Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2016 Review

In this review I’m going to cover each speaker and the basic message of their presentation. As the Go Pro Event was 3 full days, it’s impossible to do it justice or recreate what was shared. The event itself featured education, entertainment, and lot of audience participation.

Each speaker was given twenty minutes outside of the headliners. Tony Robbins spoke and engaged the attendees for approximately 5 hours to end the Friday session, Richard Branson was interviewed by Eric Worre to start the Saturday morning session for a solid hour, and Eric Worre the host, spoke throughout at short intervals and closed the Event with 2 hours of game planning on Saturday.

The event had great music, video, laser lighting, and was extremely well produced. The entertainment included was all unexpected and an added bonus – so they really went out of there way to show attendees a good time. Attendees enjoyed a performance by a Michael Jackson impersonator who was really really good, a fashion show, and an Operatic performance by The Tenors who combine classical, pop, and Opera, and a comedic performance by Rita Davenport.

Highlights (My personal thoughts in regards to the best aspects of the event!)

Lowlights (This review wouldn’t be authentic without this section…)

The speakers line up was robust and consisted ONLY of 7 figure annual earners.

SPEAKERS  (click the speakers name to instantly scroll to their section)

Key Notes

Tony Robbins
Sir Richard Branson
Eric Worre
John Addison
Mel Robbins

Network Marketing Experts/Professionals (In no particular order)

Adam Green
Brian Carruthers
Calvin Becerra
Donna Johnson
Dr Gary “Skip” Campbell
Dr. Gloria Mayfield Banks
Hayley Hobson
Jay Bennett
Jayne Leach
Jeff Roberti
Jordan Adler
Terje Duesund
Tom Chenault
Marina Worre
Cedrick Harris
Alan Pariser
Armand Puyolt
Jeremy Stansfield

Panel Discussions

Women’s Panel
Rising Star Panel
Social Media Panel


Curtis Broome


The Go Pro Event, is for education not sponsoring. I really like that, it’s safe place to learn with your team.  Without the threat of people trying to poach your team members.

The highlight for me was Tony Robbins without a doubt! I’ve been reading Tony, watching interviews, and consuming his content for a long time, and this was my first time seeing him live.

Richard Branson was also amazing, getting a glimpse of his worldview, thoughts, and opinions was awesome. I can’t convey everything he shared because it was extremely subtle, it had to be experienced, and much of it was based on my own feelings and interpretations because he’s witty, a bit sarcastic, and indirectly hinted some of his feelings in regards to government in general, politics, and the monolith corporations of the world.

As far as the other speakers Mel Robbins was fantastic her 5 second rule is one I’ll be implementing. Calvin Becerra’s story was more than inspiring, his work ethic, and willingness to attack challenges that most would deem insurmountable had me in awe. Gloria Mayfield Banks absolutely crushed it! I actually just grabbed her book on Audible, Quantum Leaps 10 Steps To Help You Soar Your Network Marketing Business while I was on the trip, I’d heard really good things about it, and this was before hearing her speak or even knowing she was one of the speakers – so that was a cool coincidence.

The women’s panel discussion was also fantastic especially Tiffany Malloy, Susan Sly, and Lisa Grossman who all stood out based on the knowledge and passion.

Last but not least Eric and Marina Worre of course, it’s impossible not to acknowledge Eric and his wife Marina for putting this event together and for all the content Eric’s put together over the years on Network Marketing Pro and his contribution to the every aspect of the event they did a stellar job that I can’t say enough about positive things about it.

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Like anything there’s always room for improvement. So what what stood out as less than spectacular? Well that depends on why you attended the event. So I’ll come at this from more than one angle. Personally I attended the event to see and experience Tony Robbins, to be in the company of Sir Richard Branson, and to experience and leverage the energy of 20,000 entrepreneurs.

I literally did not attend for any other reason seeing new and old friends, and meeting new people didn’t impact my reason to go and was simply a great bonus. Although, in my opinion this is enough reason to go in and of itself. So I found the overall investment for travel and accommodations and the event itself well worth it along with many bonuses from my perspective.

With that said, if I attended the event for a step by step paint by number style guide to become a master recruiter, based on the title Go Pro “Recruiting Mastery” I may have been a little let down and slightly disappointed after the excitement and euphoria of the event subsided.

Because if you did want a step by step paint by numbers style guide to go from struggling to “Recruiting Mastery” that did not happen – in my opinion.

While many aspects of business building were covered, more details and specifics recruiting strategies were offered for sale. So, if the reason for attending was literally to solve a specific challenge like how to find prospects outside of friends, family, and associates, objection handling, or getting past some of the common sticking points that challenge and frustrate Network Marketers it definitely possible to be excited and reinvigorated yet still stuck. Unless of course, you elected to make an additional investment in training or coaching.

Don’t get me wrong, each speaker provided VALUE!  Yet, I’d refer to the value as more of a basic framework to becoming a master recruiter…  Again highly highly valuable, but not a blueprint some may have been seeking and this is strictly feeling based on my experience.

In my opinion with each speaker having 20 minutes outside of the keynote speakers. What any attendee wanting to learn to master recruiting did get, was a glimpse into the mindset of a master, a framework to build on, and a rehash of the basic formula for a beginner. Valuable yes, the full picture no.

What I’ve come to discover from my personal experience is that events are virtually not designed to and will never give attendees an exact how to formula. While of course you will get some how to, events are designed to give you the feeling that you can accomplish your goal no matter the obstacle rather than a paint by numbers style plan to get passed sticking points. If you’ve ever attended a major event before you may recognize there’s always a focus on the speakers personal stories surrounded around really basic how to content. This event was no different.

If you’re a how to person, like I was at one point – it may help you to really understand that the purpose of events are to build belief that you can accomplish your goal rather than to give you specific how to’s. Everyone is different, so everyone’s why and how will also be different based on their current situation and resources and this is why personal stories are the primary focus of events.

Everything that has ever been accomplished started with possibility, opportunity, and the belief that “it’s” possible. So, if you walk away from any event with a higher belief that your goal is possible – the how to won’t matter. While this maybe a hard pill for the HOW TO types like I used to be, it’s true. Henry Ford didn’t know how to make a car, the Wright brothers didn’t know how to fly, Edison didn’t know how to create the light bulb – their personal reason why they wanted to accomplish their goal, and the belief that they could is all that was needed.

The last word on this… By nature I’m a how to guy, I started my entrepreneurial journey wanting “just the facts.” My attitude was save the rah rah motivation for someone else.  However over the years, I’ve come to understand that events are more about building possibilities, encouraging people forward, meeting people, deepening existing relationships, and getting insights and ah-ha moments in the thinking and habits of the speakers.

Until I came to discern this I was actually a little bummed out on events – no that I’ve gained this insight from experience I absolutely love events!  So, if you’ve ever been down on events, you may need to reconsider them.

Because, the fact is decisions are made at events, and the decision that we all need to make is that I’m going to make it happen by any means necessary – and if you’ve made that decision or are looking to make that decision events are absolutely the place to be. (You can also leverage events, like I’m doing with this blog post!)

While I obviously loved the Go Pro event and have already booked my ticket for next year. There are two other things I’ll share.  The first could be improved and the other as a heads up if you’re going to be there next year as a first time attendee. The biggest area that could have been improved was the workbook. The workbook that was given to each attendee labeled with each speaker to help you organize notes and ideas was a huge bonus, I wouldn’t have been able to share these notes as easily without it. The problem was the work book didn’t have a smooth flow or sequence to it.

So you really had to scramble – imagine 20,000 people scrambling through a 100 plus page book to locate the next speaker’s bio and note section. This disrupted the opening of each speaker and created confusion as some speakers were not in the workbook at all. So, you could spend a few minutes, miss some great information, while searching for a speaker who wasn’t in the workbook.

While this wasn’t that big a deal, and could even be considered petty. It was an issue and could have been avoided – by either having the work books in sequential order which may have not been possible as there some speakers who were late or bonus additions.  That I’m glad were there – that said, during each intro the MC could have referenced what page the speaker’s bio was on in the workbook – or that they were not in the workbook eliminating the issue – tabs could also be a great addition.  I won’t be surprised if this little glitch is corrected – as the event is only getting better and better. I wouldn’t sweat it either way and neither should you.

Last word on the workbook… There was a table of contents in the workbook that listed each speaker and what page they were on – unfortunately, few could have been aware as it was obvious that most myself included were flipping through until they found each speaker at the event itself.

Moving on… Food and snacks was a bit of an issue, the convention center has very limited food options – and isn’t set up to feed 20,000 plus people all at once. The convention center is huge, so huge that Go Pro was not the only event going on. So you can imagine trying to get a snack, a meal, or a cup of coffee wasn’t a smooth process – and because some vendors weren’t open during the breaks, or at the start of the day you had to be prepared or really move with urgency or you could end up waiting in line only to find out they had sold out of item you’d waited for. I’m NOT pointing this out to be critical of the venue it was fine – I’m pointing it out so you’re prepared next year. (Because you really should go!)

Amazing and Raw Excitement!!! I was prepared, but be over prepared. Next you’re going to be even better!

Vendors inside the convention center filled up instantly, and nearby restaurants filled up fast, lastly the nearby Casino’s restaurants were not open during the break so you had to figure things out on the fly as a first timer.

I solved this problem by stocking up on any item I wanted and bringing it in with me and being resourceful with finding nearby locations to get food on Google Maps. Again, I don’t sweat the small stuff, and only share this because its something I would tell a friend so they’re prepared consider, and I consider you a friend.  Lastly bring a light jacket, it got chilly in there when that AC kicked in. I took a jacket and I’m glad I did. Just a heads up…

All in all if you’re serious about building a network marketing business – be at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery next year, I’m sure it will only get bigger and better. My tickets booked, so I hope to see you their next year!

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Curtis Broome

Industry veteran Curtis Broome was the MC for the event making it his fourth time MC/Hosting this event. Curtis did an excellent job throughout the weekend not only introducing each speaker, but sharing his own personal tips and contributions throughout.

One of the most significant tips Curtis shared was that in order to succeed in Network Marketing you have to let go of fear. Curtis went on to say that fear is a result based on outcome. So, if you let go of the outcome you want, and put your focus on your prospect rather on your own goals and desires – you’ll be in much better position to connect with your prospect and significantly reduce any fear you feel.

I couldn’t agree with this statement more!

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The Keynote Speakers…

Eric Worre

Eric Worre is a best selling author, and the most trusted source for training in the network marketing profession, and a legend in the network marketing profession. Eric spoke throughout the event, at times he shared various statistics in regards to the industry, he also shared how the school system is mostly designed to create employees and this is the reason so many people struggle to change their thinking from an employee mindset to that of an entrepreneur.

“Employees wait for support, entrepreneurs create support.”

He also spoke of the obstacles he faced in life having had over 20 jobs before finding Network Marketing and how it’s necessary to turn obstacles into opportunities.

During his keynote address Eric shared, how “progress is perfection” and that entrepreneurs say yes to action, proclaim the intent to the world to hold themselves accountable, and THEN they figure it out. While amateurs want to figure things out before they decide and before they tell anyone about the plan.

He Then shared the importance of making a decision and committing to learning the skills required to succeed.

The skills according to Eric Worre are as follows:

1) Learning to locate prospects

2) Improving communications skills

3) Developing success habits

4) Establishing quality associations (limiting negative people in your life)

5) Thinking bigger

6) Let go of things holding you back and of the past

7) Developing a crystal clear vision

8) Establishing a game plan

9) Working your ____ off!

The presentation also included personal interaction with the audience and coaching. During this portion Eric worked with one of the attendees, and helped her discover how she could have a break through. This was an extremely powerful portion of his presentation, and you really had to be there too understand the value. I can’t do it justice…

But, here’s my attempt…  Eric asked the attendees who had a company convention coming up in the next month or so.  And, of the attendees who raised there hands, one happened to be a young lady who was a six figure earner who currently has 4,000 distributors in her network.

She had a goal of bringing 100 people to her company convention   Eric helped her increase her goal from bringing 100 people to her next company event to 400.  It got really interesting when she agreed to be held accountable to this goal a website called Stickk.com.  That allows you to put up money as a penalty if you don’t achieve goals.  So, she agreed to $25,000 the craziest part of this whole thing is if she doesn’t reach the goal, the $25,000 goes to her ex boyfriend.  So, if you have an ex and have had a really bad breakup, you can imagine the motivation this young lady has to accomplish her goal. With this motivation and Eric’s coaching she definitely has a GREAT shot at reaching her goal.

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John Addison

John Addison is the Leadership Editor of SUCCESS Magazine and CEO of the Addison Leadership Group. He is also the former Co-CEO of one of the largest financial companies in direct sales.

John shared how attitude and activity are the main things you can control in business and in life. He also talked about the importance of enthusiasm.

My biggest takeaway from John was how he sincerely shared that if you don’t have people laughing, criticizing, and doubting you, your not thinking big enough!

He closed leaving the audience with this thought. “Is your current experience in life a moment in your life, or your current experience your way of life.

Think about that… What’s your answer?  Is your life how you envision it, or is something missing?

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Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is best known for delivering one the most popular TEDxTalks’s in the world – “How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over.”

Mel shared how courage is doing the little things that lead to the big results, and how 5 seconds can change your life allowing you to overcome procrastination. The 5 second rule is simply, counting down from 5…  As in 5,4,3,2,1 GO! Then doing the action that you’ve been putting off.

When Mel discovered this technique it changed her life, prior to using the 5 second rule, she and her husband were over $800,000 in debt due to a failing restaurant – and she was what I would consider depressed about it. She shared how she couldn’t get it off bed, and didn’t want to think about her circumstances, which really impacted her relationship with her husband.

Now all that has changed, she now has a 7 figure business and is changing lives with the 5 second rule. She made it clear that the 1st step is always the hardest and this simple rule can help create change, increase courage, control, confidence, and even be used to initiate exercise, and overcome anxiety.

Personally as simple as this technique is I know it works, I’ve used it previously in other areas of my life, typically jumping into ice cold water at the beach or in a back yard pool. I hadn’t really ever thought about it in other circumstances, but will definitely be putting it to use in my life. I hope you do too!

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Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is an iconic business man and founder of the Virgin Group, that encompasses over 100 companies in over 50 countries employing over 60,000 people.

It was definitely an honor being in the company of a distinguished businessman like Sir Richard, not because he’s a billionaire, or because of his influence, but simply because of his philanthropic nature, personality and the ideas he shared.

Sir Richard, started his interview by pulling out a pair of scissors from his pocket and cutting off Eric Worre’s tie saying that’s better, then throwing the tie into the audience.

During the interview he shared some really entertaining stories the most interesting in my opinion is how Virgin Airlines was started. According to Sir Richard, he had a date with a woman he was dating and he hadn’t seen in three weeks, and he really needed to spend time with her. (If you get the idea)…

He was traveling abroad and she was in the Virgin Islands. He was 27 years old at the time, had no money, and because no planes were flying to the Virgin Island at the time he found a way to charter a plane while at the airport. Once the plane was charted he grabbed a black board and wrote on it Virgin Airlines flight #1 to the Virgin Islands $29 per seat. The plane quickly filled with passengers and he sold out his first flight. The next day he called Boeing and began negotiations to purchase his first 2nd hand 747.

Sir Richard shared that his biggest driving force was the satisfaction he received by achieving something that had never been achieved before, his love of people, his desire to learn, and to conquer new challenges. According to Sir Richard, this is what’s been the driving force behind some his actions like being the fastest to cross the Atlantic in a hot air balloon, taking on British Airways by starting Virgin Airlines, and becoming an entrepreneur at 15 years old.

During the interview Richard shared how virtually every company was owned by the British government when he was a child and if they didn’t own everything they controlled it, and he wanted to change that.

He also listed what he considered four important qualities he believed an entrepreneur must possess and they are great habits, the ability to take great notes and create lists from those notes, listening, and developing a reputation for excellence.  As those skills lead to a reputation that will turn into a brand over time.

90% of Sir Richard’s time is now spent with philanthropic work, as he’s actively building non profit companies to change the world. Sir Richard believes that governments are inefficient in solving the worlds problems and it’s up to large corporations to take up the mantle. His heart and passion are undeniable

His closing words and his recommendation for small business owners came down to these words. “Screw it, just do it.”

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Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is the world’s #1 authority on the topic of Leadership Psychology and Strategy. Over the last 30 years he’s directly impacted more than 50 million people through speaking engagements and seminars, he’s been the go to guy when it comes to mental strategies for World Leaders, CEO’s, Top Athletes, and anyone seeking peak performance.

Tony’s presentation and time with the attendees was definitely the most memorable. He took us on a ride, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. Not only was is presentation really high energy, there was ton’s of value interwoven into every aspect of it.

While he shared many interesting stories, facts, and connected deeply with 2 audience members to help them break through. The most significant message he shared was how specifically to have a break through in 3 steps.

The primary reason having a strategy to create a breakthrough is necessary and so important is because typically people only breakthrough once they hit a threshold of pain so strong that they say never again.  So pain is the precursor of change for most people. However, Tony demonstrates and proves this isn’t necessary. When you understand patterns. People’s actions are predictable and there’s a pattern for everything including having a breakthrough.

Tony shared this three step breakthrough formula over the course of a couple of hours, and it would be impossible to recreate.  Just know that these steps have deeper meaning behind them, and you need to deeply consider each of them.

He gave us the steps in reverse order because this is how people seek to break through… They don’t use the correct order, so by giving us the sequence that is most common it allowed us to see for ourselves the flaws in our own behavior.

Again these 3 keys are in reverse order of importance so what people seek first and need least is a a strategy.

3) Strategy… (Tony made it clear he is a strategist, NOT a motivational speaker, he provides strategies – so he joked about how he’s really putting himself out of business.

He shared how having a strategy for anything can be and is invaluable but a strategy alone is never enough. He referenced weight loss and how the US is the fattest country in the history of the world (his words.. He known for being a little colorful with his language at times – as it keeps people engaged, aware, and on their toes).

He also shared how people 100 pounds over weight or more is the fastest growing category of obesity, so the epidemic is getting worse, yet solutions are everywhere… Tony shared several other stories and business lessons from his seminar Business Mastery in regards to strategy all with the purpose of demonstrating that strategy in and of itself is not enough and will never be enough.

I won’t share all those strategies here, but I definitely will in a future posts.  (So, you may want to subscribe if you want that information!)

2) Story… What story are you telling yourself? Tony polled the audience how many of you are using the excuse of not having enough time in life to meet your goals. 90% of the audience hands when up… (Including mine)

Tony then shared that time is literally the only thing that is equal in regards to resources in the world. Bill Gates, The President of the United States, YOU and I all have the same 24 hours. So, rather than not having enough time, it’s what we do with the time that will determine our destiny.

Tony then went into the biblical principal seek and ye shall find, explaining that whatever story we tell ourselves we will find and once we find it, we will begin to reinforce that story making it stronger and stronger, until that story becomes our reality and how we limit our ability to create a new reality.

In other words you can’t outwork your story. If your story is you big boned or everything you eat goes to your hips, your story creates it in reality. Tony explained how your subconscious mind does not know the difference between something REAL or something IMAGINED. And, because you’re story is part of you subconsciously you can’t escape it. But you can, create a new story.

1) STATE (Your physical/mental energy)…  The reason your physical and emotional state is the most important factor in creating a breakthrough is because energy will always impact and influence your story. Emotion is energy in motion, and energy is needed for every aspect of life. So the greater energy level you can train your mind and body to have at all times the more energy you’ll have to put towards creating the emotional experience you desire.

In other words, it takes energy to find the good, and there is good in all situations. We will learn more about life and ourselves when times are tough. As, there is always a lesson in adversity – this is why your true power lies in your ability to find the good, by using gratitude for what you do have.  Remember, where your attention goes energy flows.  Are you focused on the negative, then of course you’ll find more negative, and when you find negative you’ll be low energy, low on enthusiasm, and this will then shape  your story, and then influence the strategy and your belief in yourself to execute the strategy.

So, I hope this summary of  Tony’s presentation really really helps you. I encourage you to take time to ponder and write down what stories your telling yourself about the areas of your life you want to improve. What are the stories your telling yourself – are they real? Because once you really understand that your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what’s imagined – you hold the key.

Seven more short useful insights Tony Robbins shared…

1) People are influenced by what already influences them, so if you want to be influential your goal must be to discover what already influences a person.

2) We are influenced by the identity we attach to people, and NOT by who the person actually is, or what they actually do.

3) Happiness = Progress. If you’re not progressing in life you’ll never be happy

4) Problems in business and relationships come from an unmet expectation. (This was demonstrated with an audience member who had a very emotional conversation about how her father as they  were not speaking.  The audience member believed her father didn’t love her and due to her anger she stopped speaking with him…

They hadn’t spoken in years. Tony almost effortlessly helped he discover that her expectations for the relationship she wanted, was an imagined scenario and she valued that imagined story – more than the actual relationship.

As she began to reconsider what actually happened she instantly realized she never appreciated reality, because she had expectations and reality never lined up with HER desired/imagined expectations… This happened on Friday, Eric Worre followed up with the young lady on Saturday evening and she updated us that after years of not speaking with her Father she reached out to him and they are meeting next week.)

5) When expectations are not met, we invent stories to meet our needs, then we live the story, rather than reality.

6) We experience rejection when people don’t do what we want them to do. So rejection about us, our desires and expectations.

7) The number one thing you can do to influence yourself and others is to be in the moment – being 100% present is extremely RARE and will always get noticed and be appreciated.

Tony Robbins at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2016

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Adam Green

Adam Green was the youngest of the speakers at 28. He shared his emotional and very personal story of having been bullied and teased for his small stature growing up. Adam shared how he wanted to be an athlete growing up, but wasn’t very athletic.  Based on hi size and limited athletic ability, he’d constantly get thrown around or intentionally knocked down on the basketball courts and to his dismay ended up with the nickname Rag-doll.

Naturally this impacted Adam’s self esteem and belief in himself and while he did well in school he felt less than.  This feeling of less than led him to drink to excess while in college.

After college, Adam found Network Marketing and he learned from his mentor Richard Brooke that “Belief doesn’t come from success, success comes from belief.”

He shared how when you combine Knowledge, with Action, and Belief anything is possible. Adam went on to share the story of Roger Banister breaking the 4 minute mile and how Roger was able to accomplish this through visualization. He also shared The Iron Man James Lawrence’s story of how he finished 50 iron man competitions in 50 consecutive days, in all 50 states.

The recurring theme in his presentation was belief, self esteem, and not listening to the critics and doubters of the world. Adam demonstrated this in his own life by becoming a 7 figure earner and becoming a top 30 income earner in his Network Marketing company. Not only is he the youngest top earner in his company, the company was founded when he was four years old. Adam’s story proves, it doesn’t matter what other think, your past doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter how old the Network Marketing company you involved in is, and it doesn’t matter how old you are – because when you KNOW “Belief doesn’t come from success, success comes from belief.”

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Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruther’s has been in the network marketing profession for over 20 year and with his current company for 17 years having earned over $17 million in commissions.

Brian shared a few of the scripts he uses in his business, he also shared a technique to promote local events, and how to handle some basic objections.  In addition to these strategies Brian also shared his 8 sources of leads.

Here’s are the 3 script’s Brian Carruther’s shared…

If the money was right and it wouldn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing would you be open to look at a huge opportunity?

I’m excited about starting a business on the side because I need to. Because I respect your knowledge, would you look at it and give me your opinion on it.

Great, you have no interest right now. Who do you know who WOULD be interested in making money right now?

Promoting Local Events

Brian shared how most people when marketing local events focus on  how the event is EVERY Tuesday (for example) rather than finding out if a prospect is free on Tuesday, and then using fear of loss to promote the event.

Fear of loss is a technique that implies something has limited availability. (for example: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are sales that only happen once a year – this is my example)

It’s important that you know that the example is mine because Brain is no way suggesting you tell your prospect that the meeting is this Tuesday only, however he is sharing that rather than say every Tuesday demonstrate the importance of this particular event.

For more information on fear of loss simply do a Google our YouTube search it’s a very common strategy in marketing. However, when used properly and appropriately can definitely be significantly more effective than the bare minimum in any promotion.

Brian Carruthers 8 Sources of Leads

Warm Market List

Tap Rooting (Leveraging a new team members warm list)

Follow YOUR Money (Any one you buy from, have them buy from you)

Social Media

Networking Groups

Three Foot Rule (Connecting with anyone who is within 3 feet of you)

Buying Leads (He admits this is not for everyone)

His Book

There is no doubt Brian Carruthers is a phenomenal leader, mentor, and recruiter. He’s personally recruited over 1400 individuals during his time in this profession and 10 people per month for the first 10 years of his current business – so he’s clearly a machine, and his the techniques he shared at the event flat out work.

I want to push this point home, because in the lowlights, section I mentioned that it could be possible that someone may feel that there was a lack of training for recruiting mastery. So, I want to address that in this section. Brian like all the trainers industry experts had 20 minutes.

This clearly is not enough time to cover recruiting mastery.  In other words if someone really wants to understand the Warm Market list, and have a MASTERFUL understanding on how to build it, why to build it, and how to grow it, that could be a weekend seminar in and of itself. Because this is true, and those of us who have mastered recruiting know and recognize this (if we’re honest), and to me to be transparent.

Brian also, mentioned and shared at the event that he knows many leaders don’t like scripts, and most distributors struggle to use them accurately in the beginning. So he was very transparent, and I appreciated that – transparency is important especially at a generic event like this in my opinion.

The Go Pro event was NOT specific to any MLM company or product, and because hundreds of individual network marketing companies and teams were present – it would be reckless to say scripts are the way for everyone, because not everyone teaches scripts…

I know I don’t teach them or use them. I teach people how to ask questions, open conversation, frame a conversation, and awareness, because these can be taught no matter the business.

Because it’s my opinion that going straight into a conversation about a business turns people off.  Again in my opinion and in my experience it’s not necessary to focus on the business as if you ask the right questions when to bring up WHATEVER YOU MARKET will happen naturally.  Just my thoughts, that said Brian did a good job covering the BASICS…

Just remember to be a master, you must master the basics so all these lessons are very valuable, just go deep with them as fast as you can.

By far the most compelling part of Brian’s presentation was that he had the stage hands bring a microwave and a bag of popcorn on stage. Once the microwave was in position, Brian shared the purpose of this microwave is to show you how most of you are attempting to build your business.

Brian then put the popcorn inside the microwave and set the timer to 2 minutes. Then every 2 seconds he would open the microwave look inside and check on the popcorn, obviously it wasn’t cooked, he’d then press start again – only to check again in 2 seconds.  He did this over and over again to demonstrate that you have to allow the process to run it’s course, you can’t keep stopping and starting over and over. Just like the popcorn needs consistent heat, your business needs consistent action.

This visual really seemed to make an impact on the audience and hope it makes one on you.

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Calvin Becerra

Calvin Becerra’s been involved in network marketing for 10 years and has built a team of distributors that spans more than 90 countries. If you looked up work ethic and the dictionary you’d see a picture of Calvin.

Calvin’s presentation focused on the power of YOUR story, and to share that power he shared his own story.

Calvin grew up in very humble beginnings. I’m sure he would be comfortable with me saying in regards to money his family was poor. The picture of the home he showed was boarded up, and from the emotion and rest of the story it may have been boarded up while he lived there.

Calvin and his twin brother began working at 8 to help pay rent and buy food, and because he began working so early, he and his brother set goals early, because they knew there situation wasn’t typical and that it didn’t have to stay this way.

He and his brother together set the goal to work hard, play sports, and change the cycle.  So, from at an early age he knew that he would have to work his butt off.

Once Calvin got to high school age, he wanted to go to a school with the best sports team, but that school had a tuition. So he and his brother worked 3 jobs to pay the tuition and still help out at home four years. They worked in the morning, after school, and on the weekends.

To get to their after school job, at a gas station – they had to travel.  And, many times they missed the bus home working late. Whenever that happened they slept in gas station bathroom.

Throughout this 4 year journey, he and his brother did well in sports, and well in school.  Well enough to get full ride scholarships to college. The work ethic continued in college and he and his brother graduated at the top of their class.

Upon graduation Calvin entered the real estate industry and became a millionaire in his 20’s. However like many people in real estate (myself included) 2008 really hurt Calvin and he lost almost all he had acquired, but he didn’t lose his work ethic.

Fortunately for Calvin one of his neighbors was a Network Marketing professional and he helped Calvin get started in the business the right way.  Calvin’s story shows the value of hard work and the value of a made up mind. I don’t know about you, but Calvin’s story definitely inspired me. It made me reflect on my own work ethic, my own personal attitude, it made me ponder what I would have done if I faced those type of challenging circumstances as a child.

That’s the value of story, people insert themselves into it, and while Calvin didn’t share why stories are so important.  Its important that you know that people insert themselves into stories. This is why stories are such a BIG BIG aspect of network marketing and events, so I hope that inspires you to greater action and to know what possible in the face of adversity.

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Donna Johnson

Donna Johnson is a 40 year veteran in the network marketing profession and has built one of the largest and most stable organizations by focusing on a culture of ethics.

Donna shared how she believed Network Marketing was the simply a way to distribute products and services.  As far as a specific category she believes that Network Marketing falls in between online sales and retail sales. Donna also shared how she believed it’s important to share the 4 D’s with new distributors – because these 4 D’s could make or break their businesses.

The 4 D’s according to Donna Johnson




Dream Stealer’s

These 4 D’s are clear and speak for themselves, so rather than go in depth with them, I’ll share with you her Circle of Success – which is the exact method she uses to operate her business.

Donna Johnson’s Circle of Success

Names List – Donna shared how she uses two names lists personally one for local prospects and one for long distance prospects. She also shared the importance of continuing to update the list and work from a current list and not one that is dated.

Prospect – Donna didn’t get into scripts, what to say, or anything like that but she did share the she leads with both her product and her opportunity at the same time and does not separate the two. I was glad she touched on this because many new distributors struggle with the which to lead with the product or opportunity, and I agree with Donna if they are actually a prospect why not share everything you have and give them the option to decide.

Schedule – Once she has a prospect she schedules a firm appointment, and marks that one her calendar.

Present – The only aspect she shared in regards to presenting was she makes sure her prospect knows exactly how long the presentation will take – so there are not surprises. Like most leaders she believes that the shorter the presentation the better.

Close – Ask them to get involved or try the products

Launch Others – Donna briefly described launching others like teaching them how to ride a bike. The have the handle bars, you behind them pushing them forward, and once they have their balance you let go.

Duplicate (restart this process with new team member)

The golden nugget hidden in Donna’s presentation was on edification. And, many may have missed it – because she didn’t cover edification directly and it wasn’t covered at all at the event. Let me give you a little background…

As to how this great tip came out – what happened was Donna gave credit to someone in the audience who was on her team by asking her to stand up, and they conversed back and forth for second. Then someone else complimented Donna’s shoes and that become a topic. But hidden in that banter Donna said, I owe my success to partnerships of edification.

So, let me quickly cover edification, edification is the simply building up your business partner in the eyes of prospects and team members, and it’s the secret sauce to duplication, 3 way calls, retention, and developing leaders.

Unfortunately edification is under utilized and missed utilized in my opinion, the reason it’s under utilized is because, it’s miss utilized… Let me explain, basically most people use edification to build a person their upline leader to a point that it sounds fake and kind of corny.  (This raises prospects BS radar…)

Basically a prospect doesn’t want to hear some crazy title like Up-line Super Crown Ambassador, million dollar ring earner and this type of language – because it build one person up and tears the other down. Huge mistake in my opinion, because a prospect doesn’t care, doesn’t know what any of that jargon means, and doesn’t want to feel like loser talking to a big shot.

A partner in edification, in my opinion is someone on your team who knows you well enough to speak highly of you in a personal way, and can speak well of you so that the prospect can relate to you as a person and not a leader, a partner in edification builds you up as someone cool, that they’re prospect should meet and know regardless of the business opportunity.

Further more, that partner in edification understands to build the prospect up while on the phone with the leader, so that all parties feel good have equal footing and can move forward together.

Because Donna understands edification she recognized her team member in the audience and gave them some of the spotlight as a reason for her success rather than keeping it all for herself.

So while most may have missed this, YOU didn’t!!! Learn to genuinely edify your team members and prospects – test this out, if you currently use jargon, and don’t uplift both parties try it out, I think you’ll be glad you did!

Donna closed her presentation with with references to two movie’s the first was the movie Scully, so if you’ve seen it, it was in reference to how Scully was taught to “Always Fly The Plane.” The second movie reference was Finding Nemo and the character Dori saying “Keep On Swimming.” So her closing words were clear, no matter what happens keep moving forward.

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Dr. Gary “Skip” Campbell

Dr. Gary Campbell or “Skip” is a former Chiropractor who would never do Network Marketing, who turned into a Network Marketer who would never ever ever be a doctor again. Dr. Gary was not just any Chiropractor he treated some of the Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche and was living the dream or so he thought.

One day his life changed, when he was ALMOST involved in life ending ski accident. Because of the accident that almost happened Skip began to look at his life differently and he realized the security he thought he had was only an illusion. So, when someone introduced him to residual income, he saw a way to create the security he now knew he needed. Within 27 short months he replaced the income it took him 18 years as a Chiropractor to create and he’s never looked back.

Outside of Skips story his presentation was hilarious and outrageous! Once the jokes stopped he got into his presentation. He asked the audience has anyone seen this movie? And, as he pressed the clicker on the slide show, the screen read- “I SEE DEAD PEOPLE” and it was clear he was referencing the movie The Sixth Sense, Skip went on to say the movie was real. And, he was exactly like the boy in the movie  He really saw dead people.

Skip was so serious that seeing dead people, it was hard not feel like, hold on does this guy really see dead people. And, once he had you almost believing it could possibly be true that he saw dead people.  He revealed that the dead people he saw were the people commuting to a job they hate, living a life they don’t want, who had given up on their hopes and dreams.

Skip style was very direct. I literally wrote that in my note in all CAPS… VERY DIRECT STYLE… Skip went on to share that his WHY had changed since he’s been in Network Marketing. Initially he got involved to create financial independence and know that’s changed.

Skip, then hit the clicker again and it flashed to old men and women – working at Walmart, he continued to click slide by slide, saying you know what’s going to happen to these people? One day there just not going to show up to work. Why? Because their dead.

Like I said, Skip is direct. So, Then he clicked the clicker again asking if anyone has seen this movie. And it was obviously the movie the Matrix (one of my fav’s)…

Then after sarcastically referring to Keanu Reeves as the best actor of our generation. He shared his new WHY unplugging people from the Matrix, so that they can be free.

And, if you’ve seen the movie the Matrix and I really hope you have –  Skip went on saying that not everyone wants to be unplugged, and that’s okay, because he likes being greeted at Wall Mart.

So, while Skips presentation was a little harsh, that’s his style. His goal is to wake people up to some of the harsh realities of not having a plan  So don’t be offended if you work at Walmart, or have an relative who does. As that was not the Skips intention, and its certainly not mine.

Last word on this… In discus

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