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This is not about inventions of the century, not only with breakthrough technologies and powerful new player in the kitchens. IKEA line up with the leading design companies and reveals interesting data.

It is not clear whether these current cooking shows of all screen in recent years, or the frenetic agenda and attempt to save every possible minute, but in recent years the kitchen has become the king of the house, leaving the way the living room is empty. Hence the Swedish furniture giant to fall in line with the kitchens of the world and launches today after a three-year development of the system - the kitchen includes more than 20 designs in different styles and materials.

new IKEA kitchen units, designs and reviews, dark surface wood cabinets

IKEA kitchens market became a hot trend over the past decade and offers many innovations as they did this year design exhibition in Milan influential, introducing open kitchens with varied materials and advanced storage solutions combining work surfaces dining. IKEA also be seen as part of the Universe trends exhibited in many cuisines and its new materials are used, integral handles, open cabinets and placed on storage solutions and pantry cabinets, there would be room for all the shopping that are so fond of doing. Along with modern kitchens, IKEA reserves the Scandinavian kitchen tradition too and she shows a selection of simple and modest kitchen more natural wood and examples from nature. Average price of a kitchen, or modern Scandinavian is about 15 thousand dollars.

new IKEA kitchen units, designs and reviews, black and yellow combination

IKEA kitchen 2015 reviews, light in pullout drawers and close automatic closure

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A survey conducted among 500 households in the country raised interesting facts about our attitude to the kitchen at home. One of the interesting questions tested what is the most important thing for the consumer when it comes to replacing the kitchen. The surprising answer was to design and appear only in second place comfort and functionality. Can I assume that the Ikea client, replacing a kitchen once in 10-15 years are now more interested in design? Maybe. Another survey revealed interesting details show that Ikea spends about two hours, On average size kitchen is 12 square meters, with 25% of them have a center island.

new IKEA kitchen units, designs, reviews, small kitchen red and white combination

new collection IKEA kitchen designs, reviews, small kitchen in grey

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Along with a new kitchen from IKEA also launched related products and kitchen furniture and cabinets only. There was a unique collaboration between her and the work surfaces adapted after purchase. There are also in lighting apparatus light up and turn off the opening of drawers alongside general kitchen lighting, functional work surface and ambient lighting that emphasizes architectural elements in the kitchen. To complete the holocaust "Customers today seek, emphasizes IKEA kitchen design trends colored star at the open shelves and cabinets. The innovations include large drawers also know household recycling bins, the world's hot trend and drawers open and close with a click.

new collection IKEA kitchen units, design, reviews, small kitchen in brown

IKEA kitchen design, units, reviews, Align with leading design firms

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IKEA did not invent the wheel, but it's hard to ignore the fact that the world today sold 20 million kitchens a year, when the Swedish company which sells 1.3 million kitchens. Modern and functional design of IKEA kitchens stayed in the Gaza and offers its customers kitchens correspond with international trends, but still holding on to the line H"aikai "advocates at an affordable price and relative standard mirror. You will not find design surprises here, but when most homes already have furniture from IKEA it is not impossible that the kitchen looks brand conquered the stylish home.

new IKEA kitchen 2015 design and reviews, dark surface wood cabinets

new IKEA kitchen 2015 drawer, design and reviews, Stimulating tools that make order

new IKEA kitchen island 2015 design, white kitchen center work island kitchen

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new IKEA kitchens 2015 design, reviews, grey kitchen with bar ideas

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