Location: New York

The internet has a people problem.

Many online communities are fragile, toxic spaces. Some people have given up on engagement altogether. We believe that healthy online communities can exist, given the right systems and tools.

News publishers in particular need new and better ways to engage with their communities, share knowledge, empower individuals, and squash trolls.

Mozilla, The New York Times, and The Washington Post are coming together as the Coral Project to create a new, open source platform along with a series of best practices for publishers and audiences of all shapes and sizes.

Help us make the internet a better place for everyone.

To succeed, we need a vibrant community of our own, made up of community managers, developers, social media specialists, journalists, and others who want to participate.

We’re looking for a Community Lead who will run this community, contributing their expertise to our vision, and modeling best community practice to a variety of audiences relevant to the project.

As Community Lead, you will:

create a strategy for achieving our community goals

set up and maintain discussions across three main audiences: people interested in journalism, digital communities and open source development

run our social media, newsletter and blog, including handling guest contributions

test our tools as we build them

help set up and run small events

document and share our process in a transparent and authentic way

You are someone who has experience in managing multiple communities, including dealing with moderation/harassment, across several different platforms. You will know how to work within a small team that moves quickly and iteratively, and are comfortable with setting your own goals.

If you’re deeply interested in taking on structural problems within journalism, please consider applying even if your background doesn’t perfectly match our ideal credentials. We are committed to diversity and especially encourage members of underrepresented communities to apply.

About the Coral Project

The Coral Project is a multi-year effort to lead experiments in community growth and management, seeking ways to improve the state of user-generated contributions on the Internet through open-source software.

Our aim is to build a small core and a host of discrete, interoperable technology components to tackle areas including automated moderation, community analytics, and notifications. These plugins could work together or in concert with existing systems.

This project is a collaboration between Mozilla, The Washington Post and The New York Times, and will be located in a dedicated space at The Times’s headquarters in New York. This collaboration allows the project to draw on the experience and reach of large organizations while creating a platform and practices for everyone.

How to Apply

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