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Link-assistant.com is a company that provides the SEO operators and business owners with finest tools in one package to help them manage the SEO techniques and plan the best strategies to achieve successful campaign and get in top of search result pages. This developer understands the needs of the SEO experts and the importance of the accuracy that the tools must have to handle tasks of on page and off page Optimization. It proposes its ultimate solution: LinkAssistant software.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization describes some techniques used to make the website well ranked by the search engine

This tool has the particularity of monitoring and searching the links network needed to your website to grow and keep better ranking. Link Assistant review is a simple follow up of the functionalists of the tool as described by the developer. We aim to save the readers time and effort for investigating each Link Assistant Review by summarizing the most relevant ones and offer them to you in one place.

SEO and Software

Owning a website has become a must for all business owners. The extent they can reach is multiplied dramatically and they can promote their products using many available techniques. The website should tell visitors about the company, the products or services, the way to afford them. If the goal is to promote the business you run, you need first to get people visit the website you are holding: you need to drive traffic to your website and make it easy to find and to visit. Besides the marketing tools that you can use for creating traffic, as email campaign, newsletters, links exchange, ad-words and so forth, which are actually exterior to the website and the website pages, there are many techniques consisting in operating some processes on your website gathered under the terms of SEO.  SEO or Search Engine Optimization describes some techniques used to make the website well ranked by the search engine. Actually, search engines have some criteria related to the website quality upon which they assign a rank to the website. This would influence the display rate of the website on Search Result Pages. There are two main strategies for optimization: the On Page Optimization which is conditioned by factors you can directly control and they are related to your website contents such as the Page codes. The second strategy has nothing to do with the content of your website and it is related to factors that are exterior to your website, such as link-building. Both of them are hard to handle manually, if you aim to perform this strategy or the other. It is better to resort to some tools which help you overcome the continuous updates in the Search Engines criteria of ranking and the growing competition within any business you intend to run.

How Search Engine Treats links?

Links that drive traffic to a particular page are considered as vote. Search engine consider that the page that receive more votes is more important and get higher rank. The matter is that all votes are equal in first place and there is no distinction between links up on the origin or the relevance of the generating page. Some search engines use others criteria to refine the classification; the links positions, the human activity on the links may have big influence on the links relevance. The use of anchor text, trust and hubs can introduce a new level of weighting the impact of the votes that the page is receiving on its ranking by the search engine. The target page is also concerned by the links relevance or votes. The link is considered high relevance when it links to some content in the upper part of the page. As the code position of the anchor target goes down, the assigned rate will definitely decrease.



What is Link Assistant?

Link Assistant review shows that the software is an element of the PowerSuite Toolkit published by link-assistant.com. The Software is a powerful tool that helps you operate tasks of the off page optimization strategy. Essentially, it helps you with the links building and management tasks. Links building is a process that consists in creating links from other websites to your own. It is very important to have a large network of links leading to your website because it is a popularity factor that Search Engines take in consideration to assign a rank to your website.

LinkAssistant review reveals that the software is able to handle the basic factor of a successful links building campaign. The links building campaign is based on the number of links and the quality of each link. It is important to remind that the links building is very important when it is about ranking the website on top of search result pages. The tasks are very hard to achieve by human effort only: You need to find relevant links to your website and then find the coordinates of their owner, get in touch with them then negotiate the fact. The time that you may spend doing that can profit to your competitors.

LinkAssistant reviews show that the software is build and designed in a way to be in complete harmony with search engines policies. It has the particularity of leaving no traces at all when it is crawling search engines directories. No traces left as well when it surfs other websites for links search. The links directory of your own or related to others websites owners are left intact and clean which ensures there are in perfect compatibility with their original parameters and nothing is introduced that can induce a loss of ranking points. LinkAssistant review shows that the software is build to not break the rules and policies of the three most popular search engines which are Google, Bing and Yahoo: the human emulated application has enhancement that ensures the non violation of the search engine policies. Besides, LinkAssistant has its database updated by the continuous track of all the search engines with well designed schedules which guarantee that the software is up to date and it is keeping up with the search engines algorithm.

LinkAssistant Interface:

Link Assistant review shows an easy to use interface that is made of numerous options and menus. The main menu bar shows the file menu, Edit link Partners menu, Tools menu, Window menu and the Help menu. At the left side you can find the Partners button, Email button, Browser button and Reports button. You can change the layout to display the data by any supported sorting factor you want to be for accessibility. You can choose to display the projects, which mean the current process of link building, or any other stored project.

You can set the project preferences which are the Search factor for the links (Your website keywords, custom keywords, URLs, pages URLs…), the proxy preferences, the search engine preferences and so many others setting to make, that you guess they are good for the best report elaboration. The n you hit the run button and wait for the results. Email management menu gives you access to the email addresses directory you collected using the software. These emails are organized according the relevance of the links they refer to. You can then write down the email messages and make them as personalized as possible. Assigning status to the emailed group avoid you to re-send over-email which may have negative impact on the disposition of the receiver (potential partner) to respond positively to your solicitation, because that would give the impression of non proficient aspect.

Link Assistant review shows a dedicated FTP manager interface that allows the upload of the links directory to your website. You just need to specify the directory to upload, choose the destination level and then hit upload. The FTP manager is a powerful upload manager that allows you to store pages and related content of the website to their locations on the server very fast. The operation is stealth and extremely safe when you use security based software like LinkAssistant,

What does LinkAssistant do?

Link Assistant review states that the software helps the SEO operators with the links building processes and managing the links network as well. LinkAssistant software is useful when you need to check for relevant links and get in touch with their owner to ask for partnership.

LinkAssistant reviews summarize the usability of the software as fellow:

Finding relevant links: The software is able to look for pages and website with contents relevant to the content you are publishing on your website. This operation is up on the keywords you are using or keywords you may indicate to the software.

By default the software will determine the keywords you specify on your website to look for third parties’ websites. Finding potential partner’s websites can be achieved by other methods than the keywords search. You can specify Competitors’ directories and websites URLs and the software will search for potential partners that links to those websites. You can also set the search method to be by forms with links, by pages that already links to you, by specific website or web page and then the software will retrieve all links without discrimination. The range of links type that the Link Assistant software is able to locate and retrieve is important.

Link Evaluation: The software can check the links it collects for quality and validity. The link relevance is determined up on the potential partner popularity, the rank in result pages. The link Assistant software is able designed to provide you with the result according to the list of factors to consider while determining the link quality.

Email Management: Link Assistant Software is able to manage the emails that you would send to your potential partners. It is a complete featured email manager where you can write your solicitation email and send it to as many potential partners as you want. Also it handles loading the email you receive and you can view them directly without needs to switch to your usual email application. The security matter is already treated and you can operate in total and extreme secure environment when you use the email manager module of the software. The good point is that Link Assistant software operate completely stealth and it leaves no traces or prints that would indicate the use of a “robot-like” software, thing which is not allowed all the time.

Manage links database: Link Assistant software is designed to collect the links that are relevant to your website and your activity, then put them together in classified and well organized database that you may visit and review at any time. This database can be organized I a way to fit the layout of your website. You can also upload the link database or directory to your website using the ftp manager included in the software. You can update the link directory with a click from the software interface.

Monitor linking back activity: LinkAssistant software can be used to check the link exchange activity of your partners. After having build the link directory and established the desired partnership, you need to check if the contract is still effective and that the partner still have links that lead to your website. Without the software assistance, you will have to go on the partner website and check manually every link to see if your website is yet on the target list. This operation is easily handled by LinkAssistant, just specify that you need to check the link validity on the URL you would enter, and let him do the check and give you the result. The software has powerful plug ins that allows him to detect the website susceptible of being not useful to you because they are using techniques that may restrict their validity (JavaScript, redirects…) The software can always update the popularity of your partner as it can suggest you to remove those who are gone.

Working with proxy: To work stealthy and safe, the software can be set to work in a proxy environment. This feature enhances the clean work of the software. It gives it a Search Engine friendly characteristic with no “footprints” left behind.

Handle many search engines: LinkAssistant supports over 300 search engines.

Reporting: LinkAssistant has the ability to create report on the link building process. The report includes information about the link validity, in other words the report will tell you about the popularity of the websites, their coordinates, and their status. It can also calculate an estimation of the eventual success of your link building campaign and the popularity you are supposed to gain and the impact that would have on your ranking.

How to use link Assistant?

LinkAssistant review indicates that using the software is so easy. There are some configurations that you need to operate then you launch the software. After completing the diagnosis, the software shall display some data according to the parameters you set in the beginning. To answer to the «How to use link Assistant», a summary of the main and basic steps to make is given below:

-Launch the software and go to create new project or choose to run an existing project. For the creation of new project you will have to type in the URL of the desired website, usually it is your website, or it can be the URL of the client’s website if you are a SEO services’ provider.

After specifying the URL click on «next»

-Specify Anchor text which the visible and clickable part of the Hyperlink. You will have to establish contact information for your website; this information will be transferred to the potential partners automatically within the eventual emails you will be sending afterward.

-Specify the search factors you want to analyze.

-Specify how to display the result.


You can customize the project you are running on LinkAssistant software because it offers a great number of options and that gives a pretty good combination of factors and a very good level of analysis performed by the several modules that the software runs to achieve the investigation. Link Assistant reviews declare that the results are very impressive and you are able to ignore or give interest to whatever website you judge relevant to your own.

LinkAssistant Features:

Link Assistant software is supplied in three Editions: Free Edition, Pro Edition, and Enterprise Edition. The two last are paid Editions of the software and the first is free licensed. The difference between them is mainly in limited availability of some features.  Link Assistant reviews allow describing the Editions of the software as follow:

-Free Edition:   LinkAssistant reviews show that the free edition gives you access to limited features of the software. You can only manage and check the link quality for only 50 partners by project which means you have to be careful with the partner management. With this Edition, you can’t save copies of projects to your hard disk, you can’t generate HTML reports. The reports issued from investigation can’t be published on the web nor saved to hard disk. The limitation reaches the export templates which are not available and you can’t print report or save printable copies. Reports can’t be saved in spreadsheet format for further analysis and the investigation can’t be scheduled. Besides theses limitations,  this Edition shares some basic features with the two other editions: You can use the multilingual platform of the software, you have access to automatic updates, secure and search engine friendly behavior of the modules, You can customize the workspace, you can customize the report templates. Though limited, this Edition allows you to create Email templates, customize your link directories.  You can check your website’s ranking factors, this process is done automatically and you can check the Google page-rank of your website and domain.

-Pro Edition: LinkAssistant Review states that this Edition is destined to Advanced SEO operators. It excels the free Edition by the possibility of printing out reports, saving project to hard disk. It allows saving reports in spreadsheet format for analysis and the possibility of scheduling investigations. The number of partner that you can manage per project is unlimited and therefore unlimited estimation for the quality of potential link partners. This Edition still shares all the features of the Free Edition: you can promote one or more pages, you can operate by varying anchor texts and descriptions of back links. You can have available the ability to detect websites that offers link exchange forms which would ease the tasks of finding partners and contacting them.

-Enterprise Edition: This Edition shares the features of the Pro edition, but it is full featured Edition. With this edition, you can publish your reports and create HTML templates of them. You can use the email manager of the software to email reports to your clients, reports can be saved to hard disk and export templates are available. Nothing is limited for this Edition besides the shared features with the Free and Pro Edition. This Edition is licensed to expert use like SEO agency and SEO services providers who need to save reports in several file formats for future analysis and they need to email the reports to their clients in order to create the confidence bounds.

The three editions are available for download and purchase on the publisher website. Just you need to pick the edition that suits you and accomplish the procedure to have access to your copy. The free Edition is directly available for download, the two other, paid editions, re subject to payment process with some promotional features that you may check when opting for them. Link-assistant offers you the possibility to upgrade your license to Enterprise Edition if you already have the Pro Edition; you just need to pay additional fees and the whole price of the license. Run LinkAssistant, go to LinkAssistant Registration info (under Help menu), retrieve the registration code and type it or paste in a particular area on the editor page, then the system will verify the license and you may have access to downloading the upgraded version.

LinkAssistant download process is made so easy: The three Editions are available for download on the website’s publisher. The free edition is directly downloadable just by a click. You just need to subscribe to the emailing list and you are done. The Pro Edition and the Enterprise Edition are subject to payment process. You can be eligible to a discount if you are switching from an SEO solution that you do not like any more. Therefore, you have to specify the current SEO package you are using and then you will be eligible to a discount on the price offered by the publisher itself as promotional campaign. It is obvious that the discount is available for those who buy the PowerSuite toolkit and benefit the discount.

LinkAssistant reviews show that there are many discount websites offering coupons for profiting discounts on the prices of the software. LinkAssistant download is therefore preceded by a verification of the ownership of any SEO package, or the ownership of a coupon eligible for link assistant discounts. The ownership of the Pro Edition of the link Assistant software gives you eligibility to upgrades to the Enterprise Edition and keeping the same license code. The coupon gives the opportunity for 63% off the price as link assistant discount.


Link Assistant reviews allow determining the advantages of the link assistant software,

- Full featured Email manager that allows you to send personalized Emails of partnership solicitation to as many potential partners there are in the list provided by the software investigation. You can Assign a status to every category of partners already organized by link assistant software and avoid mistaken the group to contact. Also, the Email manager of the software has the ability to retrieve the Email you receive from potential partners and retrieve the links they may be sending to investigate.

- Full customizable report’s layout and you can choose the layout you suit for the lecture of check result.

-Unlimited number of keywords that you can use for investigation. The software can handle looking for relevant websites, check their popularity and evaluate the links validity, then look for and retrieve their coordinate and manage them in link list that you can use for the emailing tasks. The keywords can be those you define for your website or custom keywords that you define when running the process. This can allow you to check a greater number of potential partners and avoid the competition around keywords.

-The software supports many languages and can make the report in any supported language you set in the beginning before you run the checking process.

-The software can be scheduled for periodic checking for link updates to avoid dead links and the decline of popularity. It can also check of the website you are linking still linking you back.

-The software can proceed by an estimation of the success rate that you may gain from the possible partnerships you may conclude up on every links’ popularity.


Link Assistant reviews show the following things to review by the publisher,

- The Free Edition has so limited features. Even it is good for beginner SEO operators, it still give a very little help to perform the off page optimization. The number of partner that you can investigate is limited to 50 which is really a very little portion of the whole possible number that the software can determine and investigate.

- Pro Edition does not allow some features which can oblige the user to resort to the Enterprise Edition even if he doesn’t want to. The Pro Edition do not allow you to save the report and the  project to your computer, which a very big limitation to pro work which can only run the every project and he have to repeat all the process for each website if he wants to make the check periodic task. Even the Pro user can print the report out and he can copy it in spreadsheet format for analysis, he can’t use custom templates.

-  The search algorithm used by the software is updated for free every 6 months which mean that you may be using an outdated algorithm and you may not be sure of the result accuracy.


Link Assistant is a powerful tool for off page optimization provided by link-assistant.com as part of a whole package called the PowerSuite Toolkit which includes other powerful tools for optimization processes. Link Assistant software alone is able to handle link building to boost the rank of the website by helping create links and back links to the website you need to optimize.  The features offered by the software are very impressive. Link Assistant review shows a very handy tool when it comes to finding potential partners for link exchange and link building for future use in boosting the popularity of your website. The powerful stealth and search engine friendly modules that the software uses to investigate leave no footprint that would offense the search engine. Link Assistant reviews cherish the email manager included in the software which can complete the tasks that you may planafter obtaining the link owners’ coordinates and that are sending them solicitation’s emails. Limitation that may show some Editions of the software are not that restrictive because you are always able to obtain the full featured Edition for full functionality. This last one is intended to serve for lucrative purposes and it is designed for advanced users and SEO agencies. When you need to purchase the Link Assistant software, consider acquiring the whole PowerSuite Toolkit for an impressive discount, especially if you are abandoning an SEO package that you judge not of good help for you and you just opt to the package published by link-assistant.com.

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