If you picked up your copy of the Fall 2016 issue of HOW magazine, you saw what the HOW team means when we say that we’re committing to spotlighting our Awards winners in bigger and more meaningful ways. From the Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Best of Show winner’s four-page feature that takes an in-depth look at the story behind the innovative project, to the project details that give readers insight into all 101 award-winning projects, we’re proud of where HOW is headed. And to all of you who entered your best promotion and marketing work into the Awards—we’re honored to have you with us. [Subscribe to the mag today so that every issue goes straight to your mailbox!]

Here, we feature the Best of Show winner, the Outstanding Achievement winners and the Merit winners of the Promotion & Marketing Design Awards—which, by the way, is HOW’s longest-running design competition, and the only award that specifically recognizes the best promotional design by creatives like you.

Out of nearly 1,000 entrants, the design awards winners you see below are the ones who made lasting impressions on the judges—Scott Maney, chief creative officer at Breakaway, Laurie Churchman, principal of Designlore and Douglas Davis, principal of The Davis Group.

Congratulations to all of you who won!

HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards Winners


Mini Insta-Theater

Design Firm Gifts for the Good Life, Severna Park, MD; www.giftsforthegoodlife.com | Creative Team Heather Arak-Kanofsky, art director; Susan Turnock, art director, copywriter; Nathan Kanofsky, illustrator, photographer; Bethany Coyle, illustrator; Sherry Warner, copywriter; Frances Warnagaris, project manager | Printer Gifts for the Good Life | Details The Mini Insta-Theater was a personal gifting experience created for top clients, featuring images curated from their Instagram feeds. The team engineered, designed and produced a portable “Mini Insta-Theater” complete with tiny projector, snacks and screen. The piece unfolds from a small block and becomes a theatre set-up with simple directives and snack storage. The goal was to showcase their paper engineering skills, attention to detail, and storytelling through innovative packaging. They intended to deepen connections to their clients by highlighting moments they shared through social media. As a result, NASCAR contracted them to create a series of Insta-theaters for their V.I.P. Summit centered on brand storytelling.


Clever CrEATive Cookbook

Design Firm/Client Clever Creative Inc., Los Angeles; www.clevercreative.com | Creative Team Jeff Giniewicz, art director/photographer; Kimmie Perl, Elise Carlton, Bella Betiato, Michael Gorospe, designers; Shannon Gabor, strategist; Ian Alda, copywriter; Elana Altmann, project manager; Kristen Johnson, food stylist | Details The Clever Creative team spent an entire year making this cookbook filled with recipes from their families and clients. From the recipes, cooking, food styling, designing, and handlettering, this was a collective labor of love. This promotional mailer increased awareness of the agency on both direct email responses as well as an increase in social media conversations.

Say No To Spec

Design Firm/Client Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto; www.zulualphakilo.com | Creative Team Zak Mroueh, creative director/director; Guilherme Bermejo, art director; Nick Doerr, copywriter; Tara Handley, Daniel Kaplan, producers; zulubot, production house/video post facility/editing company/audio post facility/music house; Albert Huh, Alex Oktan, directors of photography; Shasta Lutz, casting director; Chris Locke, actor; Mike Headford, editor; Roslyn Di Sisto – Smith, colorist/transfer; Ian Reynolds, sound mixer; Stephen Stepanic, engineer | Details Agencies have been doing “spec creative” in pitches since the Mad Men era. But what happens when you ask people in other industries for spec work? Zulu Alpha Kilo decided to find out. From shopkeepers to professionals, participants had no idea what was about to be asked of them. The resulting film skewers the notion of pitch work while proposing to the ad industry: it’s time to do things differently. After the film’s release, it sparked a worldwide debate over the value of doing spec work. It was featured in publications from the UK to India and translated into Polish, German, Spanish, Chinese and Thai.

Self-Promo for Monique Monchelle

Designer/Client Monique Monchelle, Houston; www.moniquemonchelle.com | Details This package truly represents the fun, artsy, and retro facets of Monchelle’s personality. It was important for her to incorporate elements of her history (i.e., where she’s from), hence the usage of the “HTX” abbreviation (born and raised in Houston, TX) and French wording (French ancestry), because her history has helped shape the woman she is today. Using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) as her color palette, she includes four main elements in her self-promotional package: 1) Cover Letter (Lettre de Motivation) 2) Résumé (Curriculum Vitae/CV) 3) CV Supplément 4) Album Portfolio (which includes the mixtape and portfolio album inserts). Since sending out the package, she’s received multiple job offers.

Able & Baker

Design Firm/Client Avec, New York City; www.avec.us | Creative Team Camillia BenBassat, creative director; Gareth Geraty, design director; Lauren Green, copywriter | Details Every year, Avec creates a promotional bottle of liquor to celebrate the New Year and thank their clients both current and past. This being the Year of the Monkey, they took inspiration from the first primates to make the journey to space and back. Their mission was emblematic of how they partner with clients no matter how perilous the journey. The message on the tag reads: Our 2016 zodiac ambassadors, Able and Baker, made history as the first monkeys to successfully journey into space and back. With this gift of rocket fuel [read: bourbon], we encourage you to take a cue from our pioneering primates, harness the cosmic energy of Fire Monkey, and reach for the stars. Cheers to future missions avec you.

Commotion Magazine

Design Firm Design Army, Washington, DC; www.designarmy.com | Creative Team Pum Lefebure, Jake Lefebure, creative directors; Mariela Hsu, senior art director/designer | Client Maryland Institute College of Art | Details The Maryland Institute College of Art or “MICA,” located in Baltimore is one of the oldest and most prestigious art schools in the country.  When approached to help unite their 19 graduate programs through shared content, Design Army developed and designed a semi-annual magazine to connect students, allowing them to share ideas, news and art. The new magazine was titled Commotion. The name comes from the belief that artists and designers create through exploration and investigation, taking inspiration from vast and varied sources, the process can be chaotic, noisy and confusing, but always rewarding. Designed to take readers through the creative journey, the firm created visually exciting and compelling layouts, with bright pops of color, dynamic typography and custom illustration.

DIRT Identity Campaign

Design Firm helium creative, Fort Lauderdale, FL; www.heliumcreative.com | Creative Team Christopher Heller, creative director; Ryan Sirois, art director; Kelly Gedvilas, designer; Enid Nolasco, creative manager | Client DIRT | Details The Helium creative team was handed a tall order back in 2014: “We were approached by the founders of [a] restaurant concept to create a brand that would have a bold presence within a saturated marketplace of organic, locally grown foods in South Beach, [FL],” says art director Ryan Sirois. Helium tackled everything from the naming process to the brand experience and identity, and DIRT offi cially launched in December of 2015.

Hankook Coffee

Design Firm Daeki & Jun, Seoul, South Korea; www.daekiandjun.com | Creative Team Daeki Shim, Hyojun Shim, art directors/designers; Seoeun Kim, designer; Hanna Yang, photographer; Kwangjun Yang, copywriter | Client Hankook Coffee | Details Grounded in the Korean market, Hankook Coffee specializes in selling a high-quality green coffee bean, which Daeki & Jun says falls in the top 7% of A-grade coffee beans. The studio used coffee drops to visualize this distinction in diagrams, as well as to illustrate the variety of flavors involved. The posters and postcards also illustrate how Hankook Coffee selects, imports and processes the beans by visiting coffee plantations. The project was showcased at the 2015 Seoul Cafe Show in Korea and is presently being used in sales presentations and distributed to Korean customers.

Sappi Digital Papers Surface

Design Firm 50,000feet, Chicago; www.50000feet.com | Printer Classic Color |  Client Sappi | Details Surface is the starting point for 50,000feet’s exploration of McCoy and its two distinctive sheets made to perform across a range of digital presses. On assignment for Sappi Digital Papers, 50,000feet pushed the boundaries of printing in this 52-page promotional sample that features work by artists Akatre, Mario Hugo, Geoff Kern and Tom Darracott, among others. The book offers exploded-view process stories and detailed production notes to explain how the work was achieved. The takeaway? The possibilities are boundless, shaped by the designers’ imaginations working collaboratively with their partner in paper and digital printing.


Student Grace Min Shan Lee; www.behance.net/graceminshanlee | Instructor Stan Zienka | School Academy of Art University, San Francisco; www.academyart.edu | Details The components of this 32-page book are primarily based on Lee’s personal experience, adapted to the well-known fairy tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid is a tragic story about a young mermaid who is willing to give up her voice and fishtail in exchange for becoming a human. When Lee revisited the story as an adult, she found that it held new meanings for her—an exploration of love and soul, as well as a look at what is meant to remain for eternity versus what will cease to exist.

Tower of Babble

Student Madeline Persson; www.madelinepersson.com | Instructor Paul Sheriff | School Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia; http://tyler.temple.edu | Details A set of 24 individual bilingual blocks, the Japanese LandMarks version of Tower of Babble seeks to educate on the language of architecture. The set uses both the English and Japanese version of the words, along with their definitions, to teach a variety of terms used in the field. The set also functions as building blocks, where three different buildings from Japanese culture can be built through the use of pattern. Diagrams for Himeji castle, Tokyo tower, and Kiyomizu Dera temple are included with the original packaging, along with the ability to create new buildings through the use of pattern.


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