57% of Iraqi population near poverty; 23% below the line

Explained indicators modern United Nations and the World Bank that eight million Iraqis fall level below the poverty line, wondering at the same time about the reason for the existence of these statistical country has allocated the second largest budget in the region?, Which the surprise decision of the Commission of Economy and Investment parliamentary, especially as in country has the largest oil reserves in the world, stressing the need not to keep these rates, which he described as “horrific” and high in the country.

And Rapporteur of the Commission of Economy and investment MP oath Kurdistan Mahma Khalil told the “long” that has statistics and indications that budget of the Iraqi state will exceed “200 to 220″ billion dollars at the end of 2015, stressing the need to be a substantial portion of this budget to the people through “social security,” he said, adding that the state is responsible for the citizen who does not have a work and does not have any source to live, while she is one of the functions of the state no longer “ment” from the government to the people.

Khalil said the onus was on the government for not enactment of this Act, attributing the reason for the interactions and intersections political as he put it, with no law of social security at a time when countries do not have the capabilities possessed by Iraq pursuant to this Act shall enjoy the sons of all their rights and collateral, as well as to contribute significantly to the elimination of unemployment once and for all. Khelil said “when compared to the experience of the Kurdistan region in the nineties of the last century and the suffering of the country at the current stage, especially in the era of the nineties, which indicated the United Nations and the World Bank that the region was suffering from the problem of poverty, by more than” 30% “of the population which are classified without the poverty line, indicating that this ratio receded now to reach “5%” only, which is achieved in record time due to the transparency and clarity in the law of investment, and activating the role of the private sector which absorbed the largest possible number of workers, technicians and experts, stressing the need to “The federal government benefit from the experience of the region.”

Iraq investment repelling

No longer Khalil country ahead in the field of investment and the reduction of unemployment and job creation, attributing the reason for this for two reasons first is that the country has become “طاردا investment” because of the political pressure and legislative rules, in addition to the routine and financial and administrative corruption, as well as the neglect of the private sector which could absorb large numbers of labor, technicians and experts, especially as the Constitution provides in Article 25 on the interest and development of the private sector. Considering that these things have contributed to limit the growth of investment in the country.

He Khalil that country today promotes the role of the economy and privatization, but we find ourselves have become socialists more than socialism itself, stressing the need to combat extreme poverty is rampant in the country and create jobs, especially that some stations and promising in the Iraqi economy, and the government and politicians to become active these stations in order to grow properly, including the investment sector, which did not stir the wheel investment in the country, in addition to the absence of investment culture, adding that all sectors need to invest, and the best proof of that article 26 of the Constitution, which stipulates stimulate investment in all sectors, But in return, we find that the investment law, not the level of ambition and the need to substantial amendments, returned the money entering the country due to greater investment in three or four times its budget, stressing at the same time, the need to improve infrastructure investment.

And Khalil that the housing sector of the most important sectors of inclusive labor, especially because we need to (3-5) million housing units across the country, noting that invest one dollar in the housing and construction sector greatly increases the chances of work.

Terrifying figures ..

On a related matter, counting rapporteur of the committee of economy and investment parliamentary Social Security Act important and vital, as this law exists in the corridors of the House of Representatives, and the Committee responsible for the follow-up, the Committee for Labor and Social Affairs, which should provide an agenda for the legislation is the law perhaps basis, while We find that the rest of the solutions are (prosthesis), and that social security is an Iraqi maturity.

For his part, member of the Committee on the economy and investment parliamentary Qusay Abadi in a statement singled out (range) that the Social Security Act will pass this year, and that the law includes the allocation of funds to those who had no business or any financial resource to live, noting that 57% of Iraq’s population classified to being part of the poverty line, of whom 23% are below the poverty line, which calls for the need to encourage investment and activating the role of the private sector and qualifying to take its role in reducing poverty levels in the country.

While the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh has stressed the need to limit such a large percentage that is equal to a quarter of Iraq almost from the estimated monthly income of less than two dollars per capita per day, and some of them live in extreme poverty income is less than a dollar a day , especially as this segment of concern in Iraq, which has the economic potential and significant financial income, as there are varied socially and a great class, there are very rich luxurious layer corresponding layer is very poor.


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