(April 7, 2016) – Indiana State Police have announced the dates for their summer youth camps.

The camps are designed to help students get an up close and personal view of law enforcement and the criminal justice system, but more importantly, gain respect for themselves and others.

Officials say camp graduates have gone on to careers in law enforcement and other related fields.

The camps include demonstrations by Indiana State Police SWAT, Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Scuba and other specialty teams.

The law camps will have two locations:

Vincennes University: June 15 -18 with Sgt. Eric Dunn, Director.

Anderson University: July 6-9 with Sgt. Tony Slocum, Director.

The Career Camps cover grades 9 -12 with three locations:

Vincennes University: July 10-15 with Master Trooper Troy Boyd, Director

Trine University: July 10 -15 with Master Trooper Marc Leatherman, Director

Joseph College (Rensselaer): July 17-22 with Trooper Danielle Elwood, Director

The ITYS will host three Pioneer Camps:

Potato Creek State Park St with Joseph County, Director Trooper Ben Ennis

Mounds State Park Anderson with Director Trooper Jeremy Mason

Lincoln State Park Spencer County with Co-Directors Sgt. Rob Gardner and Master Trooper Tom Campbell

If you know a child that may be interested in attending a camp, or if you would like more information, please visit the Indiana Troopers Youth Services’ website.

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