I particularly like
Diwali among all the festivals. Diwali is a festival of lights and decoration. I feel this festival is special
because it has a long five days celebration starting from dhanteras and ending
on bhai-duj.

Every festival has its own significance. And the lights
and decorations associated with Diwali signify cleaning ourselves & illumining
our lives with good thoughts and deeds.

This Diwali, I found many people around me who went eco-friendly.
Lots of Facebook statuses were updated advising each other to go eco-friendly. Well, I and my brother celebrate eco-friendly Diwali for last so
many years since we were very little kids. Reason being, somebody told my brother
that it’s not good to waste money in polluting environment by burning
fire-crackers. At that time, we had a little understanding of all this but then
we somehow mutually agreed on not to burning fire crackers.

I celebrate Diwali by making Rangoli, decorate my house, doing
shopping and eating lots of sweets.

My brother organically decorates our mandir at home with leaves,
flowers and pot pourris.

Here are the few glimpses of decorations we did:

Rangoli made of genda, rose petals,
mogra, karipatta leaves, other flowers

foot-steps of Goddess Laxmi

Bandanwar decoration on mandir

pooja with Pan Leaf and a silver coin of Laxmi Ganesh

bhai putting diyas illuminating each and every
corner of the house

lighting on the tree

diyas ready to illumine house

Our Mandir :)

Govardhan Pooja Preparation


How did you celebrate Diwali? Share your stories in comments section... :)

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