…..University Of Ottawa Radical Feminists Trample Free Speech & Try Shutting Down Female Professor Advocating Male Rights


I think men make lousy women, and women make lousy men. But they make excellent themselves.

[sent me by Paul Fromm of  Canada]

Myself, Margi, Paul Fromm of Canada and Evan Thomas of Michigan in April 2007. Fromm was criminally assaulted just one week later in an elevator by a Jew on the way to a hearing over being fired as a teacher, and he bravely fought off the ambusher.

OTTAWA, March 28, 2014. Ironically, free speech and open debate are most imperilled on university campuses. The very crucible of vigorous debate and exchange of ideas — the university campus — in all too many place across North America is a dreary indoctrination mill for Cultural Communism or political correctness. Deviation from the party line is not tolerated. The now paunchy and greying politically correct leftists from the 1960s have bred a new generation of surly, belligerent intolerant Red Guard.

The Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) sponsored a lecture by former feminist Janice Fiamengo (photo) at the University of Ottawa tonight. The talk was to be about men’s rights. But in the world of Cultural Marxism and  prunish radical feminism men have NO rights. The very staging of this event was too much for the radicals. Dan Perrins,k a member of the sponsoring group, reports:

“Tonight, March 28, 2014, Dr. Janice Fiamengo was scheduled to give a lecture at the University of Ottawa Campus. We witnessed those “feminists” who supposedly “support equality” by screaming, name-calling, blowing horns, banging, and pulling fire alarms,

In short, instead of a lecture with a Q & A period what took place was an organized shut down of free speech. The protesters came armed with noise makers ready to trample on Section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that is supposed to protect all in Canada.”

 Apparently, campus “security” was nowhere to be seen.

Extremists disrupt Dr. Janice Fiamengo’s lecture at University of Ottawa (Video)

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Sponsored by the Canadian Association for Equality , former Feminist Dr. Janice Fiamengo was due to speak at the University of Ottawa yesterday, March 28, about men’s issues and the double standards of Feminism. What was supposed to be a civil discussion turned into a mess as protesters decided to go beyond voicing their views to actively disrupt the event (again) in an incredibly immature fashion. The man in the above picture is waving a middle finger because he was not allowed to enter the room that the event was relocated to after protesters effectively drove attendees and organizers out of the first room.

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, and near the Quebec-Ontario provincial border. Here is the Canadian parliament building.

This marks the third time that Feminists & Friends have pulled a fire alarm to disrupt lectures by men’s advocates at Association events. It is also the next event in a long history of repression by campus totalitarians who think that the human rights to freedom of speech only apply to people like themselves. Let this be yet further evidence as to why attempting to “reason” with Feminists is impossible.

As usual, the Association maintained the professional and moral high ground and was able to not only execute the event, but to also use the intolerance and narrow-mindedness of the protesters to gain the support of attendees who were previously undecided.

Video of the disruption here (notes below):

Timeline of events in this video:

1:46 –Protesters pound desks and blow horns continuously to disrupt the presentation.

4:50 – Protesters start arguing with attendees/organizers. Eruption of clapping/laughter at 5:21. Horn again at 5:45. Yelling by protesters. Security is called. Protester says “I have the right to make some noise” at 6:10 (the classic argument of “my suppression of others’ speech is my form of exercising my free speech”). Various catty arguments by protesters, punctuated by horn blowings, laughing, clapping, and so forth.

8:00 – Organizer tells protesters that if they have something to say to please hold it for the Q&A session. Protesters ignore him and continue blowing horns and banging on desks.

9:11 – Organizer informs Dr. Fiamengo that security will be there soon to remove disruptive protesters.

11:00 – Protester argues that the mere presence of CAFE is a disturbance to the atmosphere at the University of Ottawa.

12:30 – More banging on desks.

13:26 – Organizer says “may we carry on [with the event]?” Protester yells “no!”

14:40 – Update by organizer for livestream audience. Listeners can barely hear him over protesters yelling. Argument continues among crowd after he finishes.

17:56 – Reuben from CAFE reminds audience that questions should be reserved for the end of the lecture, that these issues are not a game, that we are all in it together, and that professional discourse involves not yelling at or interrupting people. He asks audience to be respectful other people who have taken the time to attend. He reminds them that Dr. Fiamengo is a faculty member at this university. Throughout his talk he is interrupted numerous times by protesters. Reuben asks protesters to stop name-calling.

22:10 – Protester asks Reuben how he can speak on behalf of all of them. Based on his response, Reuben (apparently) assumes he is talking about their differences of opinion, rather than their right to have (and voice) a different opinion.

24:55 – Camera is turned toward audience.

27:10 – Security rebukes the protesters.

29:22 – Dr. Fiamengo tries to speak. Protesters start singing (badly) and banging on desks 10 seconds afterward. Dr. Fiamengo rebukes the protesters

30:45 – Protester blows horn again. Singing continues. Discussion by organizers/Dr. Fiamengo. Singing diminishes when organizers and Dr. Fiamengo leave the front of the lecture room. Discussion/argument among crowd.

36:25 – Organizer announces the event will be moved to a different room. Discussion/relative inactivity among crowd.

39:50 – Dr. Fiamengo rebukes protesters again. Protesters rationalize their disruption of the event because the organizers are “being oppressive.” Continued discussion (with many a “patriarchy” reference by protesters).

44:29 – Organizer announces that event has been moved to a room that cannot accommodate everyone due to violation of university policies. Moving of equipment.

45:50 – Man informs viewers via livestream that a confrontation is currently going on outside the new room and that he is not sure that he will be able to livestream from the new room due to the technical issues of that room. A discussion among small groups continues in the room as it is slowly emptied.

These are the people that are coming out of our modern universities.

The second room had less technological capabilities, and one attendee reported that the seating was less comfortable. Once the protesters who violated university policy on freedom of expression realized that they were not allowed in the second room, they started screaming in the hallway and making noise outside, just as they had done at earlier Association events. Attendees tweeted about it. But the event was held.

……My analysis

“Divide and conquer” is the Jew strategy — get everyone fighting everyone else, just not the Jews who control everything.

Hefner in the 1950s; note the classically Jewish arrogant look, the hooked nose, dark eyes, and the black hair in this supposed “Mayflower descendant.” Yea, sure he’s not Jewish.

I recall well, as a child of the 1950s, how the Jews, using their coreligionist Hugh Hefner, launched Playboy magazine and the whole Playboy “philosophy” — giving men an animal attitude that women were mere sex objects, born for man’s pleasure, not our wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and nieces, not dignified children of God with great responsibilities, gifts and the most central of all possible roles to play in the survival of the human race.

Is Hefner Jewish? I say yes, because 1) he looks it, 2) AS A PORNOGRAPHER he acts it, and 3) names that end with -ner almost always are Jewish (Rosner, Costner…) and 4) this Jew writer is certainly convinced Hefner is indeed Jewish: http://www.charlestoncitypaper.com/gyrobase/Content?oid=oid%3A22115

Then the hideous Jewess Betty Friedan launched feminism as the opposition to the “Playboy philosophy.” Now men are depicted, especially in university “gender studies,” as brutal, evil exploiters and oppressors, “keeping women down” — women who just want to be lumberjacks, combat Marines, and rocket scientists, not have babies, cook marvelous meals, decorate and beautify things, bestow love and affection — in this often very harsh world — on their children and husbands, and enjoy buying and wearing pretty clothes and shoes. No, folks, women are just short men — what an insane Jew lie!

Betty Friedan — Well, maybe SHE is just a short man.

A (Chinese) woman soldier drops a grenade at a grenade pit and is saved by a male sergeant.

Are women designed by nature to be brutal, trained killers? Of course not! Men, with their high testosterone levels, are born to be hunters and thus are natural killers. They take animals’ lives — and bring home the meat. (As the expression goes, they “bring home the bacon.” ) They tend to be strong and silent because the hunt demands that.


Excellent article by Andrew Anglin on Jewish feminism:



….. Women and shotguns

Fascinating video in so many ways: 1) Joe Biden is a lying POS (but we knew that); 2) both women and wussy guys should be warned before they fire how powerful the recoil on a shotgun is.

This is one more reason why average women should not be in the infantry — their softer and more tender nature.

If firing a shotgun makes them shriek, how about being in actual combat and seeing a human head, a chunk of brains or the leg of their buddy fly past them?


A woman should be warned how powerful a double-barreled shotgun is. There is no spring inside the stock (the part you jam against your shoulder) to accept the force that is kicking back. It is just solid wood or plastic. Now, an “assault rifle” does have this spring and thus far less “kick,” which the vile Biden deliberately does not mention.

An assault rifle is far better for a woman, a girl, a boy or a small man to fire! but a shotgun, if held at the shoulder, will literally punch you there and give you pain and maybe even a a bruise!



…nice tat

I don’t like tattoos, but this one says it all. Be nice to Mr. Aryan — or else!

…..Adolf Hitler, a highly decorated veteran of WWI, on women serving in the military


The way his mother was, whom Hitler adored, Hitler felt that women should not even serve on juries deciding the death penalty because of their excessive compassion. He talks about men who buckle under the horrors of war and vows that women will never be sent to the front.

As for the female drill instructors, such as this gal, about 10% of Marines are women. Traditionally, they serve in the rear doing various tasks of a non-combat nature so the men can actually go forward and do the bloody work of killing. The Israelis tried having women in combat and stopped the experiment. The men would freak out if a women was injured, and insist the wounded woman must be evacuated and all fighting must stop until she is safe. So we see that a man’s programming is to fight and protect, and a woman’s role to BE protected and in turn do the many other vital things at which she is excellent.

Of course, Joan of Arc was a woman, but she is famous largely because women warriors are so rare. Frontier women had to be brave in case of Indians, bears, etc., but this was for moments only.

To ask a woman to go for long days, weeks and months of combat, gore, suffering, fear and death would be unimaginable cruelty and wrong policy as well.for women are designed to be natural liberals, strong on compassion (which makes them good mothers and soothing wives) and weak on physical conflict.




…..Jews in Hollywood — an appallingly endless list




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Whites ARE waking up but they are cowards. The gun sales and prepper movement show they do “get” it. But they are not organizing to do anything in a concerted effort. I have to get my movement off the ground as the IMO only man with presidential caliber. I have to be a counter-president.

Otherwise, this bolshevik bisexual will continue squatting in our White House, signing executive orders. The most ominous thing by far is his purge of admiral, generals, colonels and Navy captains. These are the men who take their oath seriously that he is sh–c—–g under specious excuses.


The day WILL come when it is too late.

It is like this:

1) The country is now (yes, now) majority non-white though Whites are still 60% of voters

2) Non-Whites vote Democrat

3) Dem politicians vote gun control and hate-speech laws

The day will come when non-white Dems permanently get a lock on the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and the governorships and state legislatures, then they will disarm the Whites and kill the men, boys, and older women, keeping the pretty younger women alive for rape.

Non-Whites smell weakness. Many are merely intelligent animals.

As Chesty Puller (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesty_Puller) famously said in Korea (where my father also served):

“Our country won’t go on forever, if we stay soft as we are now. There won’t be any America—because some foreign soldiery will invade us and take our women and breed a hardier race.”[19]

(From: Davis, Burke (1991) [1962]. Marine! The Life of Chesty Puller. Bantam Books. ISBN 0-553-27182-2, page 237)

It will take a United States Marine to do this, who is mentally tough and ready to wade through blood.


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