Team building exercises can be costly and time consuming to organize internally. To avoid the stress and lost work time of planning the event yourself, why not outsource to the event planning professionals? MotivAction are New Zealand’s premier event management, team building, and conference planning experts.

The premise of a team building event can be easily lost amongst the socializing. To ensure your event is uniting, motivating, and inspiring, as well as fun, why not call on the experts in event management? MotivAction has years of experience organizing productive team building events. Using your team building aims and objectives MotivAction can organize an event which will facilitate positive interactions and group bonding.

Coming up with a creative event idea that everyone will love is not easy. This is why MotivAction have listed just some of their many unique team building event ideas for you to choose from and adapt. Event ideas include; the amazing race, corporate games, ultimate team survivor, the video challenge, bangers and mash, and much more. MotivAction can provide a team building theme to suit any organization.
To ensure your event is a success, hire the experts. The team at MotivAction has years of experience in organizational event management and conference management. MotivAction can have your professional business event organized quickly, simply, and within budget.

Full service conference management allows you and your employees to concentrate on the conference content and relationship building. MotivAction’s conference management services are also all inclusive and cover travel arrangements, event booking, publication creation, itinerary building, financial management, providing personnel, and much more depending on your needs.

Event management including functions and parties can be quickly organized and run by the team at MotivAction. It is easy to ensure your organization has a smooth and successful event. MotivAction can cover everything from invitations and catering to entertainment and venue booking so you can sit back and enjoy the event.

Christmas is just around the corner, so why not make this year’s Christmas party an event to remember? The break room is no place to celebrate. To arrange a more suitable venue for both your employees and your budget, give MotivAction a call. The team at MotivAction has established connections with many venue holders, meaning they can often hold your event in any location you choose.

MotivAction have managed hundreds of conferences and team building events for both small and large organizations. Their extensive range of clients includes such well known businesses as Deloitte, Telecom, McConnell Property, Unilever, and many more.

To find out more about how MotivAction can help with your organization’s team event you can visit their website www.motivaction.co.nz or contact them directly on 09 478 8504.


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