NOTE: This is only a draft for an upcoming tournament that the Ice Warriors will be hosting with CPAC in June. Any of the information below can change.

ATTENTION TROOPS! I am pleased to announce that the Ice Warriors will be hosting the first ever Conquest for Control tournament! Although this tournament will be similar to the past WWFF tournament back in 2009, there will be many changes in the battles and judging process. There is a lot to go over, so try to bare with me!

First things first, what is this tournament about?

Basically, the Conquest for Control tournament isn’t technically a tournament that you see in modern day armies. Instead, the “tournament” will be ONE big battle on ONE server. Armies that want to participate will duke it out in head to head combat in (almost) any room on CP.

How the heck does it work?

If you weren’t in CP armies in early 2009 then you probably have no idea how this tournament will work, and you should probably read on. If you were in CP armies in early 2009, then read on anyways!

Each army that participates in the tournament will receive their own “starting room”. It is up to each army to decide whether or not they should defend their room, or invade other rooms at the beginning. In the end, whichever army has invaded the most rooms wins the tournament. In order for this to work, we will basically need 1-2 judges in almost every single room (the town and snow forts will be neutral rooms at the start of the tournament). Now I know it sounds like a lot of judges, but in reality it’s about the same amount for any other tournament if you add it all up. NOTE: We are still deciding whether or not every room should be judged (including the mine, dojo, night club, etc) or just the main rooms (including the dock, forest, ice berg, etc). 


Lets say 5 armies decide to participate in the tournament (IW, ACP, Nachos, DW, and RPF). Each army will be assigned a starting room for the beginning of the tournament.

IW: Dock
ACP: Beach
Nachos: Forest
DW: Cove
RPF: Ice Berg

The 5 armies can either invade each other, defend their room, or invade the neutral rooms. Leaders need to figure out which would benefit them the most, which there can be many possibilities. They can choose to defend for part of the battle and invade a room, split their troops up and invade 2 rooms, or go all out and invade the neutral rooms. But in the end, whichever army has won the most rooms will be crowned the winners.

How do I win a room? (this is still being tweaked)

You can’t win a room, but your army can.

In order for an army to win a room they must win the battle like any other tournament (size, tactics, and consistency). In total the tournament will last for 1 hour and 15 minutes long (1 hour of fighting and 15 minutes of regrouping). There will be 4 “main battles”, each 15 minutes long, with a 5 minute period to regroup and reorganize your troops. Now obviously the judges aren’t going to be strict if you invade a room a few minutes late. As long as your army is winning for most of the 15 minutes, then you’ll be able to win the room. If it’s a dead draw, then both armies will split the room and the point.


Lets say the tournament begins and the first two armies that want to engage are IW and ACP. IW quickly invades ACP right at the beginning. ACP has the option to either fight and defend, split up to invade another room AND defend their own room, or just leave their room open and invade another room with their entire army.


In one of the rounds Nachos decide to invade the Ice Berg from the RPF, but they are nowhere to be found. Nachos sit in the Ice Berg for about 5 minutes. Then all of a sudden, RPF and DW charge into the Ice Berg. All 3 armies have equal size and tactics and the judge calls the battle a draw. Who wins? The Nachos. Since the Nachos charged in early and waited 5 of the 15 minutes. Now I know some people may seem it’s unfair if the battle was a draw and the Nachos sat in the room for 5 minutes doing nothing. But you have to remember that there’s a 5 minute regrouping period where leaders decide what rooms to invade next and how to maneuver their troops.

How do you win points?

By winning rooms of course! Armies can either get 1 point or 0.5 points from winning a room. Starting rooms of the top 10 armies (the mountain, ski village, beach, dock, ice rink, forest, cove, ice berg, mine shack, plaza) will be worth 1 point. All other rooms owned by small/medium armies will be worth 0.5 points. There IS a possibility that the Town and Snow Forts will be worth 2 points, but this is still under debate.

How on earth are small/medium armies going to beat the top 10 largest armies?

The only solution we have for this is to partner up small/medium armies. Now I know a lot of troops in small/medium armies are in larger armies, so they have the option to either help fight for whichever army they want to. But just remember that you aren’t allowed to bring your entire army to help a large army. Hopefully SMAP, SMAC, SLAP, SPLAT, or whoever makes a top 10 for small/medium armies can work together and decide which armies should partner up in the tournament depending on their size. If armies are small enough, they will probably be paired in groups ranging from 2-3 armies.

Any Rules? (more will be added)

The top 10 CPAC armies will not be allowed to pair up into teams and invade rooms, but they can communicate with other armies and plan out who they fight and decide if they want to put pressure on other armies. But just remember, only 1 army can win a room unless a group of armies were paired up by CPAC/SMAP/SMAC.

Hacking is not allowed

Botting is not allowed

Multi logging is not allowed

Spying IS allowed

How do we figure out which rooms each army gets? (rooms may change)

The CPAC top 10 armies will have first pick when selecting rooms one week before the tournament starts. As the host army, IW will have the first pick, followed by the #1 army, #2, #3, etc. If IW happens to be #1 one week before the tournament, then the #2 army will pick next, followed by #3 and so on. The CPAC top 10 armies will only be allowed to select one room from the following 10:


Ski Village



Ice Rink



Mine Shack


Ice Berg

NOTE: Even though the tournament will be hosted on a 1 bar server, we kept the Town as a neutral room in case any rogues decide to pop in. The Snow Forts is a neutral room for obvious reasons.

The small/medium armies will pick rooms in a similar way. If an unranked small army is paired with the #1 small/medium ranked army, then those 2 armies get first pick when selecting their room. As of right now we have no idea how many small/medium armies will sign up and how many armies will be paired together. For now we will assume there are roughly 20 small/medium armies participating. These armies can only select from the following rooms:

Ski Lodge


Coffee Shop

Night Club


Boiler Room


Mine (with cart surfer)

Pet Shop

Pizza Parlor

NOTE: There is a chance that there will be less than 10 rooms depending on how many armies sign up. We want to make sure there aren’t too many empty rooms so that armies can’t hide and claim rooms without actually fighting.

Now I know it may seem unfair that the small/medium armies get hidden rooms, but you have to remember that this will be on a 1 bar server, and that there will be VERY few rogues running around fighting. The point of the tournament is to have ALL armies fighting each other, and not just big vs big and small vs small. That’s why we’re pairing up small/medium armies in groups of 2-3, which should help match the size of an average large army.

How will the tournament be judged?

Once the final verdict is passed, we will determine how many judges we actually need. If we come to the conclusion that we only want 15 rooms to be war zones instead of 20, then we won’t need as many judges, which could be less stressful for a lot of people. In total, we need about 30 judges to SIGN UP for this tournament. Obviously we don’t actually need 30-35 judges, but we want to make sure we have backups in case a few don’t show. Each room will be judged depending on its importance.

The town and snow forts will have 2-3 judges each. (4-6 total)

The 10 starting rooms of the CPAC top 10 armies will have 2 judges each. (20 total)

The 5-10 starting rooms of the SMAC/SMAP armies will have 1 judge each. (5-10 total)

Who will judge the tournament?

Anyone can sing up to judge the tournament. If you are judging the tournament, then you cannot fight for your army at any time of the tournament. Also, if you are judging the tournament, you are not allowed to judge the starting rooms of armies that you are currently in.

When will the tournament take place?

The tournament is scheduled for June. The dates and times will be determined very soon.

How can we prep for a tournament like this?

Originally the tournament would have 1 weekend of preparation and 1 weekend of fighting. But the summer of 2014 is jam packed in CP armies. Because of this we will have tournament prep on Saturday and the tournament itself on Sunday. I know it seems weird to have a tournament battle on Sunday, but it happens with every single tournament. The only difference is that this tournament lasts for 1 day.

On the day of tournament prep, we will have a practice round of the tournament. All rules apply and armies will fight as if it is the day of the tournament. The practice round will last for 35 minutes (two 15 minutes rounds of fighting and one 5 minute round to regroup). The tournament prep is for leaders and judges to experience what it will be the day of the tournament so that everyone won’t be running around not knowing what to do when the actual tournament takes place.


I know there is a lot of information in this post, but it is needed since this is a new tournament and very few people know what it is about. Sign ups for armies and judges will begin about 2 weeks before the tournament begins.

Comment your opinions on the tournament and let me know what should be updated As of now this is only a draft, so anything can change!

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

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