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Anniversary of the Gezi Uprising

As It Happened: Police Leave Protesters Bloodied and Bruised on Gezi Anniversary A detailed report on the one-year anniversary of the Gezi uprising.

A Year After the Protests, Gezi Park Nurtures the Seeds of a New Turkey Constanze Letsch argues that the Gezi uprising became a catalyst for a wider awareness.

Turkey's Image Problem After Gezi Park Thomas Seibert portrays the image of Turkey in the Middle East and Europe after the Gezi uprising.

Gezi Resistance Anniversary Recalls Impact on Turkey “On the first anniversary of the Gezi revolt, the bottom line is that it failed to transform into a political movement, but did manage to transform Turkey,” Kadri Gürsel writes.

Gezi—12 Trees and 12 Months (1)-(2) Yavuz Baydar focuses on the expositions of the Gezi uprising.

Gezi, Polarization, Erdoğan According to İhsan Yılmaz, “the protesters not only challenged Erdoğan but also bypassed and ignored the existing political parties.”

The Gezi Spirit and the Twitter Wars Prevail “Gezi Park prevails as Turks continue to turn to social media for their daily news,” writes Güven Sak.

Ghosts of Gezi New Yorker’s portfolio of the Gezi uprising.

The Gezi Protests: A Historic Struggle for Democracy Serkan Demirtaş points to the Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) Gezi report.

On the Anniversary of Gezi Protests, PM Erdoğan Braces for Second Round Özgür Korkmaz claims that Erdoğan has a strategy to use Gezi to his advantage in the presidential elections.

The Legacy of Gezi, One Year Later Doğan Eşkinat claims the Gezi, one of the most interesting opposition movements of Turkish history, finds itself at a crossroads with its anniversary.

Okmeydani and the Alevi Question

Erdoğan’s Misguided Alevi Strategy “Is Erdoğan’s sectarian brinkmanship a political ploy or recipe for disaster?” asks Cengiz Çandar.

If the Government Is Preparing to Launch an Alevi Initiative Cafer Solgun comments on the claims that the government is preparing a "package" of reforms about Alevis.

How to Tackle the Alevi Deadlock Haşmet Babaoğlu makes suggestions about the solution to the Alevi question.

Alevi Issue Cannot Be Resolved Unless Sunnis Are on Board Orhan Miroğlu argues that “Turkey cannot tolerate a new violent conflict over the definition of Alevi identity like the one that emerged from the Kurdish issue.”

Transformation of the Alevi Movement in Diaspora: A Case Study in Munich Türkan Özkan Deniz Coşan-Eke provide a case study for the literature on cultural diversity by taking into consideration the Alevi struggle for recognition.

Peace Process, Oil, and the Kurdish Question

Conditions for Peace Have Never Been Better Than They Are Now Lale Kemal writes that the government has failed to take the necessary steps that will enable the peace process to move forward.

What Will the Kurds Do? Is There a Negotiations Deadline? Gökhan Bacık focuses on the ongoing peace negotiations between the government and the PKK.

Rival Kurdish Parties Battle for Power in Syria Wladimir van Wilgenburg points out that a series of tit-for-tat incidents has worsened relations between the PKK and the KDP.

Will Kurdistan "Divorce" Iraq? An interview with Falah Mustafa, the head of Kurdistan Region Foreign Relations Department, on the oil negotiations between Erbil and Baghdad.

Turkey’s Kurdish Oil Gamble Turkey’s sale of Iraqi Kurdish crude oil could backfire for Ankara and the Kurdistan Regional Government, Denise Natali writes.

Soma Mine Massacre

Turkey’s Breakneck Economic Development Led to Mining Disaster Filiz Kahraman argues that “Soma is the price of achieving record levels of economic growth in a short time.”

Turkey: As Seen From Soma Hatem Ete claims that “all social groups set aside their political differences and stood in solidarity” after Soma mine disaster.

"Dual Structure" Undermines Turkey’s Claim to Be Modern Economy Daniel Dombey asks what the next growth model of Turkey will be—Ford Otosan or Soma.

Erdoğan, Autocracy, and the Presidential Elections

India, Turkey and the Dark Beginnings of the 21st Century Nuray Mert compares and contrasts Turkish Prime Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to newly-elected Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Erdoğan’s Dictator Defense Kadri Gürsel comments on Hannes Swoboda’s words about Erdoğan: “Erdoğan is an autocrat.”

The Failed Autocrat “Despite Erdoğan's ruthlessness, Turkey's democracy is still on track,”  Daron Acemoğlu argues.

Erdoğan at Home, Erdoğan in the World The rally in the German city of Cologne sets a new example that Erdoğan has started to define domestic and foreign policies synonymously, writes Murat Yetkin.

Turkey's Erdoğan Obsession Prime Minister Erdoğan's team should see that the hateful "Erdoğano-centricity" of which they complain is mostly of Erdoğan's making, Mustafa Akyol suggests.

Towards a Tribal Government Ekrem Dumanlı argues that “the ruling party is working hard to create enemies from every available group or segment.”

"Secularism and Pluralism Are Incompatible with Islam" Semih İdiz discusses the statements of Hayrettin Karaman, the AKP’s Islamic jurist of choice, who recently wrote that Islam is incompatible with secularism and democracy.

Turkey's Presidental Election: A Historic Vote Mahmut Övür argues that “the upcoming presidential vote marks an unprecedented event in the Republic's ninety-one-year history.”

Best Possible Strategy for the Opposition for Çankaya “It is meaningless to talk about a strategy when there are seventy days left until the election; only some ‘tactical’ steps can be taken,” writes İsmet Berkan.

Can the Neoliberal State Be Truly Democratic? Sally Bland introduces a newly published book, Turkey Reframed: Constituting Neoliberal Hegemony.

Turkish-Israeli Relations

Turkish Court Orders Arrest of Four Israeli Generals over Mavi Marmara Hurriyet Daily News reports that a Turkish court has ordered the arrest of four Israeli commanders who were allegedly involved in the raid on the the Mavi Marmara aid ship off Gaza in 2010.

Turkish-Israeli Relations Yaşar Yakış comments on the court’s decision about four Israeli generals.

Turkish Court Ruling Won't Ruin Relations with Israel Despite the recent decision of the court, other factors indicate that Turkish-Israeli relations will continue to develop, writes Güneri Civaoğlu.

Four Years of Futility Gabriel Mitchell comments on the fourth anniversary of the Gaza flotilla raid.

Renewed Israeli-Turkish Ties in the New Middle East: American Retreat Offers Israel Fresh Choices Neill Lochery’s piece on Israeli-Turkish relations.

End of the Crisis Period in Turkish–Israeli Relations? “Even if Turkish–Israeli relations normalize, it will be difficult to expect an improvement at the political level so long as Israel continues its intransigence on the Palestinian issue,” Barçin Yinanç argues.

How Does It Feel to Be "Israeli Spawn" in Turkey? A blogger explains what it is to be born as “Israeli spawn” in Turkey after Erdoğan allegedly called a shopper in Soma “the spawn of Israel.”

Energy and Regional Politics

A New Eurasian Embrace: Turkey Pivots East While China Marches West Christina Lin It focuses on the growing China-Turkey relationship.

Options for Delivering Iranian Gas to Europe via Turkey Zaur Shiriyev examines the possibility of exporting Iranian gas to Europe via Turkey

Energizing Cyprus Mustafa Aydın comments on US Vice-President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Cyprus.

The US-Turkish Energy Partnership in a Changing World of Energy and Geopolitics Mehmet Öğütçü and Paul Michael Wihbey’s reflections on the US-Turkish energy partnership.

Other Pertinent Pieces

"Winter Sleep": A Wake-Up Call for Turkey's Erdoğan? “Turkish film bags Palme d'Or award and Ankara's congratulations. But was it a metaphor for the country's social malaise?” Agnes Poirier asks.

Being Unable to Face the Past Causes Damages in the Turkish Identity An interview with Tanıl Bora on the formation of Turkish identity.

Child Murders Traumatize Turkey A government proposal to toughen penalties for child abuse has failed to soothe public outrage in Turkey amid a surge in deadly violence against children, Sibel Hürtaş points out.


Anniversary of the Gezi Uprising

Gezi'nin 1. yıl dönümünde neler yaşandı? A collection of reflections about the first anniversary of the Gezi uprising.

Gezi'den önce Gezi'den sonra Al Jazeera’s special volume including interviews, news, and opinion articles about the Gezi uprising.

Dünden sonra yarından önce… A collection of letters about Gezi.

Gözünü budaktan, sözünü dudaktan esirgemeyenler (1)-(2) “You can learn the bloody history of the state in this country from children’s names,” says Sırrı Süreya Önder, the HDP’s deputy.

Taksim Meydanı Diyarbakırlaşınca Erdem Yörük argues that the more mainstream media hides and manipulates what happens in Taksim Square, the more people become angry and determined.

Gezi: Çapulcunun teröristle imtihanı İrfan Aktan points out that “Kurdish terrorists” and “Gezi looters” struggled together against the state for the first time during the Gezi uprisings.

'Büyük bir kesimin üçüncü gözü çıktı!' An interview with Mücella Yapıcı, a member of the "Taksim Solidarity," about the first anniversary of the Gezi uprising.

“Gezi kimi durumlarda büyüteç, kimilerinde bağlaç oldu” An interview with Yaşar Adanalı about the Gezi uprisings and urban movements.

Gezi komünü “Gezi Commune revealed the real face of Erdogan’s Islam bourgeoisie from at least three different angles: systematic lie, systematic violence, and the oppressor-oppressed relation,” argues Baskın Oran.

Muhalefet arayışı ve Gezi Yetvart Danzikyan analyzes opposition parties in the wake of the Gezi uprising.  

Gezi'de ne oldu? Kim, ne anladı? Murat Sevinç argues that the protests on the first anniversary of Gezi reflect citizens’ demand for participation in governance.

Park forumlarının bir yılı Interviews with eight spokespeople of “park forums” about their organization and struggle at the level of local.

Gezi Hareketi The Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) Gezi report.

Kahkaha devrimi Gezi is first and foremost a Laughter Revolution, writes Yıldırım Türker.

Gezi Türkiye'de neyi değiştirdi? Professor Umut Özkırımlı analyzes the first year and the future of Gezi.

Gül'ü kızdıran sorunun sahibi Emrah Altındiş: Soruların sorulması gerek (1)-(2) “Are you not ashamed of being the president of such a state?” Dr. Emrah Altındiş asked President Gül at Harvard University.

Gezi’nin Çapulcuları’nı selamlıyorum! Hasan Cemal salutes Gezi’s “looters.”

Gezi’den kalanlar Yüksel Taşkın points out that Gezi has been a milestone in Turkey’s politics.

6 gazeteden 11 köşe yazarı Gezi Parkı direnişinin yıl dönümünü yazdı Eleven journalists write about Gezi’s first anniversary.

31 Mayıs Gerici Ayaklanması Yıldıray Oğur cliams that Gezi is a reactionist uprising.

Okmeydani and the Alevi Question

Hükümetin Alevi sorununu çözmekten uzak olmasının 5 nedeni (1)-(2) Ruşen Çakır analyzes why the government cannot solve the Alevi question.

Mahalleliyim Özge Kelekçi argues that Okmeydani is a space at the heart of Istanbul where people experience time, reality, security, and justice different than other inhabitants of Istanbul.

Aleviler, kriz siyaseti ve cozum The status of “cemevi” lies at the heart of the Alevi question, argues Oral Çalışlar.

Aleviler'i anlamak Özlem Albayrak argues that the first step to understand Alevis is to let them define themselves in their own terms.

Soma Mine Massacre

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi öğrenci, akademisyen ve calışanları Soma ziyareti gözlem raporu Boğaziçi University students, academics, and scholars’ observations from Soma.

Soma ozel sayisi  Al Jazeera’s special volume about the Soma mine massacre.

Soma sorusturmasinda yol ayrimina geldik An interview with lawyer Selçuk Kozağacli about the process of the Soma investigation.

Erdoğan, Autocracy, and the Presidential Elections

Hepimiz aklimizi basimiza alalim Tarhan Erdem warns about the dangers of polarization in society.

Mehmet Altan: AKP için yol bitti Mehmet Altan argues that the AKP has come to a dead end.

Diktatör diye diye... (1)-(2) Ruşen Çakır argues that Erdoğan is not as powerful as he wishes.

Prof. Nilüfer Göle'den 'One minute' çıkışı: Gelin sorunları Erdoğan'sız tartışalım Nilüfer Göle suggests discussing problems without the PM Erdoğan.

AK Parti: Muhafazakârlığa eklemlenen milliyetçilik “Is the AKP conservative or nationalist? Or both?” asks Murat Aksoy.

İslam, demokrasi ve Medine Vesikası Hüseyin Karaman maintains his discussion on the relationship between Islam and democracy.

İslâm bilirkişisinden tahakküm manifestosu Ümit Kıvanç’s critique of Hüseyin Kahraman.

Gerilim ve didişmeden çıkışın tek yolu Mustafa Karaalioğlu claims that the “new Turkey” managed to overcome historical inequalities, oppression, and lack of democracy in the last decade.

AK Parti’nin geleceği Commenting on the presidential elections, Yalçın Akdoğan, Erdoğan’s chief political advisor, argues that one cannot imagine a Turkey without the AKP.

Gülen Cemaati için özeleştiri vakti It is time for self-criticism for the Gülen movement, argues Mücahit Bilici.

Peace Process and the Kurdish Question

'Kandil İran'ı dinlemedi' An interview with Abbas Vali about elections in Iraq, the role of Iran in Iraqi politics, changing dynamics in the Regional Kurdish Government, and Kurds’ role in the election.

Iran, Kurtlerin denize cikisini engelliyor! Faysal Dağlı argues that the Iranian military closes Kurdistan’s borders and hinders Kurds’ access to sea.

Soma, Kürtler ve sol siyaset Despite its success in achieving gender equality and active participation of women in politics, the Kurdish movement could not offer an alternative to neoliberal social policies, Cuma Çiçek argues.

Dağa çıkılmaması için önce dağdakilerin inmesi gerekiyor “Why are young people still joining the guerillas as the peace process continues?” asks Mete Çubukçu.

Baris bu sekilde nasil mumkun olacak? Despite Erdoğan’s accusations, is it still possible to held a peace process with the BDP/HDP, asks Şirin Payzın.

Devletin namusu “All Kurds know that the state only protects the borders of those who are powerful, not of civilians, children, and women!” writes İrfan Aktan.

Öcalan'ın yoğun gündemi Ruşen Çakır comments on Öcalan’s role in the peace process.

Türkiye’nin kaçırdığı çocuklar Nuray Mert argues that Turkey is responsible for Kurdish children who recently joined the guerillas.

Mit provokasyonuna karşı durulmalıdır Hüseyin Ali argues that the AKP government is preparing not for peace but for war.

Suçüstü yakalanmak Adil Bayram writes that the AKP and MIT manipulated the mothers of those who recently joined the guerillas to protest the HDP/BDP.

Other Pertinent Pieces

Etienne Balibar ve aile içi siddet Zeynep Direk examines domestic violence under the light of Etienne Balibar’s discussion on violence.

Türkiye’nin orta sınıf takımadaları Emrah Göker defines Turkey’s middle class(es) as an “archipelago.”

HDK/HDP’yi yeniden kurmak Tuncay Yılmaz argues that despite its weaknesses, HDP is the only party that offers an alternative to bourgeois politics in Turkey.

Davutoğlu: Taziye mesajı, bütüncül stratejinin yansıması “Erdoğan’s condolence to Armenians regarding 1915 events is a reflection of a holistic strategy,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

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