. . . but, if you miss the last minute, not to worry, they’ll still accept donations! Tomorrow is the end of the third quarter, when candidates have to file campaign expense reports with the Federal Elections Commission, and I’m receiving email solicitations for campaign donations, that we’ve just Got To Get In before the end of the quarter. This is the first one I’ve received from John Kasich:

Dana, I am running for President because I believe that together we can offer voters a positive vision of a stronger America and end the divisiveness that has plagued our country for too many years.

We have a critical fundraising deadline this Wednesday and I could use your help to keep up our momentum.

I am very proud of my conservative record; leading the effort to balance the federal budget, eighteen years of national security experience on the defense committee, two election victories as governor in THE key swing state of Ohio, and record tax cuts in Ohio, along with more than 300,000 jobs created..

It’s a record that was only possible with the hard work of a great team and I hope to earn your support and your vote. Will you chip in $25 or more right now to help with our September fundraising goal?

Since announcing my candidacy in July, our team has continued to grow stronger and it seems like we’re announcing major endorsements almost every day!

Several recent polls show that I am the only Republican candidate defeating Hillary Clinton in both Ohio and New Hampshire. With your help, we can build on this support and win.

Dana, together we can strengthen America.

Thank you.



John Kasich

Governor of Ohio

My biggest problem with this donation solicitation letter is that he asked me to “chip in $25 or more right now,” but if you follow the link, while you can select the amount of your donation, it defaults not to $25.00, but $50.00; that’s kind of cheesy, at best, and wholly misleading at worst. Carky Fiorina sent a similar donation request, asking Can I depend on you to chip in $13 right away, to help grow our support?, and $13.00 is one of the given options,1 but it does not automatically default to any given contribution level.

This is a long article, due to the reproduced campaign contribution letters reproduced, so I’ll put the rest after the break:

I also received one from heidi.c@tedcruz.org:

Please DO NOT REPLY to this message. Replies will not be seen.

Use the information at the bottom for e-mail address changes, subscription issues, and to contact GOPUSA.

I talked with Ted late last night, and he asked me to update you first thing this morning.

Friend, we’re still almost $200,000 short of our End of Quarter Goal.

If we can’t close the gap — Washington insiders will gleefully use disappointing numbers as a reason to rip Ted apart.

Click here to chip in $250, $50, or $35.

Other campaigns have been forced to fold under the pressure…will you help me have Ted’s back?

– Heidi

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Begin forwarded message from ted@tedcruz.org on Sept. 23rd:


I’m sure you’ve heard…the crowded field of presidential candidates is beginning to thin out, and what you may not know — money was a big factor.

That’s why I’m emailing you today.

Right now, we are still more than $400,000 short of our End of Quarter Goal.

Since TWO of my fellow conservative candidates have been forced to drop out due to lack of funds, it is more urgent now than ever that I have your support before the hard cutoff of my fundraising deadline on Sept. 30th.

I’ve asked my staff to put a clock below to show the amount of time left before my Federal Election Commission (FEC) fundraising deadline.



Friend, I’m personally asking: will you to chip in $35, $50, or $250 right now — BEFORE the clock runs out?

After September 30th, EVERY presidential campaign must file financial reports with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) detailing our contributions and expenditures. Once results are made public, every media outlet will have immediate access and begin scrutinizing each candidate’s report.

I can feel it…Republicans across the country are fed up and will not allow the establishment to pick another “Campaign Conservative” nominee if we can offer them a proven conservative alternative!

Friend, the bottom line is this: a grassroots campaign like ours can’t afford setbacks. If our fundraising is not as strong as we need it to be — Washington insiders will use our disappointing numbers against us.

We’re building real momentum in key states, but we must keep the campaign doors open if we want to fight off the Washington Cartel and be the ones to reignite liberty.

Will you respond ASAP using one of the secure buttons below?




Your urgent gift is key — I’ve met tens of thousands of active Republicans over the past few weeks, and I’m telling you, they are rising up as the new generation of courageous conservatives willing to take a stand and fight for the soul of the GOP and the future of our country.

But we have to reach them!

We need more than a “Campaign Conservative” — will you help me stay in this race?

For liberty,

Ted Cruz

P.S. I cannot overstate how important it is that we post strong fundraising numbers! The reporting deadline is September 30th. So please, make a contribution of $35, $50, or more immediately.


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The “stop gap” donations are exactly as suggested, with set amounts, as one time only gifts, though the option for a monthly gift remains; the letter is honest.

And finally, one from Marco Rubio, who’s still calling me “Friend,” but this time they personalized the appeal to Pennsylvania:

Friend –

It’s our next to last day before the latest critical fundraising deadline, so I’m helping the finance team by reviewing our participation records. Here’s what I found:

We still need 37 supporters in Pennsylvania to donate in order to reach our participation goal.

Click here to make an immediate contribution of any amount and help Pennsylvania reach its goal.

That’s right: any amount. Our goal is not just to raise as much as we can to support Marco, it’s also making sure our supporters are committed this campaign.

I hope you’ll make the investment right now.


Jessica Ennis, Political Director

Marco Rubio for President

Paid for by Marco Rubio for President

Amusingly enough, while I was writing this article, I got the exact same e-mail from Ted Cruz’s campaign a second time.

While I support Carly Fiorina’s campaign, and have made a campaign contribution to her, all of these candidates are good people.

The others are $3.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, $500.00 and “Other”. ↩

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