This concise and clear tutorial is written with the aim to spot top SEO tips that make it easy to boost search engine rankings of WordPress websites. In below, we initially show the true face of SEO and explain how search engine works. Eventually, we carefully pick the most operable and effective ways to achieve SEO. Keep scrolling down the screen and turn your websites visible with increasing traffic.

What Is Search Engine Optimization Exactly?

Commonly, people search web pages they want to visit by typing some keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Then, they tend to visit the webpages and websites which top the long lists of search results that include the related keywords. So, how exactly these webpages achieve high rankings on the Internet? The answer is Search Engine Optimization that serves a favorable strategy for Internet marketing.

To make it simple and brief, SEO is carried out with the purpose of helping the search engine figure out what each web page is about and whether it is useful for visitors. More useful the content is, more visibility of a webpage or a website can be improved among the innumerable search results. Finally, the number of visitors can be increased considerably.

How Search Engine Works?

Search engines determine the order of search results according to the extent they are related to specific keywords entered. Here we take Google as an example. As the most used search engine, Google delivers its search results by following 3 steps including crawling, indexing and serving. Firstly, the crawling procedure is conducted by Googlebot in which all websites are visited in accordance to the Google algorithm.

Afterwards, Googlebot detects links on every web page and website. Finally, it searches key words in all information including key content tags, title tags, ALT attribute, and so forth to get the results that are relevant to the query listed. Next, we select some top tips in the following.

Tip 1 > Replace Some WordPress Defaults with Custom Ones

It should be realized that too much dependence on the auto-generated items brings no benefits. Specifically, for WordPress, those items including the “Hello World” post and “Sample Page” are less problematic for SEO. Thus, we suggest you to replace these two parts with custom ones.

Furthermore, it needs to pay attention on the default category that is also the top focus for SEO. Generally, your posts are not categorized. Hence, it is significant to make sure relevant categories for all posts that are created.

Tip 2 > Change the Structure Of Permalink

Another thing that needs to be changed is the structure of permalinks because these links are inefficient URL structure for SEO. Thus, altering the permalinks to the name of Posts is commonly the best practice. Here we take this website HostingReview360.com as an example. If the permalink has not been changed, this post only appears as http://hostingreview360.com/year/month/day/.

After we have optimized the permalink of this post, it appears as http://hostingreview360/top-wordpress-seo-tips-that-help-increase-search-engine-rankings/. This optimization plays a pivotal role in telling search engines more details about the content of your posts by showing the category or the post name in the URLs. Hence, the posts with optimized permalinks tend to pop among countless search results.

Tip 3 > Utilizing WordPress Plugins Is A Valuable Investment

Currently, there are a great variety of WordPress plugins for boosting traffic in the market, including All in One SEO Pack, SEO Ultimate, SEO Friendly Images, SEO Smart Links, and WordPress SEO by Yoast, just to name a few. For more details of these plugins, please refer to this beginner guidance.

The above plugins feature almost everything you need with which you are capable of writing your own meta description tags and custom description for social networks including Google Plus and Facebook. The more exposed your websites are to the social networks, the more visibility your websites are bound to enjoy. Moreover, these plugins come with the tab that you get under the post editor where you are able to have options to select “focus keywords” for each post.

Tip 4 > Premium WordPress Themes Deserve A Shoot

The default themes are designed with less flexibility and customizability when compared to some premium WordPress themes in the market that are optimized in terms of SEO and security. With the help of them, the content of your posts can be indexed more easily by the search engines so that the visibility can be boosted. If you want to learn more detailed information of this kind of themes, please refer to this article.

In addition to the above aspects, page loading speed also plays a momentous part in search engine optimization because just 1-second page load delay can give rise to 7% decrease in conversion rate, 16% reduction in visitor satisfaction rate and 11% fewer page views. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a company that offers fast web hosting service. The providers in the following table may help on account of their budget-friendly and feature-rich services with blazing-fast speed and responsive technical support.







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