WF[102] Records is owned and run by Ale-Jhay, he himself is an aspiring artist from Los Angeles. WF[102] records is his own indie label and blog site. ‘I do lifestyle conscious hiphop, and the subject matter is mostly about my trials and events in life.’

Born in Los Angeles, California and currently located in San Francisco; I’ve been apart of some amazing projects and have had the pleasure of meeting great people. I left home in 2009 and have lived all over So Cal and Nor Cal respectively.

An aspiring artist first and foremost I created my own independent music label WF[102] Records in 2008 with the goal of remaining self-sufficient and still being able to perform and grow presence without dealing with the many issues that plague the music world today. Between managing other artists and securing shows the work is heavy but rewarding. I also dabble in web site designing, graphic design and album art design. On top of this there’s also the indie music blog that garners a small online following from readers all over the world, my inentions with WF[102] Drops was to give upcoming and breakthrough artists a platform to showcase their music and visuals in a positive way.

Soundcloud | Facebook | @wf102

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