Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is going to be indicted for securities fraud this week by special prosecutors and the Texas Rangers.

He’s already spinning enough to make butter.

Get a load of this statement from Paxton spokesman, Anthony Holm.

“Normally, seasoned prosecutors are appointed to aid investigations,” Holm wrote in an op-ed for the Austin American-Statesman published Monday. “Instead, these two defense lawyers have built incredibly lucrative practices defending people charged with crimes, including drug and child sex crimes — the very type of criminal Attorney General Paxton tries to put in prison. One wonders about the impartiality of the appointed special prosecutors when their trade is defending those charged with the most heinous of crimes.”

Okay, first of all, and you would think that Holm and Paxton would know this – the Texas Attorney General does not generally prosecute drugs and child sex crimes.  He goes after people who don’t pay child support.  That’s bad, but the two prosecutors don’t represent those guys.

Second of all, one of the two special prosecutors, Brian Wice, represented Tom DeLay – yeah, that drug dealing child sex crime thug.  The other one, Kent Schaffer, works hard to insure that cops don’t overstep their authority and prosecutors don’t illegally hide evidence.  That’s a good thing.

Third of all, Paxton has been in office six months and has done diddly squat.  As far as I know, criminal defense lawyers love him and would look quizzically at anyone who said that Paxton was tough on crime.

Ken Paxton has admitted guilt on the state charges.  Since he can’t defend himself, he’s attacking the officers of the court.  He’s a jerk.

I’m going to enjoy this one.

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