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  • Permissionless Innovation is the ability to create and deliver innovative services and products on the Internet without receiving prior permission… According to Tom Termini; permissionless innovation means the Internet serves as global platform...

  • chicksdaddy writes "The Security Ledger has picked up on an opinion piece by noted cyber terrorism and Stuxnet expert Ralph Langner (@langnergroup) who argues in a blog post that critical infrastructure owners should consider implementing what he calls...

  • Introduction I’m delighted to be here in Dubai. Silicon is the basis of the technology that brings us together - so what better venue than a city that has risen out of the desert sands. I’m also pleased that there are so many innovators...

  • by Rebecca Winthrop and Eileen McGivney Explore the full paper » Preparing children for the future How can we best prepare children for success in their lives and livelihoods? From hunter-gatherer societies to early civilizations, and into modernity...

  • Imagine a connected Malaysia. This is a country where road sensors communicate on a city-wide network, where industry uses advanced data analytics to drive efficiency, where remote monitoring and digital collaboration open-up opportunities for a nation...

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