This time we are having with us one of most talented short film maker of India. It will be wrong to present her as just a film maker. She is also an amazing singer, a brilliant music composer and also an excellent writer. She is playing both her professional and family role with absolute elegance. She is none other than very talented and gorgeous Tannishtha Sarkar.

1) Welcome to Indicafe24.com Platform. We are happy to have you with us. Tannishtha before we move forward will request you to give a brief  about you and your background.

Hi, its my pleasure to be here. Its kind of complicated to give a brief of myself, as I consist of contrasting traits and varied backgrounds! I am an Independent Film maker, writer and music composer. Before my films, I was into communications management in corporate sector. I did my bachelors in Electronics from University of Kolkata and MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. I have been learning music since very early childhood. I have achieved a number of prestigious awards and recognition on national level in vocal music. Beside these, I have been into writing and photography for last 10 years as a freelancer. Now you see, why its so complicated to brief myself?

2) You are into short film making and documentary films. so what type of stories you generally prefer to bring in your films and who are your targeted audience?

Tannishtha with Crew members

I do not prefer to put a boundary to my subjects. It can be anything, even as small as showing a struggle of catching a public transport in rush hours, or can even be as big as showing a Dinosaurs invasion. As long as it makes sense and touches the right chord, I set myself free when it comes to content. Short films and documentaries do not yet get theatre releases. Generally, its viewership used to dependent on Film festivals. But thanks to Youtube, its now open for mass. One of my short film even got screened on National Television recently. My films are targeted to all those who ‘think’

3) What was your first film? say something about your experience with your first film?

Fakebook Poster

My first film is fakebook, made in 2013 on teenage identity crisis and the impact of social media. It was chosen as one of the top four scripts of our batch, hence was funded by the institute. The experience was very overwhelming and contend, as it was the first time I felt, finally, I was doing something I am destined for.

Watch Fakebook

Even though, there were a whole bunch of challenges as there was very limited resources. Hence, Actors, technicians, equipments, locations etc all had to be ‘Jugar’ed instead of hiring. People joined hands selflessly to come up with this film. The films did well and got screened in various festivals across India in addition to securing 2 prestigious awards of Best Music Composer and Best Debutant Director runner up award at LSIFF, Bhopal.

4) We came to know that you are a very good singer. So which form of music you love and generally sing? Do you apply your musical voice in any film of yours?

I have learnt Hindustani Classical Music since very early childhood, and later on diversified to contemporary music. As in my films, even in music I do not like to restrict myself to a specific genre. I sing anything that touches my heart, It can be a Sufi, a folk, a ghazal, or even a rock for that matter! Amongst the accolades of my singing, gold medal in vocal music at Nehru Yuva Kendra, Finalist at Channel V Popstar 2, 1st Runner up at Radio Masti voice hunt, are to name a few.

I have composed-written and sang a song in my last film Maafinama…a road towards redemption. The song “Bezuban Ishq” was well received and people identify the film with the song now! Previous to that I have made a funk song for fakebook, called “Mujhme bhi hai woh baat”, sang by a Kolkata based band “Orchids”. The song brought me best music composer award and was quite popular too.

5) When and how you realized that there is a spark in you which can be utilized in short film making? Who is the one who encouraged you to enter this world?

Tannishtha Busy in Shooting

I was more than occupied juggling my corporate life and personal life with a baby when I had to take a work break for my 2nd child. This break was was quite fulfilling from motherhood perspective but rather frustrating career wise. But often the blessings of Almighty come in the disguise of challenges. So was this. It is during this pause of career I realized the under-utilization of my potentials and passions in the corporates. I heard an inner call indeed to put together all that I enjoy doing, and the summation turned out to be film making. Then, there was no looking back. Such is the power of a pause in our lives!

6) The world of films is very competitive, how you managed to make space for your talent? Is there any godfather behind your career growth?

As I mentioned, I never tried to make a point or place in the film industry. I literally followed my heart without any of expectations and even accepted the risk of failing miserably when I started. It was quite a drastic and unconventional decision for a mother of 2 toddlers.

Tannishtha Crew members

All I wanted, is to tell stories in my way. It clicked, and it went on with the blessings of my parents, in-laws and of course the co-operation of my husband, without whom I could not even started this adventurous journey.

Tannishtha And Her supportive Family

No God father. As the name says ‘Independent Film maker’, so it is, truly independent, fortunately or unfortunately <img src="http://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/72x72/1f609.png" alt="

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