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Applications are invited for ICPR Fellowship 2016 -17

The Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) invites application for Fellowships from eligible scholars for Research in Philosophy or its allied areas of study as specified below against available seats  out of 60 Junior Research Fellowships (JRF), 15 General Fellowships (GF) and 4 Senior Fellowships (SF) every year. Accordingly, applications are invited for the fellowships for the Batch / Year 2016-17. The applicants for JRF should have registration for Ph. D degrees in the concerned areas of study. Those, who have already availed a fellowship, cannot apply for another fellowship within the span of 5 years. Details of the fellowship, eligibility criteria, instructions, and online application procedure etc., are provided herewith. The Applicants for GF and JRF are required to submit the online application by the last date and need not send any hard copy, if online payment is successful. If the payment is made by DD, then the printed application form, DD and the uploaded documents should be sent by speed post to ICPR at the address given in 4th page. The Applicants for GF and JRF have to produce the hard copy with all signatures of authorities at the time of interview (as detailed in the instructions in 4th and 5th Page), if they are called for the interview. The applicants for Senior Fellowships are requested to take the print out of the online application and attach the DD, if the payment is made by DD, and all the documents with their self-attestation as detailed in the Instruction (in 4th and 5th Page), and send all of them preferably by speed post, which should be received by the last date of receiving applications.
Last date of Receiving Applications is extended upto 16th May, 2016.
Schedule of Test and Interview for JRF and Interview for GF will be conducted during 30th, 31st May and 1st June 2016. The eligible candidates will be called for the test / interview after the scrutiny.
The Online Application Link is provided at the last page. The Link can be clicked or copied and pasted or typed in the address bar of the internet browser. The Applicants are requested to go through the information and instructions thoroughly before clicking on the link.
The Fellowship
The main objective of ICPR Fellowship Scheme is to promote research in philosophy and the related areas by providing fellowship and other opportunities to scholars, especially the young scholars, to help them engage on a whole time basis in research projects on the themes of their choice taken up for Ph. D., Degrees at different Universities/Institutions across India. The major areas of investigation identified by the Council in the field of philosophy and related disciplines are mentioned here.
The Council encourages research in the following major areas of investigation.
1.    Theories of Truth and Knowledge.
2.    Basic Values Embodied in Indian Culture and their relevance to National   Reconstruction.
3.    Normative Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics).
4.    Interdisciplinary Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics).
5.    Philosophy, Science and Technology.
6.    Philosophy of Man and Environment.
7.    Social and Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Law.
8.    Comparative and Critical Study in the Philosophical Systems/Movements   and Religion.
9.    Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of Language.
10.    Metaphysics.
11.    Philosophy of Education.
12.    Philosophy of Social Sciences.

Senior Fellowships are awarded to the scholars having publications of a very high order to their credit. These fellowships are meant for well-known senior professional scholars in philosophy who have made a significant contribution to the study of philosophy and related subjects as it is evident from publication of their research papers and books. Along with the application form, the applicants are required to send five copies of a synopsis of their proposed research (not exceeding 1000 words). The fellowship carries monthly emolument of Rs.40,000/- and a contingency grant of Rs.40,000/- per annum.  The fellowship is offered for a period of two years.

The General Fellowships are awarded to scholars who have shown significant promise and competence in independent research as it is evident from their publications in the form of books and/or research articles.  The award of this category of fellowship is determined on the basis of quality of the candidates’ research work produced in form of published work (books or articles) or even in unpublished form. After scrutiny, the eligible candidates may be called for test and/or interview to assess the merit of the scholar and their project proposal. Ph.D. degree is not an essential requirement for this category of fellowship. The fellowship amount in this category is Rs.28,000/- per month and contingency grant is Rs.20,000/- per annum. The fellowship is offered for a period of two years.

The candidate is required to provide the synopsis as instructed in the General Information below.

The fellowship carries a grant of Rs.16,000/- per month and a contingency grant of Rs.15,000/- per annum. There is no provision for pay protection in this category of fellowship.
The Junior Research Fellowships are awarded for a period of two years in support of Ph. D programmes in an affiliated educational / research institute/University recognized by Govt., of India. The fellowship is not available to the candidates pursuing M. Phil., degree/course/programme or in the cases where part or whole of a project / programme has been done in support of another fellowship.

The candidate for a Junior Research Fellowship should have secured at least 55 per cent marks in post-graduation.

Registration to Ph.D. programme in Philosophy or in the topic that comes under the areas of study given above is required to avail Junior Research Fellowship of ICPR. Institutional affiliation is essential for Junior Research Fellowship.

General Information:
1.    Applications for the award of fellowships may be submitted in the prescribed format which will be scrutinized by a committee of the Council. After scrutiny, the eligible candidates are called for test and/or interview to assess the merit of the scholar and the project proposal.

2.    The Fellow has to furnish one copy of synopsis of his/her project proposal along with his/her application while applying, and submit 5 copies of the synopsis at the time of interview. The synopsis should not exceed 5 pages for JRF and GF, and 1000 words for SF, and should sharply focus on the project exhibiting acquaintance with the problem and the question to be dealt with.

3.    Fellowship cannot be awarded to a person if he/she is availing any other fellowship from any other council of research / organization / body.  Once a Fellow of the Council, the same person cannot apply for another fellowship in a span of five years from the date of acceptance of the earlier fellowship from the same Council of research.

4.    ICPR Fellowship may not be given for the same project which was partly or wholly started in M. Phil or any other degree and has been supported partly or wholly or in half way with assistance of some other fellowship, except UGC Non-net fellowship, and such assistances that do not conflict with the copy right of the ICPR on the project under the fellowship.

5.    The fellowships are strictly provided for a definite period of two years.

6.    If the Final Manuscript under the fellowship is submitted to the affiliated institution and/or to the ICPR before the completion of two-years period of the fellowship, then the fellowship will be discontinued with immediate effect. If the candidate gets employed, the fellowship has to be stopped / terminated. In such cases of submission or termination of the fellowship, the Fellow / Supervisor / Institution has to inform the ICPR forthwith for necessary action.

7.     (a)The Council reserves the first right to publish manuscripts of the research work done under the fellowship programme by the awardees.  In case, the fellow desires to get the work published in the same or revised form, he/she should obtain permission for the same from the Council, and he/she should acknowledge that the research work was carried out under a fellowship provided by the Council. Acknowledgment to ICPR should prominently be made in a separate page / inside the Preface / Acknowledgment of the final manuscript / to be printed copy, which will be prepared containing the research done with or during the period of fellowships/grants from ICPR. (b) Acknowledgment to ICPR must also prominently be made in any publication that is brought out on research/presentation done with the help of and/or during the period of the ICPR fellowship/grant.

8.    The award of the Fellowship is not restricted to the applicants only. The Council reserves the right to consider any person for Fellowship even if he/she may not have applied. Some conditions may be relaxable for the cases, where papers/articles have been published in reputed journal in philosophy which are considered by the selection committee. Reservation will be made for SC/ST/OBC/Physically Challenged candidates as per rules of Govt., of India as it is practiced in educational institutions.

9.    The Council’s decision regarding the award of the fellowships and related matters is final.

10.    The matters of fellowship will always be regulated by the terms and conditions and additions / revisions of the same, if any, as put up from time to time.

Instruction for Filling up the Application Form and Communicating to ICPR:
Preparation: The candidate is advised to go through the online application format, terms and conditions, general information and complete instructions before going for Registration and filling up the online application. Prepare soft copy of all required attachments and keep them in a single Word or PDF file within the size of 1.00 MB. Multiple files are not acceptable in the online application. Prepare scan copy of recent passport size photograph signing on it at the bottom of the front page without distorting the face. The Photograph should not be more than 200 KB. Scanned copy of signature within 200 KB.

i.    Separate application is required for each fellowship applied for.

ii.    Applications without required attachments/enclosures would be considered incomplete and are liable to be rejected.

iii. While preparing (Appendix ‘A’) please provide the details of synopsis / project proposal including (a) research problems or matter of issues of research, your proposed solution or work on them, objectives, tentative chapterization, a bibliography / list of books which are likely to be consulted by the scholar in relation to the Research, and (b) a brief note on the first chapter of the proposed project (all under Appendix –A). Appendix A should be not more than 5 pages, and the soft copy along with other documents (keeping all of them in a single word of PDF file) should be uploaded in online application format.

iv. When preparing (Appendix  ‘B’) for biodata, provide details of Academic qualifications with Year of Pass Out- Degree-– Division-Percentage – (Hons., / Special Paper)  name of College/ Institution and University, etc., and separate headings for details of publications, Presentations and experiences in table format. Appendix B should be not more than 4 pages and the soft copy along with other documents should be uploaded in online application format.

v. Email and Phone/mobile No. are essential for communication. The candidates will be communicated by Emails and if required by Phone/mobile No.

For Registration and Online Application
1.    In order to fill up the application format you have to register at the outset. While you click on the link provided (provided below) for online application, a page for registration or log in will be opened. If you do not have registration before go for registration by putting a User ID (i.e., your email) and creating a password, and then use the same user ID and password for log in. If you registered successfully then log in by using the same email ID and password used for registration. While filling up different sections of the format keep on clicking on proceed for saving the data filled so far, and for going to next level. You can open and change the data and save as you like multiple times.  You have to finally click on the Last SUBMIT Button for submission. Once you have submitted the application, you may go for PRINT COPY Button and a copy will be generated in PDF format, which you can save or print. You may save and print this copy for obtaining signatures for providing the hard copy for Interview.  Applicants for SF need to send the signed-in copy by post.
2.    Once the application is submitted, it can be opened, seen and printed multiple times by using the registered ID and Password, but cannot be changed.
3.    The Application fee is Rs. 50.00 (Rupees Fifty only). This can be paid by online payment gate way or by DD in favour of ICPR, New Delhi. Online payment gateway option appears at the last phase, before or just after final submission. If the option is not appearing in your computer, you may submit the form, take print out and mention the DD No. Date, etc., and send it along with the DD in favour of ICPR, New Delhi and copy of the uploaded documents by post to the following address. If the Online payment option is appearing, it has to be operated and no payment in DD or sending us any paper is required.
Director (P&R)
Indian Council of Philosophical Research
Darshan Bhawan
36, Tughlakabad Institutional Area,
(Near Batra Hospital, Sangam Vihar)
Mehrauli Badarpur Road
PIN- 110062

4.    The Candidates will be informed by email / Phone No. After receiving the emails they have to respond / confirm.

Post Submission Processes
1. Documents to be produced at the time of Interview by candidates for JRF and GF.
For producing the documents in hard copy, please minimize the papers by printing / photocopying in both sides of papers, wherever possible; the certificates and respective mark sheets may be photocopied similarly front and back of the same page to minimize the wastage and weightage. Unnecessary documents should be avoided.

For candidates for JRF and GF affiliated to / having registration in an educational institution, all attestations will be preferred by the Supervisor or HOD of the Affiliating Dept. Non-affiliated GF candidates can make self-attestation while applying, but for reiving the fellowship, if selected, they have to take affiliation to an educational institution. Applicants for SF may make self-attestation.

(a) (I) Proof of online transaction / payment by DD in favour of ICPR, New Delhi of the fee of Rs. 50.00/-. (II) Filled-in-Application signed by the authorities; (III) Original consent letter of the Supervisor / Guide mentioning date of joining of the fellow title of the research and that the Dept. / institution will provide the necessary facilities to the candidate for the research; (IV) Original / Copy of evidence of Ph. D registration for Applicants for JRF / Institutional Affiliation, as applicable; (V) 5 sets of Synopsis (as in Appendix ‘A’, which is uploaded in online application ).

(b) (I)  Attested copy of Academic Bio Data (Appendix  ‘B’) showing details of personal data, educational qualifications with mention of colleges, Universities, Publications, presentations, experience, etc. (II) Attested Copies of Academic Certificates; and Caste Certificates and certificates in support of physically challenged (PC), if applicable.

(c) Original of all Academic and other Certificates / other proofs/ letters for verification.

(d) Identity certificate in the prescribed format from HOD counter signed by Supervisor bearing the Fellows’ signature through his photograph. (The prescribed format will be sent to the Candidates while called for Interview / Test. Institutional identity card/ library card, if issued may be brought for identification.)

2. For Applicants for SF: The Applicants for SF hav to send the documents as mentioned above in (a) (I) & (V), (b) (I) & (II) along with the original filled in and signed application. The candidates for SF may put up their self-attestation in the documents, wherever attestation is required.

If you have gone through the Terms and conditions, go to the link provided below by Ctrl + Click on the Link Line. The Link line can also be typed or cut and pasted in the address bar of the internet and by pressing ENTER key of the keyboard, the online application form can be opened.


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