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They tried every trick, they unleashed all weapons overt and covert, but could not stop Narendra Modi from becoming Prime Minister.

Modi did not just become Prime Minister. His persona gave the BJP a commanding majority in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, which for the first time since Rajiv Gandhi rode on the crest of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, ended the era of coalition politics and the menace of coalition blackmail.

Most importantly, Modi dealt Sonia Gandhi and the Generic Church which manoeuvred her into the house of India’s Prime Minister, a near mortal blow. Indira Gandhi first became Prime Minister in 1966;Sonia Gandhi married Rajiv Gandhi in 1968 and entered the Prime Minister’s household.

The ascent of Narendra Modi and his larger-than-life magnetic appeal sat the Generic Church in the corner with a dunce cap on its head.

But first, a clear definition of ‘Generic Church’ is in order.

Generic Church stands for all White churches of all denominations located in White Christian countries of North and South America, Europe and Australia, their pan-national and international instruments of war-by-other-means like the United Nations, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, IMF, World Bank, global Christian funding agencies and mega NGOs like World Vision International, Red Cross, Action Aid, Greenpeace International, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, DFID, Oxfam and Cordaid among several others doing human rights, women’s rights, Dalit rights, big dams, climate change, anti-nuclear power, anti-fossil fuels,and all such activism, which involves muscle flexing and arm-twisting to wrestle non-Christian national governments to the ground.

The Generic Church is a predator which feeds upon non-white and non-Christian nations and peoples while brown, black and other coloured churches are its fawning agent-lackeys.

Secularism is Christianity in Disguise

The Second Vatican Council through the pontifical document Ad Gentes declared,

‘The pilgrim Church is missionary by her very nature…the Church, being the salt of the earth and the light of the world (cf. Matt. 5:13-14), is more urgently called upon to save and renew every creature, that all things may be restored in Christ and all men may constitute one family in Him and one people of God.’

Secularism is Christian and only Christian. It is not religion neutral or non-religious or equal respect for all religions as it is made out to be by deracinated Hindus, Indian Muslims, Christians and theLeft-liberal-secular brigade. It is a clear partitioning of the Territory of Christian Empire between the Church and the Christian king and demarcation of their respective areas of jurisdiction and authority.

Whatever queer creature it may be in India, secularism as was first conceived and formalised, was a latter day all-Christian power-sharing instrument. Under secularism, the Church and the State were separated but they were both Christian and both committed to furthering Christianity – the Church through religion and the King or State through politics: United Nations, IMF, Ford Foundation, Greenpeace International et al.

The Generic Church is therefore the sum total and consolidation of all instruments and all weapons old and new crafted by the White Christian State and White Church to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth or ‘restore all things in Christ’, as stated by Decree Ad Gentes.

St. Augustine(or Saint Austin: 354-430 AD)more than 1600 years ago, in The City of God, Book XIX, Chapter 17, explored the ideal relationship between the ‘earthly city’ and ‘city of God’; this is the same as kingdoms established by Christian kings and the kingdom of God on Earth. St. Augustine held that it was the sacred duty of the earthly city to create the conditions to establish the city of God on earth.

Nature of the Generic Church

The Generic Church is missionary by nature.This superstructure has been raised not out of compassion and desire for the well-being of the world but to bring the entire world under the Christian heel. And until the Kingdom of God is established on earth, Green Card, Permanent Residence, American and EU visas and citizenship, Walmart and Macy’s will give us all glimpses of White Christian paradise.In this paradise, coloured Christians will be second class inhabitants with fewer privileges after all non-Christians have been burnt in Dante’s inferno.

The Generic Church has a single-point foreign policy agenda: every corner of the globe must be placed directly or indirectly under its control. This agenda is no different from the foreign policy agenda of Islam.For both Abrahamic cults, subjugating the world in the name of Jesus and Mohammed has remained unchanged since inception.

While Islam deploys only Jihad as weapon of foreign policy, the Generic Church has invented other, more successful weapons of war. Mega and Meta NGOs funding and supporting domestic NGOs, politically motivated social cause activists, and news media channels in every country where they have a foreign policy strategic intent, constitute the mercenary armies which goad, instigate and foment violent domestic unrest, at the very minimum to influence government policy and at the maximum leading to regime change.

Foreign-funded NGOs and 24×7 media channels are the latest weapons in the Generic Church’s armoury against Hindu India.The enraged, near-hysterical, personalised and focused attack by Indian English news channels (with sporadic support from the New York Times and Guardian) against Narendra Modi is only because he’s seen to be Hindu India’s most powerful political force since independence.

The Vigil book on foreign funded NGOs and activists, triggered by US denial of visa to Narendra Modi nine years ago, exposed little known connections and networks of NGOs, activists, foreign funding agencies, American think-tanks and their domestic agents operating in the country.

Hindu Inability vis a vis Abrahamic Cults

This essay exposes how anti-Modi obsessions continue to create new entities within the Generic Church and how similar connections and networks have been established.In the process,it also exposes the congenital Hindu inability to deal ruthlessly with the Abrahamic cults.

This inability is recent in the nation’s history and was injected into Hindu blood by Gandhi when Imperial London manoeuvred his return from South Africa and catapulted him as the leader of the INC after removing Tilak, Savarkar and Aurobindo with brute force from the political arena.

The Generic Church and Islam may be at each other’s throats in the rest of the world but in India they are symbiotic anti-Hindu partners with a joint agenda:to keep Hindus in a never-ending state of political disempowerment using the peculiar Indian variant of secularism as instrument and now to bring down Modi with a crash.

It however needs to be mentioned that Narendra Modi himself has a selective view of both Gandhi and Islam. Modi thus far, after becoming Prime Minister has made several adulatory references to Gandhi ignoring two critical facts of Gandhi’s life: Gandhi, by transforming the Indian National Congress from a Hindu political vehicle into a secular social reformist instrument, took away from Hindus what the Muslims had – a political party to serve their interests.

The Hindu nation was vivisected because the Indian National Congress did not serve Hindu interests, did not protect Hindus and the Hindu nation. Second, Modi also chooses to ignore Gandhi’s perverse experiments in brahmacharya which destroyed the lives of several women. Modi expressed a similarly flawed and inaccurate picture of Islam in India when he said, ‘The Islamic heritage of both India and Central Asia is defined by the highest ideals of Islam – knowledge, piety, compassion and welfare. This is a heritage founded on the principle of love and devotion.’

Just as Modi chooses to turn a blind eye to Gandhi’s questionable actions and decisions, he also chose to turn a blind eye to the jihad in India against Hindus, Hindu temples and the Hindu nation. Gandhi and Islamic heritage being Modi’s blindspots, all is not lost for the Generic Church in Modi’s India. It is a very real possibility that the Generic Church can and will use Modi’s Achilles Heel to its advantage.

Gujarat Riots Cottage Industry Nexus

This Christian-Muslim unnatural partnership was first noticed immediately after the 2002 Gujarat Riots during the First National Convention of the Indian Muslim Council (IMC-USA) in 2003, in Santa Clara, America.

Invitees to the convention included Smitha Narula of Human Rights Watch, Govind Acharya of Amnesty International, Indian origin ChristiansRev.JaswantSingha, John Prabhudoss, Father Cedric Prakash, and Jameel William Aalim- Johnson (an African-American Christian convert to Islam, a two-in-one entity),who was Chief of Staff of Congressman Gregory Meeks.

Indian Christians,Indian-American Muslims, deracinated PIOs, American Khalistanis and a Christian-Muslim Chief of Staff of an American White Christian politician – this symptomatic partnership is still alive and kicking (page 353 of the linked PDF).

Again, this anti-Hindu Christian-Muslim partnership was seen in the list of signatories who protested against the then Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for expressing his stern disapproval of the United States refusing to give Narendra Modi a visa he never asked for.

First on the list of signatories in the protest letter was actor Aamir Khan followed by Allwyn D’Silva, Amal Charles and Amar Farooqui (http://www.vigilonline.com/dynamic_includes/downloads/NGOs_Activists_and_Foreign_Funds.pdf, Page 327).

Political empowerment of Hindus and political empowerment of the Abrahamic cults is a zero sum game.Removing Narendra Modi in disgrace from the political front is therefore a pressing emergency because only this will end the political empowerment of Hindus achieved by Modi after one hundred years of Gandhi’s emasculation of Hindu society. There is no BJP without Modi and no Hindu political empowerment however minimal, without the BJP. Hindu nationalists, Islam and the Generic Church know this well.

NGOs as Nation-Breakers

Within months after assuming charge as Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s government signalled its intent towards foreign funded NGOs when the Intelligence Bureau (IB) submitted a hitherto classified document to the PMO listing foreign funded NGOs stalling all development work in the country.

Not surprisingly, Narendra Modi who had made economic development and progress the central theme of his election campaign, moved swiftly and the Home Ministry put Greenpeace India under the scanner.

‘A significant number of Indian NGOs (funded by some donors based in the US, the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavian countries) have been noticed to be using people centric issues to create an environment which lends itself to stalling development projects,’ says the IB report marked to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

The report says that while caste discrimination, human rights and big dams were earlier chosen by international organisations to discredit India at global forums, the recent shift in the choice of issues was to encourage ‘growth-retarding campaigns’ focused on extractive industries, genetically-modified organisms and foods, climate change and anti-nuclear issues. According to the report, the funding for such campaigns came from foreign donors under charitable garb for issues ranging from protection of human rights, violence against women, caste discrimination, religious freedom etc or to provide a ‘just deal’ to the project-affected displaced persons or for protection of livelihood of indigenous people.

The NGOs become the central players in setting the agenda, drafting documents, writing in the media, highlighting scholars-turned-activists and lobbying diplomats and government, it says. ‘These foreign donors lead local NGOs to provide field reports which are used to build a record against India and serve as tools for the strategic foreign policy interests of the Western government,’ adds the report.’

Acting upon the report, Modi instructed the Reserve Bank of India to seek prior permission of the Home Ministry before permitting Greenpeace India to receive foreign funds. Bringing Greenpeace India under the Home Ministry radar was the first step in what would soon become Modi Sarkar’s determined move to reign in and tame not just foreign funded NGOs but also their overseas masters which as in the case of Oxfam and DFID included foreign governments.

In April 2015, the Home Ministry suspended Greenpeace India’s registration under FCRA thus disabling Greenpeace India from receiving any foreign funds.

Amnesty International as a Tool of Generic Church

As was expected, Amnesty International India and the United Nations howled in protest. Placing stringent curbs on NGOs receiving foreign funds was to akin to cutting off oxygen supply and the Generic Church knew the implications.

Reacting to Modi Sarkar’s crackdown on Greenpeace India and Ford Foundation operations in the country, Amnesty International India made a submission to the Ministry of Home Affairs on the Draft Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2015.

Typical of Generic Church modus operandi when challenged by governments, as in the case of Tamil Nadu anti-conversion Law which the state passed in October 2002, all anti-Hindu forces cried wolf. This time too, Amnesty International India made out Modi Sarkar’s crackdown against foreign funded NGOs with political objectives also to be about denial of sundry freedoms. The United Nations jumped into the fray too.

The ability to access foreign funding is an integral part of the right to freedom of association. Amnesty International India is deeply concerned that the draft amendments, if passed into law in their current form, would further lead to violations of India’s obligations under international and national law to safeguard the rights to freedom of association and expression.

The amendments, if passed into law and implemented, would further jeopardize the activities of several non-governmental organisations working to advance the civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights guaranteed by the Constitution of India and international law.

The UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and association has also noted that ‘legislation limiting foreign funding to registered associations only…violate international human rights norms and standards pertaining to freedom of association’. He has stated that ‘the obligation for associations to…report on all funds received from foreign sources and how these are allocated or used… [or] or to obtain authorization from the authorities to receive or use funds… all constitute human rights violations.’

According to the United Nations, when democratically elected national governments like the Indian government, passes a law in national interest making it obligatory for NGOs to report to the Ministry of Home Affairs not only all foreign money and the names of foreign sources sending the money but also to submit audited accounts of how the money was spent, it constitutes human rights violations.

It goes to the credit of the Generic Church that it employs persons to make everything that challenges their unhindered right to Christianize the world, to be about fundamental freedoms and human rights.

The next to incur Modi’s wrath was the ubiquitous Ford Foundation. In the interim between cracking down on Greenpeace India and Ford Foundation, Modi Sarkar submitted a list of 42,273 NGOs to Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) ‘to check suspicious foreign funding amid the crackdown on some top international donors for flouting the law of the land. These 42,273 NGOs were put under watch after intelligence reports claimed that several charity organisations are diverting funds for purposes other than the permitted use of foreign contribution.’

While Tehelka and EPW[i]reacted sharply to the IB report, Amnesty International India issued a strongly worded statement condemning Modi Sarkar’s action against Greenpeace India. And it was Amnesty International India’s reaction which made me sit up to take a fresh look at the connectedness and networks among the various components of the Generic Church. This time my focus is on Amnesty International and Amnesty International India.

‘It is clear that Greenpeace is being targeted because its strong views and campaigns question the government’s development policies,’ said G.Ananthapadmanabhan, Executive Director at Amnesty International India.

‘The extreme measures taken by the government to disable an organisation for promoting the voices of some of the country’s most powerless people will damage and shame India. Intolerance to dissent will only weaken our society.’

Ananthapadmanabhan, who issued this statement against the Indian government and in defence of Greenpeace India in his capacity as Executive Director, Amnesty International India, was formerly Executive Director, Greenpeace India.

Ananth moved from Greenpeace to Amnesty International, from environment to human rights without any change in his role. Human rights, Dalit rights, environment, tribal rights, anti-dam, anti-coalmines, anti-police and anti-army activism are all overlapping theatres of war against Modi Sarkar. You don’t need a change of costume and you don’t need a false beard when you go theatre-hopping within the Generic Church.

In June 2015, journalist Aakar Patel joined Amnesty International as yet another made-in-India anti-Modi round of ammunition. Aakar Patel was undoubtedly handpicked for the job as reward for his report on the Gujarat riots, ‘Rights and Wrongs’. Being anti-Modi was not simply fashionable but immensely profitable.

‘We are delighted that Aakar Patel will be joining us. Amnesty International India is one of the movement’s three national offices, set up to increase our impact in countries with growing global influence which continue to face human rights challenges. Aakar’s commitment to human rights in his journalism and writing positions him perfectly to take on this important role,’ said Minar Pimple, Senior Director of Global Operations at Amnesty International’.

I will get to Minar Pimple in just a while. Before detailing how anti-Modi activists hop from one component of the Generic Church to another, readers should bear this in mind: The Generic Church promotes individuals to leadership positions in its organizations from nations where White Church and White America and Europe have an immediate geo-political objective.The most striking examples are the theatres of Vatican, South Korea and United Nations.

A New Unipolar World Order Manned by the Generic Church

Polish national Karol Wojtyla was made Pope only because Roman Catholic Poland was soon going to be used as the weakest link to break the Soviet Union like so many pieces in a jigsaw with Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia and the entire Soviet Bloc disintegrating soon after. The Generic Church’s anger against the Soviet Union was as much about communism as it was about the independent Orthodox Church. The real objective was to design a unipolar new world order.

South Korea had 0.5 per cent Christian population in 1900. In 2000, the Christian population stood at 40 per cent. In 2010, South Korea’s Christian population has allegedly dropped to 33 per cent while there is a corresponding increase in Buddhist population not only in South Korea but also in China and Japan.

Ban Ki Moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations isSouth Korean and like Karol Wojtyla, he was elevated by the Generic Church to the highest position inthe United Nations perhaps for two reasons: the sharp decline in the population percentage of Christians in South Korea and Ban Ki Moon’s elevation may hopefully create the space and the means to correct the loss, and two, he is a passionate supporter of ‘Right to Protect’ or R2P which is new UN pious bunkum for ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ which is American pious bunkum for invading and occupying foreign nations in America’s oil and other interests.

A quick look at persons who have been gainfully employed by Amnesty International in their headquarters, in Amnesty International USA and in Amnesty India drives home the central point of this essay: why are certain kinds of persons elevated by the Generic Church and in which countries?

Amnesty International’s International Board

‘The International Board consists of nine people, each of whom is a member of Amnesty International. They are elected to office by the biennial International Council Meeting (ICM).The International Board members’ four-year terms are staggered, with half the members up for re-election at each ICM. Each member is eligible for re-election for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The International Board also appoints and directs Amnesty International’s Secretary General who, in turn, is responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the international movement, acting as the movement’s chief spokesperson, its chief political advisor and as the chief executive officer of the International Secretariat.’

Let us take a look at who is sitting where, why and also theatre-hopping with no change in roles:

Carolyn Hardy: From United Nations to UNICEF to Amnesty International

‘Carolyn Hardy was appointed as a co-opted member of the Amnesty International Board in March 2014. She is an Australian national with twenty years experience in marketing, communications and advocacy, resource mobilisation, partnership development and governance. Carolyn has worked for the United Nations for the past ten years as a passionate advocate for women’s and children’s rights. Most recently as Head of Private Sector Relations at UN Women in New York where her role encompassed management and oversight of UN Women’s outreach to and relationships with the Private Sector globally and guidance and support for UN Women’s country offices and National Committees. Previously she served as Deputy Director of UNICEF’s Private Fundraising and Partnerships Division in Geneva; and as Chief Executive of the Australian National Committee for UNICEF in Sydney.’

Mwikali Nzioka Muthiani: From ActionAid Kenya to Amnesty International.

‘Mwikali has vast experience in the NGO sector where she worked before joining the private sector and has been involved in NGO Boards in the past 7 years, including serving as a Board member of Action Aid Kenya, Chair of the HR & OD Committee and co-opted member of the HR Committee of the International Board of Trustees from 2006-2009. She currently serves as a Board Member of AMREF International, and chairs the HR Committee (since 2006); and is also a Board Member of Faulu Kenya, a Deposit taking Micro Finance Institute licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya, and Chair of the Executive Committee (since 2009).’

Paul Divakar Namala: Indian anti-Modi Christian

Paul Divakar was selected by Amnesty International to the International Board not only because he is a Christian but also for his anti-Modi credentials. He signed the protest petition against PM Manmohan Singh for defending Narendra Modi.

His signature may be seen at # 133 on the list. He was member of the Steering Committee in 2007 and in 2011 for both the 11th and 12th Plans. He was also member of the National Monitoring Committee for the Welfare of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes of the Ministry of Human Resource Development and a member of the Working Group on Dalits in Sonia Gandhi’s extra-constitutional National Advisory Council. Paul was elected to the International Board of Amnesty International at the 2013 ICM.

‘Soon after completing his postgraduate course in development studies, Paul began working in the development sector in the USA, Somalia and in Indonesia. Along with his wife, Annie Namala, he has been working for the empowerment of Dalits and Adivasis since 1982.

Paul Divakar Namala is one of the founding members of the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR). NCDHR is a forum, founded by Paul and other activists in 1998, which is committed to the elimination of discrimination based on caste, and is a democratic secular platform led by Dalit women and men activists, and supported by movements and organizations, academics, individuals, people’s organizations and institutions throughout India. Paul is currently the General Secretary of Dalit Arthik Adhikar Andolan (DAAA) which is a wing of the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights.

Paul has also been instrumental in creating various campaigns and organizations; one such organization, Sakshi Human Rights Watch in Hyderabad, was responsible for strengthening the criminal justice administration systems focusing on access to justice for Dalits and Adivasis.’

Secretary-General and International Secretariat of Amnesty International

‘The International Secretariat of Amnesty International is led by a team of Senior Directors headed by the Secretary General. The Senior Directors work closely with the directors and deputy directors of the IS’ programmes (departments) and together they provide strategic direction, operational management and direct support to the secretariat’s staff and volunteers. They also work closely with the directors of Amnesty International’s local chapters.’

Salil Shetty:

Secretary-General, Amnesty International. From Chief Executive of ActionAid, to Director, United Nations Millennium Campaign to Secretary-General, Amnesty International, Salil Shetty best exemplifies the who and why of persons handpicked by the Generic Church for leadership positions.

Salil Shetty is the son of Hema B Rajasekhar and VT Rajasekhar, Founder of Dalit Voice. Dalit atrocity literature is a flourishing industry and has a huge international market. Salil Shetty and his family have profiteered from this industry. HemaRajasekhar did her bit to further her son’s career prospects when she signed the anti-Modi protest letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Her signature may be viewed at number 69 on the list.

‘In 1986 Rajshekar’s passport was confiscated because of anti-Hinduism writings outside of India’. The same year, he was arrested in Bangalore under India’s Terrorism and Anti-Disruptive Activities Act. Rajshekar told Human Rights Watch this arrest was for an editorial he had written in Dalit Voice, that another writer who republished the editorial was also arrested, and that he was eventually released with an apology. Rajshekar has also been arrested under the Sedition Act and under the Indian Penal Code for creating disaffection between communities.’(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V._T._Rajshekar

Salil Shetty was thus Amnesty International’s perfect choice to become its Secretary-General. His grandfather PS Thimappa Shetty was Collector of South Kanara District. Salil Shetty himself went to IIM Ahmedabad and then to London School of Economics. There is power and there are privileges attached to well-healed and well-educated poverty, deprivation and atrocity literature activism.

Generic Church theatre-hopping Senior Directors working with the Secretary-General, Amnesty International

Colm Ó Cuanacháin

From Head of Campaigns Action Aid International to Senior Director of the Office of the Secretary General at Amnesty International.

George Macfarlane

From Greenpeace International to Oxfam to Amnesty International.

‘George Macfarlane is Senior Director for Organizational Services at Amnesty International. He oversees various teams including Finance, Facilities, Legal and IT for the International Secretariat and is responsible for movement-wide accountability.He is a qualified chartered accountant with 17 years senior management experience in the international NGO sector. He has lived, studied and/or worked in Denmark, The Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium and the UK over the past 21 years. Most recently, he worked with Oxfam International as Operations Director. Prior to that, he was with Greenpeace International for nine years, latterly as Organisational Director.’

Julie Verhaar

From Netherlands Red Cross to Greenpeace International to UNICEF to Amnesty International.

‘Julie Verhaar is Senior Director of Fundraising & Growth at Amnesty International. She is responsible for leading Amnesty International’s fundraising efforts to achieve ambitious goals for growth in income and membership.

Julie has more than a decade’s experience leading fundraising efforts for major organizations, including the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) – where she was Chief of Fundraising Services and acting Deputy Director for Private Sector Fundraising – as well as Greenpeace International and The Netherlands Red Cross.’

Minar Pimple

Readers are asked to pay great attention to the profile of the Generic Church’s Indian blue-eyed boy.

From Oxfam International to Oxfam India to Habitat International Coalition to Executive Director of Decade of Human Rights (PHDRE), New York, Regional Director, United Nations Millennium Campaign to Amnesty International.

‘Minar Pimple is the Senior Director of Global Operations at Amnesty International. He is responsible for overseeing the operations and impact of the International Secretariat’s regional offices which are being opened around the world from 2013, creating a global presence for the organization.

Minar oversees the operations of these new offices where Amnesty International’s research, campaigning, communications and development activities are managed by teams based from within the region.

Prior to joining Amnesty International, Minar was the Regional Director of the United Nations Millennium Campaign where he led the Campaign’s Asia-Pacific operations and advocacy. He has also held roles as Executive Director of Decade of Human Rights Inc. (PHDRE) in New York, USA, and as Chief Executive Officer of ‘Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action’ (YUVA), a civil society organization that promotes human rights and sustainable development for urban and rural poor in India. Minar has played various global board roles with Habitat International Coalition, Oxfam International where he was the Founder Chair of Oxfam India.’

Tawanda Mutasah

Zimbabwean national. The Generic Church has immediate geopolitical objectives in Sudan and Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe has thus far, like Narendra Modi, stood firm against the Generic Church’s unrelenting and focussed war to unseat him.

Mugabe is on the same list of the Generic Church as Suharto, Indira Gandhi and Saddam Hussein – nationalist leaders who stood up to America’s bullying ways.

Tawanda Mutasah like Egypt’s Mohammed Al-Baradei and Iraq’s Ahmed Chhalabi is a creature of the Generic Church’s making: all set to be paratrooped into his country’s politics after Mugabe.

Narendra Modi is the latest member to be placed on the hit list of the Generic Church.

‘TawandaMutasah is Senior Director of Law & Policy at Amnesty International. He is responsible for leading the formulation of the movement’s human rights policies, legal positions and litigation strategies.Tawanda has 20 years of leadership experience in human rights, governance, rule of law and humanitarian work. His previous roles include Executive Director for Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa; Coordinator of Policy, Advocacy, Communications for Southern Africa for Oxfam GB; and the principal founder of a broad-based national Coalition for Constitutional Reform in Zimbabwe.He has served as the governor of the Coalition for Dialogue on Africa; led the organization of a Brazil-Africa project encouraging the sharing of human rights lawyering skills among young Lusophone lawyers; and helped found the Southern Africa Litigation Center.

Tawanda received his legal training from Harvard Law School, New York University Law School, and the University of Zimbabwe. He holds a Master of Management degree from the University of the Witwatersrand. He received the International Bar Association’s ‘International Rule of Law Award’ in 2004.’

Thomas Shultz-Jagow

From Greenpeace Germany to Greenpeace International to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) International to WWF Germany to Oxfam to Amnesty International.

‘Thomas Schultz-Jagow is the Senior Director of Campaigns and Communications at Amnesty International. He leads on an integrated strategy for the movement’s global campaigns and communications including responsibilities for editorial, media and digital communications. Thomas is a key spokesperson on campaigns and the Amnesty International movement.

He previously worked at Oxfam GB, where he held the roles of Director of Campaigns and Director of Communications. Prior to Oxfam, Thomas was Director of Communications at the International Secretariat of WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and held senior campaigns and communications roles at WWF Germany, Greenpeace International and Greenpeace Germany. He holds degrees in Political Science and History.’

Amnesty International-India’s Useful Idiots

Amnesty International hit national and international headlines when one Christine Mehta, a PIO with an American passport was invited by Amnesty International India to ‘come live with me and be my love.’ On the side, she was also to write a report on AFSPA in Jammu and Kashmir and contribute to atrocity literature of human rights violations against Muslims of Kashmir by Indian Armed Forces.

Readers should know that Amnesty International did not have an India office until 2012 when Sonia Gandhi, dancing to the tune of the Generic Church, allowed Amnesty International to open shop in Bengaluru.

The Generic Church has Greenpeace International-Greenpeace India, World Vision International-World Vision India, and now, Amnesty International-Amnesty International India. This is to prepare the ground in the immediate for regime change, and in the long term, to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth.

It would be great service to the Hindu nation if IndiaFacts were to dig out how many such International-India creatures of the Generic Church operate in India.

Christine Mehta claims she has been living in India with a valid visa as researcher for Amnesty International although it is doubtful if she stated what exactly she was going to research when she applied for her visa.

Divya Iyer is now Research Manager for Amnesty International, India.Divya Iyer’s theatre-hopping in the Generic Church included stints in NDTV, AajTak and CNN-IBN. It is not difficult to imagine why media channels are baying for Narendra Modi’s blood using Christine Mehta as excuse. Not one news anchor thought it fit to mention that India deported an American citizen for violating Indian laws without strip searching or cavity searching the woman.

The Generic Church is using India’s news channels to gun for Modi who has proved he is invincible.That is why Gen. V K Singh’s presstitutes have made Lalit Modi cannon fodder to target SushmaSwaraj and VasundharaRaje.

They are now using Vyapam to dislodge Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The Generic Church knows it cannot go for Modi’s jugular. It is hoping to dismember Modi Sarkar organ by organ and bleed Modi Sarkar to death.

Narendra Modi and Modi Sarkar must stand firm. This war against Modi was never about corruption or impropriety or anything else. This is a millennial war against the Hindu nation of which Narendra Modi is the most powerful symbol. Corruption or no corruption, the Generic Church will not succeed. It has to continue to sit in the corner with the dunce cap on its head.

Not that the Generic Church will not keep trying to push its agendain India.

Rockefeller Foundation Enters India

Rockefeller Foundation, even as Modi Sarkar has turned the heat on Greenpeace and Ford Foundation, has managed to enter India under the eyes of Modi Sarkar and with full support of some state governments in the guise of building 100 Resilient Cities around the world. Readers will not be surprised to know that three cities in India have been chosen for this high honour – Bengaluru, Chennai and Surat.

Bengaluru is already the national headquarters of Amnesty International India.Now,Bengaluru will have to contend with two of the most powerful components of the Generic Church on its soil.

Surat was chosen not just because of the plague but also because it is in Narendra Modi’s state.

As for Chennai, Jayalalithaa had allowed World Vision International-India to run amok in the state after the tsunami and today,Tamil Nadu is the largest recipient of foreign funds and Chennai, the largest recipient in Tamil Nadu.

Rockefeller Foundation being allowed by state governments and Modi Sarkar to enter our country with a long term agenda is ominous because of the Generic Church’s potential for serious political activism and disruption.


Ministry of Home Affairs and India’s National Security Adviser must be warned that Amnesty International India is penetrating schools in Bengaluru to poison the minds of children with ideas for possible future political activism. I coined the name Generic Church in 2007 when I was researching on how East Timor became a Christian State and the role played by America, Europe and the Vatican.

Chad M Bauman, who writes extensively on Christianity in India bemoans that I do not make the critical distinctions among Christian denominations.

‘One might wish for less denigratory tone but the unworkability of church-as-multinational analogy is that which stands out as most unhelpful, analytically. Simply put, talk of ‘Generic Church’ as some ‘intellectual kshatriyas’ are wont to do (Radha Rajan for one, although not Rajiv Malhotra as such) fails to fathom what it means polity-wise what it means to be say Baptist, or even Roman Catholic, ecclesiologically, institutionally or even organisationally, not to mention proudly self-financed mainline denominations as the Churches of South and North India (inter alia).’

This is not an academic exercise. This is war and in times of war we not only know the enemy but we must see the enemy as a monolith. We look at the components part by part only if our intent is to dismember the enemy organ by organ.




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