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Earning money is simple in Redlr! All you do is post topics, reply to others, and just be supportive, encouraging, and helpful.

With that being said, any harmful or abusive posts will be grounds for immediate termination with loss of all earnings.

Basic rates

*Referring a member : 25 points (Min Post for reff member 5 Posts)

*Registering : 20 points

*Creating a Thread : (up to 3 points)

*Posting a Reply : (up to 2 points)

*Bonus Points Per Character : 0.001 points

*Good Reputation Receive : 5 points

*Thread View : 0.001 points

Maximum Create (New Thread) : 50 Threads/day

Maximum Post Reply : 100 Posts/day

Conversation Rate 500 points = $5

We are expecting good quality discussion from members so if you are thinking to spam its not a right place for you

In case we find any members posting (Under 1Liner) or useless post or spamming the forum we have rights to deduct his points in payout request.

Please focus evenly on CREATING TOPICS and REPLYING,A forum to share hints and tips for Internet Marketing Forum.

We are looking for posters who would like to have hints and tips for successful in money making.


Original Content,* No copying of content from other sites!!

(Never copy anything from elsewhere online and post it into our forum) we are paying you for unique content.

PLEASE make long, quality,related topics and comments

All posts must be at least min 1liner.

Good English and grammar

Please keep on topic

Fill out your profile completely

Upload an avatar and set your profile picture.

Use descriptive titles for new threads

Signing up / IP addresses: Only one member per IP address is allowed to sign up, members who wish for their partners to be signed up or anyone else using the same internet connection please contact a moderator/admin to make arrangements for them to use the same IP address.

Members who cheat the system and sign up referrals under them using the same IP address will receive a permanent ban.

Your points account is not transferable, anyone selling, giving away or changing user will receive immediate ban.

Be aware that if you violate Forum Rules in Redlr you will received penalties/infractions, as follows:

Spam/short post = - 5 points

Plagiarism (copy/paste) other posts = - 10 points

Duplicate thread = - 5 points

Wrong thread title = - 10 points

Thread in wrong section = - 10 points

Insulting = - 5 points

Spam via private messages ( PM ) = - 5 points

Bad reputation receive = - 5 points

Infraction received = - 5 points

Good Luck :)


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