With development and requirement of modern industry, there are very great changes in the making craft that the metal twines the spacer, among them it is twining the spacer of a new kind of to take the metal of External Loop and twine the spacer. Bring External Loop metal to twine spacer, compress performance, go back elasticity can good, have many lines of seal and certain urgent function since, it is not very sensitive to compress tightly the surface defect of the surface as to the flange, does not bind the flange to seal the surface, can dispel the pressure partly. The temperature changes and the vibrant influence of machinery.

It can be in the high temperature to take the metal of External Loop and twine the spacer. Low temperature. High vacuum. Assault it under various harsh conditions of circulating reversal of shaking etc., keep its fine sealing property. Use the apparatus: Petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, vessel, gas, nuclear energy, spaceflight, quiet sealed positions of flange junction such as the pipeline, valve, pressure container, condenser, heat exchanger, tower, manhole, hand hole in trades such as textile, medicine, machinery,etc.,etc..

Take the metal of External Loop and twine the spacer and adopt the thickness cold-rolled steel bands such as 0.25mm,etc. as 0.15mm, or is consulted and confirmed by both sides of supply and demand. The metal is taken as the V type or Model W narrowband that is shaped in advance, the surface should be smooth. Clean, not coarse and not smooth. Crackle. Scratch. Defects such as dent and rusty spot,etc.; The stainless steel hardness value HV is less than or equal to 200; Twine nonmetally and take; Nonmetal to pack bringing for the purpose-built asbestos, the soft graphite is taken, take the politef, the non- asbestos fiber is taken, and the cloud master tape,etc.. The thickness of the strip is 0.3-1.0mm. The purpose-built asbestos must be less than or equal to 25% to burn the losing amount; The content of chlorine ion of the nonmetal strip is less than or equal to 100PPM.

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