Looking back at October 2014.

It was a really good month for me!

Despite Halloween and the many tempting treats (candy corn, why do I love it so?) ... I successfully lost weight this month! During September, I did FINALLY dip under 150. In October, I managed to stay under it the entire month! Hooray! I started the month at 148.9 and ended at 144.0. I'm not sure what the change has been. I know having the kids back to school, getting back to a routine ... that is helpful to me. It was a busy month, with a mission call for my oldest, several outings, basketball, school stuff ...

I kept up with my exercise ... getting in an hour of elliptical almost every day. An hour of Zumba Mon-Thurs. I did get in one Saturday session this month. Lots of riding and reading (I feel like I've gotten through a ton of books!) and back to PlayOn, watching some of the current content coming out (Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Etc.) Spending more treadmill time during this TV time too. Still getting in weights once a week. The one Friday I didn't get to goal, I was still really close.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep the exercise/eating up, and keep the weight down as November hits. The weather was beautiful in October. Halloween evening we couldn't have asked for anything better. A cool front is coming in ... it really doesn't impact me much, as I'm an indoor exerciser anyway. If anything, sometimes I'll get in another workout simply to warm up! There are several birthdays coming up (my mom, hubs ... and me) so there will be some eating out and cake to contend with. But looking back at October ... I can't help but be pleased with my progress *Ü*  After months and months feeling like the scale was stuck, it's SO nice to see a shift!  Below, you can follow the details of my day to day (if you are interested).

JenB's Journal

1001 (Wednesday) Weight 148.9. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 31007. Total Burn 3293. Exercise Burn 1619/1609 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 1.5milesIncline, 10milesBike). Calories in 2000. Zumba hadn't started this week, even though I was a little late. Not sure if it was shoes, or the floor, but it felt a little slippery today. I was also a bit sore from my weight workout a couple days ago. It was so nice walking out into the cool outdoors afterward, it felt wonderful. I hit Walmart on the way home to restock some household needs. Got in some additional exercise the after-school pickups ... #2 even came home! Then I had to turn right back around and go back for #3's school conferences. Not really Parent/Teacher conference, because these are "student lead" ones. You can go around and talk to the individual teachers after, but he's doing well in his classes and neither of us felt the need. We were in and out pretty quick. He had a basketball game in the evening. Our boys got into the lead early and kept it the entire game ... until the end, when the other team made a comeback to win by two. My boy was upset but held it together pretty well (he has trouble keeping emotions in check at times). It was a good lesson in not giving up (the other team), because you can come back!

1002 (Thursday) Weight 148.5.  Good Day. Fitbit Steps 32871. Total Burn 3299. Exercise Burn 1616/1617 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 70min/3.5milesIncline, 10milesBike). Calories in 2300. Dropped the boys off at school, and then quickly ran an errand (dropping a box at UPS) then went to Zumba. Got in some additional cardio at home after, then picked up the kids after school. #5 had a soccer game at 6:30 ... they lost again. Then I took #3 to the high school for his basketball practice. #2 originally had a game scheduled at 8:00, which was changed to 9:00, but then was changed to 7:00. As I couldn't be in two places at once, I told him to find a ride with one of his basketball buddies. I asked Hubs if he might be able to stop in at the game on his way home from work. I do like to have someone there for  support, and just in case of injury. Hubs did, and brought him home, stopping at Chick-Fil-A on the way. I still had 10:00 pickup of #3, so I did some additional exercise just to stay awake! If I stop and sit I would fall asleep (hubs was out cold!)

1003 (Friday) Weight 149.5. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 26214. Total Burn 3133. Exercise Burn 1451/1447 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 40min/2milesIncline). Calories in 1500. Slept in a little, so did #2. Actually I went to wake him and he wasn't in bed! I was a bit alarmed, but found him upstairs crashed on the couch. Dropped off the high school boys (my son and his friend) then dropped off my elementary boys. I went to Sam'sClub to grab milk,bread,eggs and look for the new SuperSmash3DS came that came out today that the boys were pooling their money together to buy. It wasn't there, so I stopped next door at Walmart, but they didn't have it in. I stopped at Target, and got it. #3 was out of school today (due to the PT conferences this week) so he got first crack at the game while I went to my Zumba class. I stopped at Maceys on the way home to drop off a paper at the bank, and grabbed a few groceries too. Got in a bit of exercise, then pickup for the early out elementary. They were anxious to try the new game. I'd banked my calories just in case the hubs suggested dinner or a movie, but we didn't end up going out (which I was fine with too). I could have/should have gotten in some additional exercise, but I was feeling lazy. Just made simple dinners for the boys, but I didn't really eat. Kept calories low today!

1004 (Saturday) Weight 147.3. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 18102. Total Burn 2471. Exercise Burn 800/796 (60minElliptical, 10milesBike). Calories in 2100.  Saturday sleep in *Ü* I had meant to lay out some croissants last night. #1 son wanted breakfast and decided to go get donuts. I can't really resist donuts. #5 had his final soccer game. We parked a little further away, I prefer to walk more and not struggle as much to find a space. I kicked the ball around with the kids before the game and tried to walk up and down the fields while they warmed up. Our team got a goal and was actually ahead for the first time. My little guy took a turn as goalie (I'd rather him be out running around more) and did pretty well, but one ball got by. So it was a tie, but I think our kids were pretty happy with that still. This was a quick season! Just four weeks. I'm afraid #5 might be a little bored now without some sports, basketball doesn't start for a while. Hubs was out running errands. I was really tired for some reason. I took a little nap! It was General Conference weekend. #1 son went downtown with a friend for the Priesthood session. Hubs took #2 and #3 (and one of their friends) to it, then out to Italian Village after. That was a place he frequented back when he was a teen.  Even with the donut start to the morning, I kept calories somewhat in check for the day.

1005 (Sunday) Weight 147.7. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 13903. Total Burn 2285. Exercise Burn 800/600 (60minElliptical, 10milesBike). Calories in 2300. Slept in again. Love that! General Conference, so no needing to dress for church today. I made the usual breakfast. We usually go to Maga's on Conference Sunday. I do often take advantage of the quiet time and stay home alone, which I did do today. Got in another nap. Did some exercise, blogging, clean up. Made brownies for the boys, and did NOT eat any myself! Hubs wanted to watch a movie, so some down time with "Fast and Furious 6". There were a couple ridiculous laugh out loud moments. Hubs made his popcorn ... I ate quite a bit of said popcorn. Yum!

1006 (Monday) Weight 149.2.  Good Day. Fitbit Steps 34377. Total Burn 3484. Exercise Burn 1910/1898 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 2milesIncline, 1mileEasyWalk, 16milesBike, 60minWeights). Calories in 1500. Got the kidlets off to school. #4 did have a rough morning, per usual for a Monday. Zumba was great today. I was watching my HRM and really got the heart rate up today! Stopped at Kmart, then SmithsMarketplace on the way home. It was such a pretty day out and the sunshine was calling, but I stuck to my schedule and did weights. #1 picked up pizza for dinner. #3's basketball practice got cancelled, so I thought I was going to get an early evening in ... but then found out #2's practice went until 10:00. I did my usual bike/treadmill into the evening, just to stay awake! As practice got out, #2 insisted on stopping by a friend's home to say goodbye to his brother, who was leaving tomorrow for his mission. Another buddy came, and I dropped him off after ... so didn't get home until almost 11:00.

1007 (Tuesday) Weight 147.7. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 30052. Total Burn 3183. Exercise Burn 1589/1506 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba, 60minIncline, 10milesBike).  Calories in 1850. I'd tried bribing #4 with a computer game he wanted if he would get up and off to school without complaint. He did this morning. We left just a bit early, so I made it to Zumba on time. Another good class. Seems like if my Monday class is good, it carries over for the rest of the week (and vice-versa). Today I couldn't resist the sunshine, I spend a little time outside reading. Still got in some treadmill time and additional elliptical. Daddy came home a little early and took the three youngest out to see Maga's new house. One the way home, he dropped #3 at practice (resheduled from yesterday) and then took the little ones to Chick-fil-a. Practice ended at 9:30, which while only 30 minutes earlier, seems much better than 10:00. I collected both boys (#3 and #2 who had been hanging out with a friend).

1008 (Wednesday) Weight 147.0. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 28554. Total Burn 3208. Exercise Burn 1200/1535 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1900. I started the day with some elliptical and Zumba.  #2 was out of school today ... he slept in, I didn't see him before I left. He ended up going up to a cabin with friends. I got the lawn mowed and then got the mail and ... the day changed! There was a big white envelope addressed to my oldest from the church. His mission call. We weren't expecting it quite this quickly! We decided to throw together a quick "opening party" for those family and friends who could make it on such short notice. #3 had his basketball game, and #1 was going to his friend's opening at 7:00, so ours was planned for 8:30. I made a store run and picked up ice cream and toppings for a sundae bar. It went well. Mexico, Peublo North. He leaves mid February.

1009 (Thursday) Weight 146.9. Good Day. Fitbit Stepts 25002. Total Burn 3000. Exercise Burn 1200/1292 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike). Calories in 1850. #4 was having a school activity today, Colonial Days, where they rotate through different stations learning things people did back in the 1800s. Carding wool, weaving, candle dipping, ink pen writing, soap making, brick making ... his class had tried the weaving yesterday and it totally flustered my poor kid. He doesn't like any kind of deviation from the norm anyway (he gets that from me) so he was already concerned about the day, and the weaving attempt pushed him over the edge. He was so upset and crying that he didn't want to go. I had signed up to be a helper ... anything to help him out a little (even though I had to miss Zumba). Before the activity even started, a woman from the office came to get me saying #4 had gotten hurt playing football before school. Sigh ... sometimes I have to suspect injury and sickness is a ploy to get out of things he doesn't want to do. I had him come sit with me at my station (the weaving station ironically) and then as they rotated I'd have him try to join his group. Sometimes he'd end up coming back with me, other times he made it through the station. He did master the weaving (I was able to catch what he was doing wrong). So anyway, that was my morning from 8:30-12:00. It is fun to help out with the kids. Many of them knew me from last year when I helped out in the classroom and did the class parties. Back at home, I went ahead and got in my Zumba on my own to my YouTube playlist. Home workout has the advantage of me getting to pick my favorite songs, having a fan on, and not being self-conscious about my moves ... but it does lack the energy and fun of a live class.  I was able to get a bike session in today too ... lots of good books on deck! #2 had a basketball game in the evening and #8 had practice (starting the same time, so I had hubs drop #3 at practice). The game was pretty close. #2 wasn't getting shots in, but did manage a couple free throws at the end when it counted. They got the win. We got home, then I picked up #3 from his practice. Time for bed!

1010 (Friday) Weight 146.9. OK Day. Fitbit Steps 22748. Total Burn 2786. Exercise Burn 1276/1213 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike). Calories in 2600.  Triple to school carpools on Friday mornings. A quick Sam'sClub run in-between and off to Zumba directly after dropping #3 off at middle school.  Friday Zumba is always fun, worth the trip across town. A bit of quiet time in the empty house, then after school pickups. I picked up #2 after his basketball class. Our little niece was in a play, and the family was going to support her. Hubby had only picked up five tickets, figuring a couple kids would bail. I don't know if they knew that was even a possibility ... #1 and I ended up staying home. I was quite the little actress back in the day, but it's really not my thing anymore. I much prefer watching basketball games than having kids in dance or other performances. Good thing I have all boys and they all like sports! I got in some reading and riding, and then it was an early night in.  Ate  a little too much. I'd picked up another big bag of candy corn this morning and put it in the decorative pumpkin. Not sure WHY I tempt myself that way! Daddy also stopped at Chick-Fil-A on the way home from the play ... and I did partake.

1011 (Saturday) Weight 147.4.  OK Day. Fitbit Steps 16522. Total Burn 2401. Exercise Burn 849/726 (60minElliptical, 10milesBike). Calories in 2250.   Ah sleep in. I can't even express how excited I was to not set the alarm and have no set time to wake up. Did hit the elliptical first thing. I'd laid out some croissants to rise, so that was breakfast. #3 had a game, and #2 came along to watch. It was a very easy win for our boys, but the calls were definitely skewed for the other team. I think the refs felt sorry for them. They called every little thing against our boys, and almost nothing against the other team. I don't know that anyone had fun that game! #2 had a 3x3 tournament at the school. He hadn't eaten breakfast nor brought anything to eat ... so we stopped at Arby's before dropping him off. I would have liked to see him play, but he didn't have a set schedule and I didn't want to spend the entire afternoon standing around. Got in some reading/riding.

1012 (Sunday) Weight 147.7. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 7858. Total Burn 1998. Exercise Burn 250/321 (20minElliptical). Calories in 2700. Sleep in again. I hit the elliptical first thing, but then didn't feel like going back down to the gym. I deserve a rest day, right? I did end up walking to church. It was a little too chilly, but #2 had already assumed my seat in the car and it was easier than making everyone shift seats. #4 had a tough time as always. He looks so miserable, like he's going to cry any minute. His pants are a bit of a problem. He's not fat, but he's a bit more pudgy than the other boys, and the regular pants are too tight around the waist, even when we went up to a 14 (he's 11). I guess I need to pick up a "husky" pair (my other boys are sticks!). A quite afternoon. I made spaghetti for dinner, with cheesy bread and corn. Homemade oreos for dessert ... was it a request or a demand? I'm not sure! Too many calories in for me anyway, especially with little exercise to combat it.

1013 (Monday) Weight 149.5. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 30504. Total Burn 2924. Exercise Burn 1781/1610 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 2milesIncline, 10milesBike, 60minWeights). Calories in 2000. Whew, made it through the weekend without bopping over 150. Yea! Got in a couple small elliptical sessions before getting the kids off to school, then headed out to Zumba. Good numbers, not quite as up as last week. Nina's little boy tried to play on her ipad and ended up locking it (guessing the password wrong too many times), but luckily the other instructors had music and just took more of a turn today. That is a benefit of having multiple instructors! Backup! Stopped at Kmart on the way home, made two purchases (my account and #1 son) and didn't pay a penny ... all FitStudio points. Ordered a pair of husky pants for #4, and paid $4 for them with points. Hope the get in by Sunday.  Got in some weights then picked the kids up after school. It was Papa Murphy Monday ... not sure if we'll continue that when #1 leaves, he's our main pizza eater, and he's the one that picks them up each week. I did indulge in some of the Chicken Garlic pizza ... sans toppings, so basically breadsticks. The boys downed the pepperoni. I made brownies for the treat, and to have leftovers for lunches. I even resisted eating any! Trying SO hard to stay under 2000. #3 had basketball practice from 8:00-10:00. I dropped him off, picked up #2 ... a girl (his girl apparently, when did THAT happen?) had stopped by to ask him to Sadies. So that was waiting for him. I got in some bike and treadmill time, not because I needed additional exercise, but because I had to stay moving to stay awake until 10:00.

1014 (Tuesday) Weight 148.2. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 32334. Total Burn 3222. Exercise Burn 1605/1542 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 60min/3milesIncline, 75min/20milesBike). Calories in 2350. I like Tuesdays, I seem to have the most hours in the day on Tuesdays. That is mostly because Zumba is earlier (and on time) and so close. I even have the little boys go to school a little early ... well, they always used to go early, but then #4 has been wanting to go later, closer to the bell. But I need to leave just a bit earlier to make it to Zumba on time. I just go straight to the church after dropping them off. The music was already going today, but I hadn't missed much. Good class as always. I didn't quite get the heart rate up as much. Some "slower" songs, missing some of the more high impact ones to drive the heart rate up and keep it there. Still good numbers. Home again by 10:00 and ... the sleepies hit. Hard. Since I am utterly spoiled, and I could ... I took a nap. I got in a little exercise, then picked up the kids from school. I made banana bread and muffins (a whole bunch of bananas had gotten away from me). I thought it was pack meeting, so hubs took the two youngest ... and no one was there. I guess it's next week. They ended up going to Arctic Circle for a treat. #3 had 8:00-10:00 practice again. I dropped him off, and picked up #2 (who had practice earlier, he had just stayed after school). More evening exercise just to stay awake. These 10:00 pickup times are killer ... but I DO get a lot of activity in!

1015 (Wednesday) Weight 147.8. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 30011. Total Burn 3165. Exercise Burn 1360/1487 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike, 1.5milesIncline, 30minWeights, 10minHula). Calories in 2600. I need to keep my journal entries more current, I'm writing this a week later and I'm not remembering much about the day. Got in my exercise, a little too much eating. I had bananas going bad, so I made muffins and #1 asked me to make a loaf of banana bread ... but then I ended up eating way too much. Just something about toasting it makes it so yummy. The muffins temp me, but not as much as the bread. Random sweets today too. Early out at the elementary as it's Fall Recess starting tomorrow. Basketball game for #3 in the evening, they won but my boy was still grumpy about not getting some calls. We stopped and grabbed him some KFC after ... I had some cheese curds (from the A&W portion) and then we stopped at Sam's Club for gas.  I'm glad we made it, as were were empty! But gas was $.30 more expensive elsewhere. $2.99 at Sams.

1016 (Thursday) Weight 147.4. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 35246. Total Burn 3472. Exercise Burn 1809/1797 (60minElliptical, ZumbaX2, 10milesBike, 2milesIncline). Calories in 1700. Slept in a bit with the kids out of school. Daddy and #1 still had work. I still got in my morning Zumba. The kids stayed pretty busy, playing games (Monopoly, baseball), #3 practicing his juggling skills, and I got out the "Bloonies" for them to try. We had a couple friends over for most of the day. I ran #2 to his friend's as per usual ... he never stays home! I made tacos for dinner. No basketball for #2 this week, which made it possible for me to go to Marian's new evening class. I mean, I had a ton of steps already, and wasn't totally in the mood for more, but I wanted to be supportive. I went and had fun. I wasn't sure if I'd have energy late in the day, but I got good numbers. Kept calories better in check today.

1017 (Friday) Weight 146.1. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 19144. Total Burn 2869. Exercise Burn 1145/1201 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Swimming). Calories in 2000. Another day for the kids off school. The kids wanted cocoa and toast for breakfast ... it's hard for me to resist. I hit my Friday Zumba as usual and got in some elliptical. Ran #2 to his friends, and #1 got home quite early. The boys got out Clue and Mastermind to play today. My folks had my BIL and the kids over, so they invited the rest of the cousins to come play. We headed out (sans #2) and swam in the pool. It has still been open as the weather has been so nice, but will close tomorrow. We had it to ourselves, that was nice. I'd brought along some games (the Lightening Reaction, Frisbee Golf, Cosmic Catch) and grandma cooked up five Papa Murphy Pizzas and then made brownies for dessert. Hubs was going to come out and join us (even stopped off and grabbed some gluten-free cookies for my dad) but then got sidetracked and didn't make it. We beat him home. #2 caught a ride home, not getting home until late.

1018 (Saturday) Weight 146.0. Pretty Good Day. Fitbit Steps 23600. Total Burn 2897. Exercise Burn 1042/1229 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 2600. Ah ... real sleep in (I can't really sleep through Hubs getting up and leaving for work). The main instructor at my Thursday Zumba class was having a class at Gold's Gym and said entry was free today ... so I went. Nice to get a little Saturday Zumba in, it's been a while. No basketball games with the Fall Recess. I ran to the grocery store, as we were running low on several things (I hadn't made my usual Sam'sClub run yesterday with the kids out of school). In the early evening, Hubs and I took the three youngest to Desert Star Theater, which is a fun and crazy performance. Very melodramatic (the audience it supposed to "boo/hiss" for the bad guy, cheer for the hero). Lots of punny humor. #3 had been a few times before and had wanted to go back ... the two little ones weren't very impressed, so we'll probably not bring them again (it is pretty pricey). It's a dinner theater, so we had pizza and cheese bread and some treats.

1019 (Sunday) Weight 147.0 Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 11930. Total Burn 2247. Exercise Burn 500/574 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2400. Sunday sleep in, then the usual Sunday Circles breakfast. #4 was having issues, he and I walked over to church a little late. We walked home too. Prepping for the primary program. I'm off the hook as pianist this year, which is good as there are several songs I have trouble with (not that I've really put in much time trying to practice).  #3 had a school assignment, making a poster for Spanish class, and he and I spent much of the afternoon on it. It turned out cute, and I finally used some of my neglected scrapbook supplies. I made haystacks for dinner. #1 could tell that I was worn out from homework help and dinner and HE made the homemade oreos on his own. I limited my self to just a half of one. Daddy built a fire and the little ones roasted marshmallows. Time for bed ... the regular routine starts up again

1020 (Monday) Weight 149.0. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 24411. Total Burn 2961. Exercise Burn 1317/1276 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike). Calories in 2100. Monday mornings are always hard for #4, after the contentment of being safe at home all weekend. With the long weekend I was anticipating a worse time than usual ... and I got it. The poor kid just lay sobbing in his bed for a half hour, stressing about school and assignments and such. Logic and reason just don't seem to have any effect. I finally got him dressed and got a little breakfast down him. More tears at drop off. I ended up parking and taking him into the school and talking with the teacher for a minute. #4 finally went in, but I kept my cell phone handy in case of a call. I had Zumba out in Draper today, which is a little further away than I like when I'm worried about #4, but there wasn't a call. Zumba was good, although it started later than usual (which is already late) due to chairs left up and some sound system problems. But good class once we got going. My Kmart order hadn't come in, so I bagged stopping today. #3 was supposed to have a basketball practice after school, but I got an email that it was cancelled. I called the pediatrician to see if I could bring in #4 to discuss his anxiety and they had an opening for today. It was RIGHT after school, not enough time to drop #5 home, so he came alone. I packed them some after school food if they were hungry and brought their Ipods for the waiting room. A couple years ago when #4 was having a tough time, we did counseling and medication. I didn't feel like the counseling helped, and it was just another tough thing that #4 struggled with (and me too, as we are both such homebodies. We need therapy to get to therapy!) I think the medication helped before, so we are going to try it again. It's just so hard to see him so stressed all the time over such minor things! I started some medication for my anxiety a couple months ago and I don't know if it's helped me ...  We stopped at the Dollar Store on the way home. Both little boys thought it was pretty cool and we did leave with a few bags full of stuff. We still had some left over pizza, so we didn't do the usual "Papa Murphy Monday" for dinner. I made chicken pillows, and brownies for dessert (and leftovers for lunches). It was nice not having a 10:00 pickup from basketball practice, although I did have to run grab #2 at 8:30 ... he had just never come home since I dropped him off at school this morning.

1021 (Tuesday) Weight 148.7. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 31149. Total Burn 3304. Exercise Burn 1662/1623 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 3milesIncline, 15milesBike, 60minWeights). Calories in 1800. Thunderstorms were in the morning forecast, but I don't think #4 realized that. He actually got up without issue this morning and didn't have a problem until he say the somewhat stormy looking skies. He struggled a bit with drop-off, and I was glad Zumba was close to home today. Around noon, it did start to rain and the wind was blowing, but no thunder or lightening. No call from the school either, so that was good. I got in quite a bit of exercise, even though I had a couple lazy hours mid-morning. I got spacey in the afternoon and went to pick up middle school an hour early! I've only been picking up middle school for years at 3:00, not sure why I got goofed up today! #1 brought a praying mantis home from work, and that became quite the attention getter for much of the rest of the day. Dinner was toasted cheese sandwiches. #3 did have 8:00-10:00 practice. I dropped him off, and picked up #2 from his friend's house. Helped #5 with some homework. Hubs was up late working on a video for scouts. #3 was in tears after practice having jammed his finger ... hope it is just a jam.

1022 (Wednesday) Weight 148.3. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 27875. Total Burn 3224. Exercise Burn 1418/1543 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike). Calories in 1900.  A bit of a rough morning with #4 again. At least Zumba was nice and close in case I got a call ... which I didn't. I was almost 20minutes late, but class hadn't started yet. So many of these free classes don't start on time ... so people don't come on time, etc. But always good once it gets going. Sometimes they pull people up on the stage to help out as a "backup dancer" ... I'd been picked before but weaseled my way out of it. I mean, I do go up sometimes on Monday, and actually lead a song on Tuesday, but I know the song. It's a little more hit and miss here at MZL. Anyway, I couldn't get out of it today and ended up on stage for a couple songs. Luckily I was at least somewhat familiar with them. I prefer being down in the crowd though :)  I stopped at Target on the way home. Grabbed some paper for a school assignment for #5, and tried on some athletic leggings. I'm always wearing more baggy stuff, I'm just not sure I'm ready for anything tight fitting. I did end up buying a pair, but went to an x-large (when I'm in a medium of most things). They have a small pattern too ... but still black/gray. I didn't get in as much exercise today, as I was on duty as "homework helper" again. The construction paper I'd bought still wasn't large enough, I ended up cutting up a posterboard. I had to fold it into a book cover, and then #5 had to write different things on each flap. We'd gone over that last night, so I prepped the papers and he went to work. Hubs and #3 went to a derby. #3 and I had brainstormed a bunch of ideas for his school assignment ... writing a children's story showcasing chemical and physical properties and changes. I spent some time taking our rough draft and coming up with some rhymes and getting it typed up. I also got caught up on some blogging, journaling and data entry. Too much time sitting in a chair though! #2 usually has a basketball game Wednesday evenings, but they had a bye today, and I have to admit it was nice to have the night off.

1023 (Thursday) Weight 148.2. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 31551. Total Burn 3115. Exercise Burn 1200/1435 (60minElliptical, Zumba, Walking during Basketball). Calories in 1500. The weight hasn't dropped like it usually does after the weekend gain. It is TOM time, but I haven't really noticed a correlation with that. Terrible morning with #4 ... much sobbing. I ended up walking him into the school again, chatting with the teacher for a moment. I actually just stayed, as #5 was getting an award 20 minutes later. Not enough time to go home or do anything else. Always proud of the boy's achievements. The little program didn't last long, but just perfect timing to make me miss my morning Zumba class. I did end up doing some on my own, but I wasn't feeling particularly motivated. I got "the call" near the end of my workout and had to go pick up #4 from school. He was feeling sick. His anxiety and worry does make him physically sick sometimes. I managed to finish my Zumba and get in my hour of elliptical, but that was all. #3 and I finished up his assignment after school, so it's ready to be handed in tomorrow. Then #3 and Daddy went to do another derby, and Hubs would drop #3 off at basketball practice after. #2 had two games, at 8:00 and 9:00. I usually video them, but he hasn't seemed interested enough to look through the highlights, so I didn't bother today. I sat and chatted with a couple of the other mom's for a while. But I'm no good at sitting. I stood up for a while, then came down to an unoccupied corner and was able to pace around while watching the games. They won them both. Hubs had to pick up #3 from his practice at 10:00, and #2 and I got home a little while after that. I had felt like I didn't get a lot of exercise, my Zumba and elliptical are my norm, I didn't get in any "extra" (bike or treadmill) but the steps while watching the game added up, and I ended up over 30k.

1024 (Friday) Weight 146.5. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 24032. Total Burn 2977. Exercise Burn 1100/1307 (60minElliptical, 60minZumba). Calories in 1800. I was happily surprised at the weigh-in this morning. A drop from yesterday (and every day this week). It was a crazy, rushed morning, but at least #4 seemed ok. Got the high school boys off, then the elementary kids. Ran to Sam'sClub and home, rushing to unload, get the middle schooler off, and then head out to Zumba. There, the gym was set up for a Halloween party. We had to Zumba around the tables. I was dragging a bit today. Haven't been sleeping great, not sure why. Early out at the elementary. Middle school carpool. Then #2 had me pick him up and help a little making a poster to answer for Sadie Hawkins. I got #1 to drive him for the drop-off, saving me from having to go out again. I jumped in the shower, then had the little boys take them, as they had colored hair from "crazy hair day" at school. I'd kept calories in check, wondering if Hubs and I might do something for date night (which we didn't end up doing) ... I was a little hungry heading to bed but didn't indulge.

1025 (Saturday) Weight 145.4. Bad Day. Fitbit Steps 20296. Total Burn 2184. Exercise Burn 500/520 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2450. Only a "bad" day in that my intake exceeded my burn. Love sleeping in on Saturday mornings. Got in an elliptical session first thing ... forgot to put on my Fitbit! Had family croissants for breakfast. With Halloween coming up, I had the little boys look through the costumes. The basement is now a scary mess with costumes strewn all over ... of course the little boys both say they need/want something new. I did have some Fitstudio points to spend, so I packed them up and headed to Kmart and let them pick out new costumes. Also picked up some pants for #4 I'd purchased and had shipped to the store.  Hubs suggested going out to lunch, so we hit Rodizio downtown. I don't know that I'd eaten until I was uncomfortably full in a while, but that was the case today. Total guesstimate on the calories! #3 had a basketball game at 6:00. I didn't video, but paced a small section ... that meal was sitting heavy in my stomach. Got about 7000+ steps in, and our boys lost, so #3 wouldn't have cared about a video anyway (he hasn't even looked over the clips from their recent wins). There isn't always a place for me to walk, but I do prefer it to sitting! While we were gone, Hubs took the two little ones over to the church for a Trunk-or-Treat. #2 was out, but #1 was willing to pick him up, so Hubs and I got to go to bed early.

1026 (Sunday) Weight 147.6. Ok Day. Fitbit Steps 13367. Total Burn 2302. Exercise Burn 500/625 (40minElliptical). Calories in 2000. Sunday sleep in, morning workout, then family breakfast. I walked to church. It was a little cool, but nice. The church seemed warm after the walk. #4 was struggling today, very emotional. Some primary program practice. I'd put a  roast in the crock pot, and hubs made up some of his mashed taters. It was a simple but yummy meal. We watched Jumanji as a family then played some games (Apples to Apples). "Middle Earth" (the storage room/den off the family room) had gotten out of control, so I did spend some time cleaning it up. Sometimes (most times) I feel like such a failure at trying to keep things straight in the home :(  Made brownies for the treat (and leftover for lunches) ... Hubs was craving homemade oreos, so I made those too. Got in a final elliptical session to end the day. Catching up on Downton Abby.

1027 (Monday) Weight 147.5. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 32803. Total Burn 3369. Exercise Burn 1732/1693 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike, 2milesIncline). Calories in 1700. Lowest Monday weigh-in in a while! Didn't bump up after yesterday (not that I was super bad yesterday). Tough morning with #4, had to walk with him into the school. I wasn't sure if I was going to make it out! Went to Zumba. Nina had an appointment so Sabik, T and Deb were handling it. I even helped with a couple numbers. There was a pretty good crowd there. I didn't stop at Kmart on the way home, as I'd just gone on Saturday with the boys. #3 had basketball practice right after school, so I dropped him off after picking up the elementary kids. I picked up both #2 and #3 at 6:00. I'd invited my folks over for "Grandparents and games" night. I made tacos (gluten free for my dad), and we had skookie for dessert (not gluten free, but Hubs had purchased some gf cookies). We played Apples to Apples, Rummikub and Progressive Rummy. Hubs was working on some scout stuff, as Court of Honor is coming up quick. It was a fun night. I'm surprised I got as much exercise in during the day as I did!

1028 (Tuesday) Weight 145.3.  Good Day. Fitbit Steps 30715. Total Burn 3334. Exercise Burn 1691/1659 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike, 1.5milesIncline, 60minWeights, 10minHula). Calories in 2250. Yea, my Motivated Monday showed up on the scale today! Another busy day. #4 did better today ... some whimpering but not outright crying. Still didn't get the elementary kids to school early enough to make it on time to Zumba, but I was only a few minutes late. Love getting done and home again by 10:00. I pushed my weight workout to today, knowing I had a bit more time on Tuesdays. Got in some reading and riding, and treadmill time too. Lots of car trips in the afternoon. Had to drop off a BIG box to #2 at the high school (for a pumpkin drop assignment). Then picked up #3. Elementary pickup, then took #3 back to the middle school for open gym. Had to pick him up a couple hours later, and then grab #2 when his basketball ended. Whew! Food was a little higher today as #1 picked up Chinese for dinner, and I made lemon jello cake for dessert.

1029 (Wednesday) Weight 145.9. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 35750. Total Burn 3282. Exercise Burn 1591/1615 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike). Calories in 2000. Busy day today! Got the kids off to school then hit Zumba. Got really good numbers today, the high for the week. Stopped at a couple stores on the way home, grabbing some things for Hubs for the Court of Honor tonight. Got my a cute new pair of workout pants too. Mowed the lawn ... not that it really needed it. With the cooler weather and the water turned off, it hadn't grown much at all, but still looked slightly better evened out a bit. I enjoy mowing the lawn. It was a beautiful day out! I did some prep for hubs (pulling out the chocolate fountain and accesssory boxes. Cutting up strawberries and rice krispie treats). I'm sure he could have used more help, but #3 had a basketball game. Again, I didn't bother videoing, but walked around a bit instead. Got 4000 steps while watching. We stopped at the church on the way home and got the tail end of the choclate fountain. Yes ... I had some, but I didn't overindulge.

1030 (Thursday) Weight 144.9.  Good Day. Fitbit Steps 33956. Total Burn 3181. Exercise Burn 1800/1520 (60minElliptical, Zumba, 10milesBike, 2milesIncline). Calories in 1400. I'm really surprised I got the steps and stuff in today! I started my morning with elliptical as usual, but did not get to go to Zumba. The elementary was having their Halloween parade, followed by class parties. I tried walking around a bit waiting for the parade to start. I ended up sitting at a table for a few hours, running the "memory game" portion of the party. Glad when it was over and I could stand and stretch. It was early out for the elementary, then I picked up #3 from middle school. I took him back at 5:30 for open gym. Hubs took the two youngest to meet #1 and my folks for dinner. I couldn't make it, needing to run the older boys to basketball, but I was able to fit in an evening session of Zumba over at the church with Marian. I had to sneak out a little early to go grab #3. I was still late, an accident right in front of me slowed me down even more. When I picked him up, I told him we could go home for 15 minutes, or I could just drop him off early at the high school for his 9:00 practice. He said that was fine, we did make a quick stop at Arctic Circle to get him a little food. I then headed out to watch #2 play in his basketball game (he'd hitched a ride with friends). An easy win for them. I got in 5000+ steps just pacing around while watching. The coach took them out for Frazils after. I'd made the Hubs go pick up #3 from the high school at 10:00, but they went over, and I would have been able to make it there in time. Too bad for poor, tired hubs! I was so busy today, I didn't eat much!

1031 (Friday) Weight 144.0. Good Day. Fitbit Steps 28723. Total Burn 3061. Exercise Burn 1200/1405 (60minElliptical, Zumba). Calories in 1800. Slept in a bit, with the kids out of school. Hit MZL Zumba at 9:00, although it didn't start up until 9:20. Good class. I did a quick stop at Target on the way home to return some leggings I had purchased last week. Made french toast for the boys for breakfast, and it was a pretty quiet day. Dropped #2 off at friends (I even let him drive) and took the little boys to the dollar store (they had been bugging me to go again). Made stroganaoff for dinner. It was a beautiful night for Halloween, about 70° out. Hubs set up the projector, playing "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" on the garage, and he and the older boys took turns sitting out there and handing out candy. He thought we only got around 75 or so kids. I went walking with the little boys. Got about 6000 steps. #5 was tired and wanted to be done, #4 wanted to go further, and I was willing to go back out with him, but once we were home, we just stayed. We were in bed pretty early (#2 was sleeping over, so there wasn't a late night pickup for him).

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