There may be a new amendment to the development code related to vet services and kennels.

The Jackson County Planning Commission approved a recommendation Thursday night to amend the county’s development code relating to the new construction of kennels, grooming facilities and veterinary services.

Specifically, the amendment identifies the amount of separation that must exist between “agricultural” and “residential” buildings for any new or existing construction. Under the proposed amendment, active poultry houses, feed lots, hog parlors, milking parlors, manures and other waste storage containers, lagoons, pits and agricultural waste impoundment sites must be no closer than 200 feet from any existing neighboring residence. The following structures or operations must be no closer than 150 feet from an existing neighboring residence: an accessory agricultural building for storage or operations, maintenance or processing of non-animal products no involving the housing of animals, kennels, bet boarding facilities that house domestic animals for more than 12 hours and horse stables that contain more than four stalls.

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners will consider the recommendation when it meets at 6 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 4, at the courthouse.

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