The insane regulations never end. Here’s the latest one — sent to me by a concerned parent — that’s spreading quickly across the country:

You now need to be certified to be a hockey parent.

In their 2013 AGM, the Ontario Minor Hockey Association voted to make it mandatory that parents pay to take an online course called Respect in Sport.

This is from an e-mail the Minor Oaks Hockey Association in Oakville sent out to parents: “Any child who does not have a parent RIS certification on their profile will not be able to be added to any OMHA team roster (House League or Rep) until the certification is on their profile.”

And also that: “MOHA emphasizes that this is an OMHA Mandate and as a member of the OMHA we must comply with this initiative and enforce compliance amongst our membership.”

Reflect on the word choice. “Certification”? They’re not ER doctors, they’re hockey parents. “Enforce compliance”? They’re not handling toxic substances. They’re playing kids hockey.

But it gets worse. Their justification?


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