Which Home Security Systems to Choose in Lewisham

An audio door phone coupled with a burglar alarm system with magnetic contacts at all openings, and panic switches at strategic locations, is the basic requirement as home security systems in Lewisham. Use of the rest of the equipment depends on individual requirements. For example, other sensors like PIR or Passive Infra-Red cameras, glass break detectors and LPG detectors can be added to the burglar system.

Video door-phones are more popular in Lewisham because builders generally provide them as a part of amenities in the society, earlier considered a USP. High-end users may prefer to go for the technically advanced systems that provide visitor clips in the absence of the owner at home. There are also sophisticated systems with smart card and biometrics-based door access.


Emergency pushbutton lockets for the elders in the house alert the watchman of the society and the nearest hospital in Lewisham when they are in trouble.


Which Home Security Systems to Choose in Lewisham – Wired or Wireless?


Wired systems need high degree of care and maintenance. Also wiring is cumbersome. On the other hand, wireless systems are versatile and flexible in operation in Lewisham. As the name suggests, these do not use hard cables for connectivity for various transmissions, but electric cable is still used for power source. You can go for them if you don’t want to spoil the aesthetics and the decor of your well-furnished home with dangling cables.


But remember that wireless systems have limitations in terms of features set. No system with sophisticated features in Lewisham will be completely wireless. Even if it were, it would have issues related to signal strength, etc. Also, wireless systems based on advanced technology shall be extremely costly. Wireless systems based on RF are not very reliable in terms of signal strength and large data communication.

They may also interfere with other electronic devices like mobile phone, television, radio and refrigerator in your home. Therefore it is better to put up a wired system wherever possible.


Which Home Security Systems to Choose in Lewisham – Electric or Battery Powered?


No system will be entirely working on battery. It would need power to survive over longer period of time. A system with fully featured functions will require a good amount of power consumption in Lewisham and can’t be used on battery alone.

A security system should principally be electrically powered with long battery backup. In Lewisham power conditions, the system must have battery back-up of 24 hours to 96 hours.

If battery back-up is of one week, it will be able to withstand rural power conditions without trouble.


Why Add Video Surveillance?


If video surveillance is added along with the security system in Lewisham, it increases security many folds. It helps recreate the events for review and determine what really happened when you were not watching. It ensures that you have the facts after an incident has occurred. Video surveillance adds more precision to the security.

With an audio door phone, you cannot be sure whether there is a single person standing outside the door or more people with the person who is talking through the outdoor unit. So video along with audio is much better for home security in Lewisham.


Remote Monitoring


Remote monitoring is extremely useful, but you should opt for it only if the situation demands. Otherwise, it may hike the system cost unnecessarily. Also, if it is not well-designed and well thoughtout, you may be prone to hacking. Your camera clips may be available to hackers. Hence while selecting a system with remote monitoring in Lewisham, ensure the data security solution.

Remote access to your home adds to convenience in terms of cheaper (24×7) communication and surveillance too. It saves time and money by accessing home remotely for activating your desired system profiles. You may literally carry and communicate to your Lewisham home wherever you move.


Evaluate Your Lewisham Home Security System Components


Before deciding on the components of your home security system in Lewisham, evaluate key sources of threat, and then derive your security need. Decide your budget, then refine security needs to meet the budget. Also, the system should be user-friendly.

Sensors are extremely important to home security systems in Lewisham. If they fail, security is at risk. If they give wrong signals, it is a false alarm and so on. Sensors should be of good quality and able to track the slightest of movements. Video door phones are more of convenience than a security solution. These are restricted to the use of identifying a person ringing your doorbell and communicating with the same.

For the sake of convenience, all warning alarms, sensors and door phones should be connected to a Lewisham central home security access monitoring device which logs details of all intrusions. This device should send reports and updates of the intrusions to you via SMS so that you are aware about the same from anywhere through your mobile.


Last But Not The Least: Smart Home System Integration in Lewisham


To get more value of the money, ensure that the system integrates with your home electronics appliances in Lewisham, so that these can be controlled from remote location through codes with user defined passwords.

Digital systems are recommended. The reason: you’ll have visitor clips accessible all the time, so your family is secured all the time. You have access to home on phone, SMS and Internet. You can add multiple devices whenever you need in and around the house.

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