The last half of the year went by in a flash. The summer was full of a lot of balloons walls. We finally finished decorating the whole studio and shared pictures of it. I love having a deadline of a shoot to force us to get everything finished. In August we did some really fun back to school projects. Then in September we started on Halloween Costumes which we kind of get carried away with. We also hired an event planner to start doing events at the studio and hired another crafter, and marketing coordinator.

1. Sprinkle Balloon Backdrop | 2. Emoji Party: Express Yourself! | 3. Lemonade Pinata | 4. Balloon Wall Photobooth | 5. Candy Rainbow Platters: 3 Ways | 6. Flamingo Lawn Cake | 7. Soft Serve Ice Cream Pinata | 8. Dollar Store Photo Booth Backdrop

1. New Studio Tour: Craft Area | 2. New Studio Tour: Living Room | 3. New Studio Tour: 1 Desk, 4 Ways | 4. New Studio Tour: Kitchen | 5. Rainbow Balloon Backdrop | 6. How To Decorate a Big Room On a Budget | 7. Hand Lettered Felt Flags | 8. Painted Letter Balloons | 9. 3 Back To School Projects | 10. Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies | 11. Paper Plate Backdrop | 12. Cursive Word Balloon Backdrop

1. Honeycomb Centerpiece | 2. Retro Television Halloween Costume | 3. Lipstick Halloween Costume | 4. Swimming Pool Halloween Costume | 5. Rice Krispie Treat Cake | 6. Rotary Phone Halloween Costume | 7. Art Deco Fan Garland | 8. Cassette Tape Halloween Costume | 9. Giant Ice Cream Sandwich Cake | 10. Jar of Sprinkles Halloween Costume | 11. Croissant Baby Halloween Costume | 12. Sugar Skull Balloon Backdrop | 13. Okie Dokie Halloween Costume | 14. House Plant Halloween Costume

Fourth quarter is always our craziest time. In November we got to throw a party to commemorate our 10th year! It was sooooooo fun and might be the highlight of my year professionally. I was also proud of the team we’ve built because we never could have done a party that detailed without such a creative and fun team. It was awesome to be able to flex our muscles like that. November and December get very busy. It’s usually when the advertising contracts come in. We try to say “yes” to everything we possibly can so that we can do all the fun projects the rest of the year. It gets really really busy and it’s when we all question our career choice and what we are doing with our lives. I am so happy with all we accomplished this year even though I’m exhausted. I am even MORE excited about 2017. Fo us 2016 was all about laying the groundwork and focusing on the “boring stuff” like setting up a studio, getting insurance, training new employees etc so that in 2017 we can do all the FUN stuff.

What is happening in 2017?  Oh man oh man! I am so excited. In 2017 we want to launch new projects monthly, source the most special party products in the world, deliver the freshest content on the internet, and throw lots more community events and parties. I cannot wait. I hope you’ll join us and if you ever have any feedback (good or bad, I promise I can take constructive criticism) I would love to hear it. Email me: hello@ohhappyday.com



1. Linking Balloons Party Garlands | 2. Seashell Halloween Costume | 3. Beetle Baby Costume | 4. Snapchat Filter Costumes | 5. DIY Clay Words | 6. Zig Zag Balloon Garland | 7. Disco Ball Photo Booth Backdrop | 8. Giant Jack O’ Lantern Balloons | 9. Giant Ghost Balloons | 10. Ombre Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece

1. Geronimo Balloons Installation | 2. OHD Team Birthday Party | 3. Cake Parade | 4. OHD 10-Year Birthday Party | 5. Drink Stirrers 3 Ways | 6. Confetti Recipes | 7. How to Host a Holiday Cookie Exchange | 8. Balloon Poetry | 9. Mini Mail Advent Calendar | 10. Balloon Ornament Centerpiece | 11. Snowman Surprise Balls | 12. Honeycomb Ornament Cupcake Toppers

1. Holiday Wrapping Party | 2. Christmas Tree Party Hats | 3. Holly Balloon Gift-Toppers | 4. Honeycomb Ornaments | 5. Modern Trolls Party | 6. Progressive Dinner Party | 7. Face Planters | 8. Candy Balloon Party Backdrop | 9. New Year’s Eve Floating Photo Installation | 10. Happy New Year!

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