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ersonalization Mall is not a newcomer to this business. In fact according to Personalization Mall reviews reveal that it was in 1998 when this business was founded in 1998 based in Blue Ridge, Illinois. This business existed since then with one goal in mind and that is to provide personalized gift buying the easy way. Entering the Personalization Mall website takes you to a preview of the assorted kinds of gifts that you can personalized to give as gifts. Gift giving does not go easier than this. For starters, Personalization Mall coupon code is offered to you so that you can avail of these discounts that this company offers. If you have the designing itch according to Personalization Mall review, you are given the choice to design you own gift.

Nothing says it better than going personalized

There are a host of different gifts that you can give and create thanks to Personalization Mall. This company allows you to find the very exact thing that you have in mind the easy way. All that you need to do is to browse its Recipient category. These are further categorize into different stuff that you can give your recipient. Are you thinking of giving a gift to a new mom for her new baby, this mall has you covered? Are you a boss thinking of corporate giveaways? How about small gifts that you can give others as thank you for their gifts? Do you have an upcoming wedding and finding it hard to think of what to give to your entourage? The recipient will definitely beam from ear to ear when they see how thoughtful you are by giving these personalized gifts thanks to your Personalization Mall coupon code.

Are you finding it hard to think of a gift to give your boss who is a sports enthusiast? How about giving a gift to your doctor or lawyer? What about a gift for your kids’ or spouse birthday? Is your friend a pet lover? How about a special gift for your friends’ pet as well while you are at it? Are you finding it hard to think of a gift that your grandparents will love? How about giving a gift to your most treasured special someone? Both for “Him” and for “Her” gifts are covered in this online shopping mall. Think of anything and get discounts when you use your Personalization Mall coupon code.



Personalization Mall Reviews

Nothing says it better than going personalized. Giving a picture for a gift might make the recipient happy but according to Personalization Mall reviews what will make them speechless with delight is when they see that you took their picture and presented them with a gift that was personally made for them. Do you want to make your mugs, t-shirts and puzzles more interesting? Use your Personalization Mall coupon code to give them personalized gifts. Photos help you remember the most special times of your lives and how about when you take gift giving to the next level by giving these photos and placing it personally on the gifts that you choose to give away? Contemplating on giving licensed merchandise with popular brand of gifts? How about sending somebody that you are fond of a Pixar Minion personalized gift? Fond of Disney characters like those in Frozen? See the inner child in you jump with glee. You might even use your Personalization Mall coupon code to buy a gift for yourself. This would be a good idea especially if you will use the item in your office where some might mistook items as theirs. By personalizing the item that you own like a mug for instance there is no need to identify the owner because your name or photo is on it.

Do you want to find the perfect gift for the right occasion that you are attending? Personalization Mall reviews offers you gifts that you can give for these occasions: birthdays, anniversary, graduation, wedding, housewarming, new baby, parties and even sympathy gifts. These are helpfully categorize further into Best Sellers to take the guesswork out. All that you have to do is to browse, choose, personalize and avail of their Personalization Mall free shipping. Are you a baseball league fan? Or a basketball fanatic? Use your Personalization coupon code to purchase your Major League baseball gift. If you are somebody who likes cutesy items you will get a kick out of Precious Moments gifts. Interested in giving away Marvel brand gifts? Think of any favorite brand of character items and this mall has it for you. The price alone can make you smile since you can give more and save more especially if you use your Personalization coupon code to place an order.

What is Personalization Mall?

Instead of going to a real mall to shop Personalization Mall offers you a more convenient way to shop for gifts. In this online mall you can choose the gift that you have in mind for that special person that you have in mind, personalized it and avail of Personalization Mall free shipping. Think of any celebration that you have in mind because this mall has it all. By the way when you sign up you get $5 discount, updates and special deal offers such as their 6 hours sale for instance that will allow to get as much as 25 percent discounts on everything. This is of course subject to some limitations such as those purchases that you make from 9am until 3pm on a particular day. You can also use your Personalization Mall coupon code to get discounts on your purchases.

Personalization Mall reviews shares the official Facebook page for this online shopping mecca of personalized items. If you visit their site you can see that a lot of people appreciate how this online shop has gone the extra mile in doing its best to provide a great service. The number of Facebook likes run close to almost 200,000 to date. This number is growing on a daily basis as more and more people discover how it is easy to shop online with less hassle. In fact when you think about it Personalization Mall allows you to save on time and effort. There are even cases when you get to save on cash as well. Personalization Mall review indicates that this company is an expert when it comes to personalized services. Most of the deals that they offer will tickle you pink or give you an idea which person you wish to give this gift to.

This company also continues to introduce products that you would love to own or give to those you love as a reminder that you love them or are thinking about them. Personalization Mall review is combining retailing with personalized service. The high revenue sales for this direct selling company that consists of personalized gift continues to generate interest for people like you be at whatever age you may be. There is always that item that you love or who will definitely please somebody special to you.

Personalization Mall Coupon

This online mall is offering its Personalization Mall coupon code where you get as much as from 25 to 40 percent discounts on your online purchases. Personalization Mall reviews share how those who purchase love these special deals since like them you got to save on money and maybe even purchase more items that you can give to everybody on your list. This is especially a nice idea during special events. Think Christmas, by subscribing as member you will be able to shop at your convenience. There is no jostling at the mall. You don’t have to stand in line while you wait to pay.

All that you need to do is to use the coupon and shop for different items. You are given good suggestions which are based on the statistics and purchases made by other shoppers like you. This way you don’t have to get worried whether your gift will be appreciated or not. These coupons carries an expiration date so better check these out first before you make your next purchase. Personalization Mall coupon code comes with restrictions so take time to read all of the information contained on it.

There are a lot of websites that offer these coupon codes. To get these offers you just need to enter your email address and these offers shall be send to your email. To start availing of these offers all that you need to do according to Personalization Mall reviews is to click the link going to the official website for this online mall and instantly avail of fresh new offers. You can check out the various Deals of the Day. These are special deals that are offered for a specific number of a particular item. Once you see the photos on the official website it would be easier for you to get a graphic idea about how this deal works.

Personalization Services

Join Personalization Mall mailing list and you will not miss on great deals. Some of the products are even handcrafted and made of recyclable materials. This means you get to help save the environment while you get what you like to own. Personalization Mall reviews talks about requesting for items using a different language than English and the use of different characters however, according to the FAQs on their official site they do not offer the use of special characters or symbols which cannot be found on the English keyboard. Keep in mind that this company uses a Standard English computer keyboard. To be fair, there are not a lot of orders that request for something different than those found on these keyboards and there might be a need for special programs just to print these special characters. Since this is still a business, it is still up to this business to observe whether the request made by customers is something that a lot of their customers are looking for if not, they won’t act on it. After all, the principles of business is that it runs for profit. This is not charity work at all.

Personalization Mall reviews talk about how while you shop this company allows you to donate to your favorite charity. If you are a new customer this company will donate 10 percent to your chosen charity while you get to donate care of their Goodsearch Charity arm from 2.5 to 9 percent if you repurchase. This only proves that it’s not all business for this online mall. They are concern about contributing to the communities that need these donations. You might need to check on the list of organizations that you are allowed to choose for these donations. You are required to create a Goodsearch account because enrolling in this charity work is not automatic.

My Personalization Mall

Personalization Mall review notes how safe and secure their official website is. This company will not sell your information to third parties. There is a policy that this company adheres to and that is that they refuse to print or reproduce materials that are categorize as prohibited content for obvious reasons. This company offers wholesome service and will not stoop to profiting more by selling items that are violates their principles of wholesome trading. If you are thinking of ordering for these you might just need to look elsewhere. You can check out these restrictions on their website under FAQs.

According to some Personalization review does not offer items that are not personalize. Since they are offering personalize service this would regrettably go against their terms and conditions. You cannot go beyond the limit number of characters per item though since this is not allowed by this company. The artists have already determined how many number of characters will look better on the items that you choose. The important thing that you need to remember is that your product will look unforgettable. By the way spaces and punctuation are counted as one character. Keep this in mind before you place for an order.

You are given convenient payment options because Personalization Mall offers almost all major credit cards which includes VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. As another alternative they do offer PayPal as well. However, they do not offer cash, checks or COD. These are some of the terms that you need to know when you are exploring the use of your account in their dashboard. Personalization Mall review mentions that you will receive an email to confirm your orders.

Personalization Mall Coupon Code Free Shipping

Personalization Mall review mentions how you can use the coupon code to avail of free shipping charges. These are instant offers that this company spreads all throughout the internet for a limited time only. However, these are offered again and again to encourage you to shop through this online store. They only offer this for certain amount of orders though like for instant from amounts worth $35 or more. All that you need is to click Get Coupon Code and you can instantly avail of this offer.  This company is that confident about the service that it offers that it is even challenging you to check out their competitors in this line of business.

Personalization Mall Review

Personalization Mall gives you the privilege to read articles that talks more about this online shopping mall. Giving gifts is not just for special occasions alone. What if you are finding it hard to look for a special gift to give somebody who is close to you? This mall will give you helpful suggestions causing less stress on your part and better enjoyment as you choose, personalize pay and have the product delivered to you or the recipient of your gift. It is also convenient to do cashless shopping since you have the option to

Personalization Mall review reveals that they suggest best sellers when it comes to each category of potential gift that you can give. For example you can choose from their range of bestselling photo customized gift. Use your Personalization Mall coupon code to create a personalized keepsake and novelty item for your family, friends and even colleagues. You can also pick gifts based on the price range that you have in mind. This can be from under $20 to as much as $50 on photo gifts category alone.

There are some complaints posted under Better Business Bureau against Personalization Mall however, these were all address and the complaints were dropped. These complaints closed with BBB is mostly regarding problems with either the product or service received. Some were are about guarantee and warranty issues. Thankfully there was some effort on the part of this company to address these issues. Listening to customers will help save a business and will make it last longer in this industry.


You cannot blame social media and even the news from spreading good news about the convenience of shopping via Personalization Mall. This online store has impress a lot of talk shows and businesses like Good Morning America, NBC, ABC 7, USA Today, Chicago Sun Times and even Fox Business to name a few. According to Personalization Mall reviews even celebrities are going gaga over the one of a kind gifts that you are allowed to give. As the saying goes, with the memorable gift that you have given it’s a gift that keeps on giving. You will also receive the deepest appreciation from the recipient of any of these gifts that you have given and will give.

If you would be honest enough to admit it, you will agree with these Personalization Mall reviews that you are happy to receive a personalize gift. If you like receiving one, what more will the recipient of your gifts will feel? This is the same feeling that they will have when they receive the next gift that you plan to give. Personalization Mall review mentions how this company can trace its humble beginnings on the effort of its founder Dan Randolph. He started this company by selling two catalog businesses that focuses on computer supplies and a personalization service.

In the beginning according to Personalization Mall review these businesses were not done online. However, in one moment of crisis an opportunity was born. When Mr. Randolph was prohibited from using the catalogs to sell what he has to offer due to some contract clause he turned online. Back then, doing business online was in its baby steps. There was so much to learn and it took some hits and misses before he was able to establish an online shop that will sell the results of his genius. This smart move on the part of Mr. Randolph gave him the capability of collecting customer’s personalization information electronically.

He was able to automate the process of ordering for personalized items by using names and greetings that was fed to the machines. To date, this company has grown and combines high technology retailing with marketing traditionally manufactured products that consumers love. He was able to get the statistics to know which of the products that he sells consumers’ top favorites are. In other words he tried to find ways to please customers like you so that you will be encourage to place new orders again and again whenever the itch to shop hits you.

He observe the market trends and was able to come up to the conclusion that the items that his wife sells during parties and christening was something that the general public would love to own. Back then it took several miles of driving to be able to come home with engravings for giveaways. It was also during this period of time when this company has made the decision to use personal computers to print personalized words by feeding this from the computer to these specialized machines. These were no ordinary machines since there is a need to use panograph stencil into this engraving machine. Thus, was born this business. This was a perfect match since Dan specializes in selling personal computers and knows a lot about how these works.

This was actually something new and innovative when he was able to introduce this new piece of equipment to do a good job of mass producing a large amount of items. It was also during this period when Dan was getting more and more customers who are interested in what he has to offer. Instead of longer hours of coding millions of characters these machines gets the job done in half the time. Since the orders were process faster the gifts were shipped quicker.

The start of something big was in the works and it still remains even up to this day. By the way speaking of shipping. There are days when shipping charges are dropped. This is a special day where you will have your items for free. If you are an addict for discounts better look for special days like this. Indeed, these are glory days for this company. Ever since they started in the late 1990s they were able to innovate the world of gift giving as you know it today. It is no wonder that this company was able to come with better gifts and options for such gifts than what other shops sold. This offer includes both those sold online and off of it.

You will even appreciate the personal creations that this company can come up with. This company can transform a mundane object into something short of phenomenal. Imagine seeing people visit your home and be impress with specialized floor mats that no one can see sold on retail stores? This is just the beginning of introducing products that everyone will love including you. This might look like a simple product but, you can’t deny that this company was able to transform an ordinary looking products into something that can impress everybody.

To place an order all that you need to do is to sign up and fill up the form on their official website. You can even get a clearer idea of what your order would look like later on because of the App that they introduce on their phone. This is what they refer to as revolutionary preview. You get to see the details and visualize how your final order will look like. This is a great ideas when referring to ideas. A majority of these designs are created by their in house artist. This means you can expect to see a thing or two that might please you. In fact, you might enjoy using this App that you can forget that you have not yet place a final order. Follow the coupon code offers and start to write down the choices that belong to your top five picks before you make the decision to finally place an order. You will know the prices that you get to pay for the orders before you place these in your product cart.


According to some of the Personalization Mall reviews are about delayed deliveries made not on the date promise. Some of these people are unhappy for the late arrival of their order since it was needed for specific events. The other complaints made by other people are about the poor quality ink use to name some of the items with. The price for priority shipping is a bit stiff in comparison to postal mail priority mail. According to some of the disgruntled Personalization Mall review talks about the product misinterpretation when some products sold were described attractively complete with photos but, when it arrives it is quite different from how it looks as compared to it.

Most of the complaints were regarding poor customer service. Some mistakes were made regarding name printing but, instead of addressing this issue apparently, the request for correction were not act upon. There was no resolution given. Some notice that some of the items sold are cheaply manufactured Chinese made goods that are sold at a premium of the price because of the nice packaging. To be fair, the reviews given are mixed. Some of the customers were quite satisfied about the orders that they receive that it’s exactly what they need. These are contrary to the other reviews given by other customers.


If you want to personalize the gift that you are giving and give a gift that is unique all that you have to do is to use your Personalization Mall coupon code. This will give you the privilege to shop while you save on cash. There is no sweeter deal than what Personalization Mall offers you. It is clear that this company treasures its customers like you. They have put together a team of talented artists that creates these stuff that you can give as gifts whatever occasion you have in mind.  You got the better end of the deal since you will be giving away high quality merchandize that is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. On top of this there are no extra charges for personalizing these gifts for you. By the way shipping only takes from 1 to 2 days at the most. However, there are some issues made about this. It seems that some orders were received on time while in other cases they arrive late. This is a good way for Personalization Mall to address this issue.

There is nothing more special than personalizing your gifts. Anyone who receives this gift will surely appreciate that you go the extra mile just to give them a gift. Since the receiver will treasure this gift he will definitely show it around to anybody who cares to listen. As the giver this makes everything worthwhile and this is what your My Personalization Mall account can deliver. You would definitely love the Personalization Mall free shipping that goes with it. To celebrate life’s greatest occasions personalized your gifts and watch as the receiver’s eyes lit up with gratitude and delight seeing their names on the gift that you are giving. They will remember this moment for the rest of their life thanks to you and thanks to your My Personalization Mall.

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