If you have a small outdoor space, it can still be a gathering place.Take balconies or pathways and turn them into “poetic spaces for lunch, drinks, or dinner.” Turn tiny front yard into a pocket paradise, a walled courtyard with graystone pavers, a fountain, Adirondack chairs, and a marble-and-iron table.

It seems open, airy and spacious thanks to a great space plan and a plethora of space saving solutions — some simply practical, others decorative.Outdoor living space thanks to colorful indoor-outdoor furnishings, including an L-shaped sectional sofa, a graphic area rug and a custom coffee table.

Focus off of the room’s lack of space by grounding the area with an oversized area rug featuring a bold, graphic print. Instead of adding a bulky, horizontal bookcase to the spatially-challenged room, the couple opted for tall, metal book towers they placed by in the window. The vertical arrangement instantly turned their cherished photography books and novels into a sculptural focal point while still keeping the collection neatly organized.

For a perfectly imperfect, casual look, they mixed two tall towers with three shorter ones, and then arranged books by color to break up the overall white color scheme of the room.

A few easy and affordable accessories are all you need to turn a basic porch into a comfy sitting area.

Comfortable furniture covered in weather-resistant fabric makes this wide front porch feel like an extension of the living room. Mirrors on the wall reflect the trees in the yard, while pale blue paint on the ceiling mimics fair-weather sky.



Paint adds color and protects your floor from the elements. For bare wood, use a primer. If it’s been painted, lightly sand the surface to improve adhesion, making sure to scrape and spot-prime peeling areas. Apply one to two coats of paint made for high-traffic areas, or choose a deck stain to let the wood’s beauty show through.

A vintage bamboo sofa and chair set, discovered at a flea market, was revived with new cushions covered in Sunbrella fabric. In rooms where space is at a premium, it’s wise to choose lightweight accent furniture pieces that are both comfortable and easy to move around.

When choosing TV stands or media consoles for family rooms or living rooms, it’s best to avoid open-storage styles that can easily create a feeling of clutter. Concealed storage keeps remotes and DVDs tidy, plus offers back panels that hide cords.

The piece works perfectly as a desk, gives the illusion of more space and also allows the area beneath the desk to remain unobstructed for chairs or stools.

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