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WARNING: If you haven’t watched this episode, please be aware of spoiler from reading this article.

Little did I know this is one of the most important episode of Bel Ami…..here it goes…..

It ended in episode 12 with Hong Yura arriving at “Bo Tong Office” unannounced as usual looking for Mate but what came to her surprise at the glimpse of the corner of her eye was the sight of a familiar looking unique pocket watch on Bo Tong’s work desk.

She then took a serious look at it and started probing the ownership of that pocket watch…she was in disbelief when Bo Tong told her it belongs to her. Yura further questioned Bo Tong on the ownership once again…. And Bo Tong then told her it actually belonged to Mate’s late mother. The second the came to know about the ownership she seemed to remember that that Na Hong Ran has a similar one with her. She totally lost interest in her meeting with Mate as soon as he steps into the office and decided to excuse herself saying that she forgot that she had an urgent matter to attend to and leave the office immediately. Mate noticed she looked unwell and offered to drive her to her to her next destination but she refused his offer. She looked totally disturbed with the sight of that watch as she exited the office wondering if it really is the same pocket watch as Na Hong Ran’s.

Then the next scene was Na Hong Ran discussing with her secretary trying to plot a scheme to take David Choi (aka Choi Joon Ha) out of MG Group’s shares but to no avail all angles seemed hopeless except for dilution of shares by adding another illegitimate son (Mate to pursue his rights to the shares) into the picture so that the majority shares will only be in her hand under her control and not the Chairman (her husband), Moon Soo and David. After confirming by adding another illegitimate child into the picture the squabble for MG’s shares amongst the family will appear to be to her advantage.

Then the next scene where Mate was making his way to David’s house holding a file in hand appeared to wanna to meet either Bo Tong or David to discuss office matters. But the sticker on the rear screen of David’s new car caught his attention the sticker stating “Baby on Board”. With his itchy fingers he then attempted to peel the sticker off from the screen but it was stuck on too tightly in turn backfired ended up hurting his fingers and feet after giving a kick to the bumper…… the kick instigated the alarm of the car but that did not worry David at the time who was busy enjoying spending his time with Bo Tong teaching her how to play the guitar and told her that he has a black box installed in the car. With the black box he will be able to have a good view of the thief or the person who cause damage to the car.

The next scene… Mate received a call from Na Hong Ran inviting him to meet up for an interesting proposal but he inturn refused to the meeting. To her dismay she seem to be very proud continue thinking that Mate will be on her side eventually after she lay out all her cards to Mate.

Mate was reading the news and then came across a piece of news stating that Li Kim CEO of SS Group is currently under the custody of police for further investigation.

David then came in to playfully prob Mate about the video he saw from the black box of his car of what appears to be Mate in that clip… Obviously Mate will never admit to that.!!! Well its Mate after all he will never admit to any wrong doings of his if its harmless…!! Hahaha and as David attempted to threatened to report to the police with the clip, Mate seem to wanna bash David up they were interrupted by Kim Bo Tong and he quickly answered that “It was not Me” to her without even knowing what she wanted to tell him… hhahahaahah such a horrible liar… where he could not even hold his stand till the end….

But Bo Tong wanted to just tell him that Kwi Ji is making an announcement right now as the heir to SS Group since her father currently under investigation. She then explained how she has been abusing her privileged all her life and that she is no one if she do not have such a prestigious family back ground. She then explains about “Lasting Impressions” (which was taught to her by Mate previously). She decided to revamp her image in the presscon by swearing that she will remove/reject all illegal rights which she has been of privileged her life. This caused a big shock in to the nation as they all know very well the Kwi Ji they known and heard off was a very demanding and immature girl. No one expected these to be coming out from her……..Hence she has successfully altered her image and the view in the eyes of the public.

With the press con ended, Mate called her secretary to set a dinner appointment with her (coincidentally it was New Years’ Eve). She was quite shocked to receive that phone call from Mate…. Never had that happened to her before…. Previously it had always been her wanting to meet Mate but Mate had never had interest with her at all further to note her dad made a deal with Mate previously never to meet Kwi Ji ever again in the future.

On her arrival at the dinner venue… she then recalled her first meeting how she was treated by Mate…… (where Mate over pulled the chair and she fell to the floor as she sat). This time round she was skeptical she was worried that Mate will pull the same trick on her again but she decided to give it a try again…. But luckily Mate treated with pure gentleman style and sat her on the chair nicely.

She was curious why Mate invited her to dinner since he and her father made an agreement previously but Mate smoothly answered her with his cool self “They had never officially agreed on anything”. Mate then told her the purpose of the meeting was to commend on how she has matured from the day he has met her……… the little immature, demanding and young Kwi Ji which has bloomed to become the entire opposite of what she used to be.

She then reminded him that how and what she is now was taught to her by Mate especially the view perceived of how the general public would view towards her (the Lasting Impression”) Once I saw that I was soo happy to know that Mate himself with his intention to learn how to conquer the business world hes actually made such a great impact to one of the most powerful company’s little heir……. Instead of it being the other way around……

As she further explain how she will be using her inherited skills wisely based on what she has learnt from him….he actually smiled gladly to know that he actually is starting to also influence others as well…… (wow I am soo proud of the Mate he has too has grown up to start teaching others instead of learning from others as well)

She then told her that she wish to pursue her future to become a fashion designer and being the arrogant side of Mate always reminding ppl how good he looked…. Told her to design good looking clothes to suite his good looking face….. he also told her address him informally hence forward else it will upset him… and of course she will gladly call him “Oppa” (who would not…… I reckon every girl would gladly address him that… wouldn’t you??)…….

The following day by being a filial ex-daughter in-law Hong Yu Ra made a visit to the Chairman (her father-in-law) who was still recovering from his surgery officially thanking him for the gift of the Café – Droptop located at Gangnam area. However she has a secondary purpose for her visit and it was not made in vain…….

After visiting her father-in-law she then made a trip into Na Hong Ran’s room ….without much effort she saw what she came to look for sitting on her work desk ….yes that look which shows that her doubts are now clearer that before….. the look identical……… she now has an ammo against Na Hong Ran…..

She then decided to reveal all Na Hong Ran’s evil doing by publishing it through an online novel authored by Na Hong Ran’s nephew Na Hwan Kyu. He decided to do it simply because Yura’s promised to his father that she will be protecting them from Na Hong Ran should they land a hand to help her in her quest. With some hesitation the Nephew decided to write the story titled “Corporate Misfire (Desire)”

Suddenly Bo Tong realized Yura’s acted suspiciously when she saw the pocket watch….. she hurriedly went to tell Mate about the news thinking that the pocket watch may have something to do with the password…… little did they know that this pocket watch swiss made was actually very rare and expensive.

Na Hong Ran then approached Mate again this time through text message with her evil plan. This time le was left puzzled as he tried to reach for Yura but she was not reachable….. but did he agree to meet Na Hong Ran???

Scene changed… Mate having a meeting with his staffs in Bo Tong Company and suddenly interrupted by Secretary Hong asking him to be as SS Home Shopping’s Board of directors meeting at 11 am tomorrow.

He felt it was a rather random and puzzled on the request for his presence at the board of directors meeting …… then Secretary Hong cleared the air informing him that its Mate’s duty as he is holding the role of the CEO of SS Home Shopping. Duly appointed by Kang Chairman as he is currently now in prison. As far as Mate remembers, Chairman Kang wanted to bury Mate alive rather than awarding him with SS Home Shopping in any ways but Secretary Hong further explains why Chairman Kang awarded that position to him as he was impressed that Mate managed to enlightened Kwi Ji the realities of life but no intention making him his son-in-law………( oh well the feeling is mutual for Mate on that. I am certain he will be glad to receive the offer with no further concerns). He further relayed to Mate that Prosecutor Lee Kim was nominated as the Chief Prosecutor. He made a visit to Prosecutor Lee Kim to congratulate her on her promotion telling her that Justice prevails……..but after that sentence she seem to look slightly uncomfortable.

Scene changed…… Na Hong Ran was informed that Prosecutor Lee Kim was building up another case and this time it will be against MG Group, Knowingly she has many illegal trades carried out in the business, is now trying to find all methods to stop Prosecutor Lee Kim.

Scene Changed….. Family meeting between MG group Chairman, Park Moon Soo and David…. David looked really uncomfortable not know that his lunch appointment supposedly with his father is has now extended to his older Half bother. But the Chairman is now hoping that now both these 2 sons of his have met, the both of them can work together to protect Moon Soo…. It was really hilarious when Moon Soo started asking David’s interest in sports in hopes that he finally has more family style activities to do but turned out David does nothing except for fishing….. he was in shock to hear that but none the less Moon Soo is now looking forward to more family bonding and reckon his future does not look as bleak as how it was used to be being controlled by Na Hong Ran.

Yes Mate also agreed to meet Na Hong Ran….. he felt betrayed by Yura as he feels that she is hiding from him and he is now feeling troubled he has agreed to meet Na Hong Ran to see what she has to offer him…..

Na Hong Ran then exposed David’s hidden background to Mate telling him that she just recently found out that David is actually his half-brother as well and that he stepped up to protect Moon Soo dismissal as the President of MG Group. …… Na Hong Ran’s was hoping that Mate will be furious from being hidden with all these information, further she added telling Mate that the three of them are having lunch together to officially introduce David into the family in hope that Mate will be siding her after she feed this valuable piece of information to him.

She even offered to legitimize Mate forgetting how she has actually contradicted herself during their first meeting… laughing at him, calling him a garbage insulting him saying that he did not even bring any form of evidence other that the presence of himself. Well of course our Mate is not that silly knowing when there is such an offer something has to be sacrificed in return… and that will be no other than the rights to the future shares that he will be getting hahaahahah…….She was thinking she will have Mate under her control as soon as he feel betrayed/ abandoned by Yura, Na Hong Ran even offered protection to him in the future from Yura and reminded him that today’s ally will be tomorrows enemy (telling him about Yura but also indirectly probably indicating about what she would be capable of doing as well)….She really got Mate thinking hard on this offer and left him with very little time to make the decision……….but little did she know there will be a bigger surprise for her later on…..

He finally managed to meet Yura…. And confronted her with all the information which was fed to him by Na Hong Ran, In turn Yura coldly replied that it was her personal matter……..he was disappointed in her reply as he thought they do not have anything hidden from each other since the beginning of time…… (as what he has always been open and honest in every form of relationship) . By practicing his principles he then told Yura about Na Hong Ran’s proposal and Yura in turn thought Mate is threatening her and defensively reminded him that she told him about Na Hong Ran’s son…..tho the conversation was getting no where… Mate tried to salvage the conversation by telling her that he is still trusted her and on her side from the beginning of time. But somehow Yura did not trust Mate’s reply in turn threatened him again so that he will not take Na Hong Ran’s side (since she more or less has guessed that Na Hong Ran could possibly be his mother based on the pocket watch)

Yura is starting to play mind games with Mate and that started to drive him nuts….. and he then realizes that Yura and Na Hong Ran is actually very similar….

Back to something lighter….. in preparation for his big meeting as the CEO of SS home shopping…. Bo Tong actually went shopping to buy him the most perfect tie for him to wear to give the best first impression to the board of directors of SS Home Shopping as his first big day…… She thought of placing the tie in his house and leave… but she was surprise to see Mate sitting in the living room…… so was Mate surprise to see her coming in and out of his house soo leisurely and spoke under his breath that he need to soon chance his password to his apartment……. She explained about the importance of giving the best first impression and how much thought put in to choose this “NECK TIE” then Mate in turn asked her what “brand” it was….. she slyly told him brand is not important and the colour is more important ……. The minute she told him she got it from the market…back to his old mean self towards Bo Tong, he then coldly raised his voice and told her who he will be “the CEO of SS Home Shopping wearing a “Necktie” from the market”…. Which in turn made her feel sooo sad and critised her priority in spending…….. (In my opinion, I think he actually he does like the gift and attention he has from Bo Tong) and in turn told her he will wear the tie when he goes to the market……. Being Bo Tong back to her usual self…. She then turn on her happy mode and told Mate that she will be celebrating her mother’s birthday tomorrow and ask him to attend… then Mate asked if she bought her a gift…….. Bo Tong suddenly turned into shocked mode….. coz she has been sooo busy looking for the one “Perfect Necktie” for Mate to totally disregarded her mother’s birthday gift….being a good Oppa to Bo Tong he gave her a little scolding… and she rushed off in a hurry to search for a gift for her mom….

And of course he wore the necktie which Bo Tong bought for the meeting the next day……….. (such a sweet heart…. He does have a place for Bo Tong somewhere in his heart…..even tho she stood him up for Christmas dinner). Proudly walking into the meeting room fill with other directors from SS Home Shopping he greeted them all but they in turn did not seem to be happy with his appointment. They started shooting him with loads and loads of question on his education background, qualifications and his experiences. He was literally belittled during the meeting and left speechless……. As he did not foresee this coming …..

As he walked in to the office feeling upset… Bo Tong appeared before him looking as cheerful as always even happier seeing him wearing the Necktie and his excused to her was the rest of his neckties are in the dry cleaners…. (Do you believe that answer?? Well I certainly do not!!!)……. Being as supportive of Mate as ever, she even prepared a set of books for Mate to study to help him stabilize his position as the CEO of SS Home Shopping…….

Prosecutor Lee received flower basket from an anonymous person (the 7th girl Mate has to meet “She uses Knowledge as her power – Yeo Min”) and resigned with immediate effect prior to her announcement as chief prosecutor ……..(this is very likely the works of Na Hong Ran or was it Yura).

As soon as Mate heard about the news he tried contacting Prosecutor Lee but could not get her soo he went to her house again….. and when she asked he replied telling her that its because she did not answer the phone therefore that’s the invitation for him to present himself at her house (I love his snobbish full of himself quirky replies…..!!! They are hilarious) ….He was really curious as to why she resigned abruptly…. Prosecutor Lee then explained to him…. No matter how she has lived a justified life, with one wrong decision/action even though it may be the right decision there will be consequences to all actions in the future….. That lead him to ponder about the similar position he is in at the moment…… (between Na Hong Ran and Yura).

As a result from meeting Prosecutor Lee, Mate could not attend Bo Tong mother’s birthday celebration…… Bo Tong’s mom actually turned slightly colder towards David… this time round refusing to accept all his kindness… Bo Tong’s mom then broke the news to Bo Tong that they finally sold the house in Osan and is renting a place near the restaurant where she is operating and told her to return home…. That invitation came to both Bo Tong and David as a shock and Bo Tong actually did not want to leave David (due to her initial promise after knowing the difficulties that he has gone through she would like to help him overcome his sorrows)… however despite all that… her mom still insist on Bo Tong returning home as it is not proper for a single woman living under the same roof as a single man…

Later on Bo Tong and David had a chat and David in turn comforted Bo Tong telling her that she should obey her mothers wishes and return home and that he will be fine living back in the house…… knowing that with her room filled with happy virus of Bo Tong.

Prosecutor Lee met up with Yura telling revealing that she knows what Yura is up to and telling her to stop abusing Mate in her plans as he is no longer the illegitimate son as what he was assumed to be initially…. She even offered a strand of Mate’s hair which he plucks off from his head in the earlier episode when Mate first met Prosecutor Lee.

After long thinking based on the meeting he had with Prosecutor Lee, Mate took the courage to meet up with Na Hong Ran and rejected her offer in her face…. As he has got nothing to lose rejecting her offer since he started with nothing to begin with…… (In my opinion he probably unconsciously saw Na Hong Ran’s button and he in turn is starting to play mind games with her) but being sincere… he ultimately want to have a real father and son relationship bonding with the Chairman rather than being done in such a cold and unfulfilling manner as he is not after power nor a position in MG Group. As he leave… again Na Hong Ran flipped the ornament on the table to the floor just like when she met Mate for the first time…..

As Mate claimed that he will start to work hard as the CEO of SS Home Shopping, he started reading up all the books prepared by Bo Tong and even discussed the future plans of SS Home Shopping with David…

The e-book first part was published by Na Hwan Kyu and Na Hong Ran came across by eves dropping while she was getting her hair done at the saloon…… as soon as she heard the content she knew it was talking about her …. She then immediately arranged to meet Yura regarding the matter..

The both started negotiating and Yura started spilling out her beans….. telling her that the current release on the bloodshed fighting amongst her siblings is just an appetizer and it has not reached the climax of the story…………… she then further telling her she knew the marriage between the Chairman and Na Hong Ran was a marriage of convenience to secure her position in MG Group but somehow Na Hong Ran was pregnant with a child but being a cold-hearted mother (as she has always been) Na Hong Ran decided to abandon the child as she want to maintains her power in the company….. Yura then further continues saying that one day Na Hong Ran’s husband’s illegitimate offspring met her and was ruthlessly crushed by Na Hong Ran during the meeting….. but the twist to the story was that the son whom she thought was illegitimate during the meeting was actually the son abandoned by Na Hong Ran……. And Yura further told Na Hong Ran that Mate has the exact same pocket watch as Na Hong Ran’s. (they were not clear as to Mate is the offspring of both the Chairman and Na Hong Ran or just Na Hong Ran with another man)

This is the first time Na Hong Ran was left speechless and In exchange for Yura’s silence, Na Hong Ran is to give up her seat as MG’s power woman Na Hong Ran then went to visit the Chairman to confirm the fact. It was then confirmed by the Chairman that Mate was indeed the child she cold-heartedly abandoned. Old memories of how she abandoned the poor child came flooding…

Bo Tong brought dinner to Mate who was busy working in his office ……. Bo Tong asked Mate a very simple and straightforward question….. what would he do when he officially becomes the son of MG Group…….??? He jokingly replied he will shove it in her face…… (again a defensive reply from him as he too do not know what he will be doing). Later on he then told her while she was sleeping that once he assumes the position he will do what Bo Tong wants to do first… (that was really sweet of him…. This is where I feel he do have a place for her in his heart)

And then he received a message from Na Hong Ran asking to meet her regarding Mate’s late mothers keepsake the Pocket Watch…..The minute they met she brought out the pocket watch and confessed him that what he has been told all these while was not true… he is not the illegitimate child of MG Group but instead he is NA HONG RAN’s SON in disbelieve he was not able to comprehend that news……… she then repeated telling him that DOKGO MATE is her SON.

————— Wow I really wonder what will Episode 14 be like…. Mate is seriously emotionally disturbed by this new information….. ) till next episode…

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