JFK Airport. December 14th got picked up from the arrivals at JFK gentleman came up to us offered a ride we hired him to take us to New Jersey...


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  • By now many of you know that I love to focus on certain themes when deciding where to place my investment money. In the past I have written about finding these investment themes in your bathroom, breakfast table and even on the farm. Today, I want to...

  • Introduction Long Island MacArthur Airport, located on 1,310 acres in Suffolk County, is the region’s only commercial service facility which has, for most of its existence, struggled with identity and purpose. Its second–and oval-shaped–50,000 square...

  • Travel Blog; Madeline Island, WI
    via sandyscott.growingbolder

    Midnight Oil It was a late night, followed by a very early morning. I was at the easel, working  on yet another installment of my new series “Fashion and Flora” as the minutes on the kitchen clock tick-tocked. Earlier in the evening I packed up art...

  • Vacations on the Cheap
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    If you’re looking for a cheap vacation, check out this week’s Groupon Getaways. And remember, you can always click on our Cheap Vacations page to see the latest deals. Online: $999.00 for Ireland Vacation with 5-Star Ritz-Carlton Hotel and...

  • Islamic terror in the homeland is nothing new. What is new is that despite the Obama administration and enemedia’s relentless campaign to scrub and obfuscate the motive behind the hate, violence and war, the American people are finally waking up. Let...

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  • JFK International Airport | JFK Airport

    Wednesday, December 14th got picked up from the arrivals at JFK gentleman came up to us offered a ride we hired him to take us to New Jersey we had several pieces of luggage one stayed behind A black...

  • JFK Airport Parking Information | JFK Airport

    Is the daily parking fee ($33) remains the same at all JFK short term parking lots? Plan to leave my car in JFK terminal parking area for 2 days instead of using long term parking lot (handicapped and...

  • Terminal 6 | JFK Airport

    You go through U.S. Customs in the Bahamas airport (at least in Nassau, where I fly to/from), so once you land in the States, it is just like getting off a domestic flight. You do have to get to the ...

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