"Seatbelts, Everyone!"

Netflix is reviving the classic 90's educational series The Magic School Bus, and they've already cast their Ms. Frizzle. Saturday Night Live alum Kate McKinnon has joined the cast of The Magic School Bus Rides Again, which will debut on Netflix later this year.

McKinnon, recently seen in the Ghostbusters reboot, takes over the role made famous by Lily Tomlin, who voiced the character in the original animated series, which aired from 1994-97.

McKinnon is no stranger to voice work, having lent her voice to roles in Finding Dory, The Angry Birds Movie and The Venture Bros among others.

Prior to its time as an animated series, The Magic School Bus was an educational book series published by Scholastic Co beginning in 1986, and running until 2010.

Video games based around the franchise were also published by software company Music Pen in collaboration with Microsoft and Scholastic Press.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again debuts on Netflix later this year.

Source: CNN Entertainment

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