand to buy a few more.

When we came home we immediately assembled our 'bat pumpkin' that Truman picked out himself.

And then it was time for the boys to go on their movie date after lunch. Truman filled his rock jar again and picked the movie Planes for his special date with daddy. No city bus this time and man, I wish he would pick me next time! But I understand he gets a lot of mommy time and not much with daddy, so this worked out perfectly. No nap because of the movie but he survived just fine and was asleep by 7:15pm that night---totally amazing.

I assembled a fall wreath and some interior decorations for fall, while CC slept.

After CC's nap we played tea party, took pictures, and she simply cracked me up for awhile with her sense of humor. I love this child and our 'girl time' together.

When the boys returned home we headed outside to carve our pumpkins. This was quite the feat and admittedly, Nate and I had a lot more fun with this than the kids.


Truman named him 'Steggy' but requested he have Mater teeth. The eyes light up and are hilarious.

Lots of help carving more pumpkins.

My masterpiece. Carving pumpkins with a regular knife is hard. And mine was requested to be 'mad' so there you have it.

Nate's over-acheiving 'happy' pumpkin.

Still with the bat pumpkin being his favorite.

At night

Such a fun day together as a family, and tons of iPhone pictures to prove it;) Pizza, baths, and early bedtimes followed and we vowed to make more weekday family days happen in the future.

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