Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae marriage rumors have been swirling lately but now there’s news that those very same rumors could just be part of a promotional effort for Legend Of The Blue Sea, Min Ho’s upcoming k-drama.

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According to iTech Post, Korean drama fans became suspicious when Suzy Bae and Lee refrained from commenting on the wedding rumors.

Also, Legend Of The Blue Sea is a big deal for Lee Min Ho’s career. It marks his return to K-dramas. The last series he starred in was The Heirs (a.k.a The Inheritors) in 2013. So it would make sense for a publicity team to plant rumors about Min Ho’s relationship with Suzy Bae in order to drum up interest in the show. His reputation as one of Hallyu’s most sought after leading men depends on it.


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Given the need for publicity for Legend, it comes as no surprise that speculation about an affair between Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, his co-star, has started appearing in the press.

An article in Headline & Global News alleges that Min Ho and Ji Hyun had an affair which caused Suzy Bae to cancel the nuptials. It also claims that Lee and Jun are spending more and more time together and that Suzy got jealous because Jun and Lee went on a trip to Barcelona to shoot scenes for the upcoming drama.

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The rumors of a Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun relationship may take hold as the two actors seem to have great onscreen chemistry.

As Soompi notes, the Legend Of The Blue Sea co-stars looked super compatible in the latest teaser for the K-drama.

In the clip, the two actors share some very romantic back and forth banter with lines like, “How dare you look at me with those round eyes! I’m not the type to go easy on you just cause you’re a girl.”

WATCH: Lee Min Ho And Jun Ji Hyun Are Hilariously Adorable In New “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” Teaserhttps://t.co/DJt3gvI2tP pic.twitter.com/tFqrwTD4ey

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The premise of Legend Of The Blue Sea is an interesting one.

The drama is based on a South Korean folktale about a fisherman who catches a mermaid and falls head over heels in love with her. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Lee Min Ho will play a double role and there will most likely be some time travel elements in some of the episodes. In one of his roles, Min Ho will play a magistrate and nobleman’s son named Kim Dam Lim from the Joseon Dynasty. In his second role he will act as Heo Joon Jae, a nefarious con artist living in modern-day Seoul.

The Legend of the Blue Sea will air its first episode on November 16, 10 p.m. Korean Standard Time on SBS but you’ll be able to watch it online on Viki.

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