So I wont get rest this week either…

I’ve found a solution to the modpack problem and Radness724 had the same idea in the previous post comments so I will go with that.

I will create my own modpack system, well it wont be as easy as the Technic Launcher but still better solution then nothing and should do the work.

I must ask a few people to refrain insulting each other in the comments section, that is not the purpose of comments. Comments for some posts might be removed partially or completely.

click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore small release

+ added: pvp disable command for dimensions: /jrmcpvp (true or false)

Dragon Block C small release

+ change: dbc mob spawn command changed to ‘/dbcspawn (DBCmobName)’

+ added: spacepods will drop after 1 minute without being ridden (will get a config option later)

+ added: dbc saga mobs will despawn if the player that spawned them is not online or near them (will get a config option later)

+ change: ki attacks and dbc mobs damages do now actual minecraft damage

Naruto C small release

+ change: jutsus and nc mobs do now actual minecraft damage

Current week: 45

Short-term plan will change as following:

week 42-43: Working on the next major update.

week 44: finding a solution to modpack problem, working on a small fix release.

– week 45:
taking a week break from modding
… <-would have been but I need to do some really important stuff that I can not share but partially was already talked about in a previous post AND workin on the new modpack system

– week 46: trying to finish the major update. <- probably wont be finished…

– sometime after the major update: animations and one or more of the new active skills.

Other plan terms will get a separate page

“Please note that this work plan may change to unexpected events!”

Thank you!

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