Is it even possible to have too much Harry Potter memorabilia? With the amazing J. K. Rowling still producing tons of exciting content to expand the franchise, there’s always something new to stoke the nostalgia and enthusiasm of longtime fans. This post highlights more than 40 decorative accessories to bring more magic into your own home – ranging from licensed collectibles and hardcover box sets all the way to geeky home decor like throw pillows, bookends, and shower curtains. If you’re a hardcore Harry Potter fan or need a gift for somebody who is, start here because this compilation has a little something for everybody.

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Vintage Key Set: These would be a fun way to create your own Winged Keys – the ones from the third chamber on the path to the Philosopher’s Stone. A few sheets of very thin vellum are all you’d need to get started.

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Hogwarts House Replica: Explore everyone’s favorite school of witchcraft and wizardry in all of its incredible and carefully scaled detail. This sculpture is painted by hand to bring the castle to life.

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Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Basilisk Bookend: Thankfully, making eye contact with this sophisticated Basilisk won’t cause instant death, but it will make you want to pick one of your favorite Harry Potter novels off the shelf for a hundredth re-read.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Bookends: Here’s a pair of bookends that create a fun optical illusion that shows the Hogwarts Express steaming its way through a row a books. The hand-painted details invite a second glance every time.

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Harry Potter Collectible Quidditch Set: Although this set isn’t large enough to play the muggle-version of Quidditch that’s been taking the world by storm, this gift box does make a grey display. It contains two Bludgers, a Quaffle, and one (non-removable) golden Snitch.

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Harry Potter Christmas Ornament: Ollivander’s Wand Shop is replicated in incredible detail, ready to hang on your tree or display on your mantle over the holiday season. This piece would make a fabulous gift for your favorite Harry Potter fan.

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Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set: Although the pieces don’t spring to life as they do in the books and film, these detailed pieces are easy for any fan to recognize. The pieces are very large – standing from two to four inches in height.

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Harry Potter Pop Up Book: Filled with interesting facts about the development of the films that children and adults alike can enjoy, this popup book delivers on entertainment and educational value. Each popup features original artwork by Andrew Williamson who served as lead concept artist for all eight films.

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Houses Bookmarks: These officially licensed metal bookmarks are almost too beautiful to use. Thankfully, the attractive display wooden box makes it easy to show them off next to your collection of novels.

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The 7 Horcrux Collection Of Bookmarks: All seven of Voldemort’s horcruxes find representation in these detailed metal bookmarks – Gaunt’s ring, Tom Riddle’s Diary, Nagini, Hufflepuff’s cup, Ravenclaw’s Diadem, Slytherin’s locket, and a lightning bolt to represent Harry Potter himself.

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Nine and Three-Quarters Doormat: Who hasn’t dreamed of receiving their own ticket to the famed Platform 9 and Three-Quarters for a ride on the Hogwarts Express? While this ticket won’t get you into wizarding school, it will do a great job as a work mat, a small door rug, or a bath mat.

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Lumos Light Switch Decal: Enjoy your newfound magical powers with this inexpensive Harry Potter decal. Just like the spells, “Lumos” turns on the light and “Nox” turns them off.

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Lumos Light Switch Cover: Here’s a sturdier version of the spells imagined as a light switch cover. This would make wonderful decor for your library, a nursery, or hardcore Harry Potter fans might even find space in the living room for it.

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Way To The Ministry Of Magic Decal: When the Death Eaters reigned, Ministry of Magic employees had to enter the building by flushing themselves through a coin-operated toilet – this easy to apply decal is a tribute to this rather interesting part of Ministry of Magic history.

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Wizards Welcome Muggles Tolerated: Show your love for Harry Potter right at your entryway this handsome doormat. Each one is painted by hand in a recognizable font that graced the original novel covers.

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Harry Potter Coffee Mugs: Wouldn’t it be nice to wave your wand and get through all of that paperwork or data entry for the day? Coworkers who love the series will know exactly what your mug means.

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Espresso Patronum: It’s just a cute and funny mug, but maybe, just maybe, a kind coworker will walk by and refill your brew.

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Vanishing Marauder’s Map Mug: Just pour hot coffee or tea, and watch as this all-black mug magically reveals the Marauder’s Map. Unfortunately, unlike the map from the novels, this version doesn’t plot out the exact movements of your housemates or coworkers as they go about their day.

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Don’t Let The Muggles Get You Down Mug: The design covers both the front and the back, so you can remind yourself and others that muggles can’t hold down your wizarding ways.

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I Am Up To No Good Shot Glass: Let’s hope that the phrase on this shot glass just isn’t true! This would be a neat gift for a longtime Potter fan, since fine drinks pair so perfectly with nostalgia.

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Stupefy Shot Glass: In the Harry Potter series, the “stupefy” spell renders the target unconscious – a clever reference that fans are sure to enjoy at the next big party, though hopefully they won’t fall victim to the spell themselves.

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Minimalist Harry Potter Shot Glass: Minimalist designs are great for franchise fans that prefer a more adult look for their general-purpose collectibles and accessories. Simple glasses and that characteristic lightning bolt communicate the love for the series right at first glance.

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Harry Potter Soup Mug & Spoon: If you spend a lot of time whipping up delicious witch’s brews, it only makes sense to find a suitably fashionable way to serve them. This mug set looks like a cast iron cauldron and ladle so that every dinner time can feel like Potions class.

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Harry Potter Throw Pillows: Decorate your bedroom, library, or even your living room with selections from this extensive collection of Harry Potter throw pillows. Some are bold and proud about their influence, while others are so subtle that only longtime fans will recognize the references.

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Marauder’s Map Throw Tapestry: Although the texture feels more like a thick woven tapestry, it could definitely serve as a soft and cozy throw blanket for your reading nook or even a thin rug for the floor.

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Harry Potter Bedding: Proudly display the Hogwarts crest with this set that includes a stylish comforter and two pillowcases. The colors are muted for a more adult aesthetic, but this set is awesome for Potter fans of any age.

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Books Curtain: Although unrelated to the series directly, Harry Potter fans are often avid readers who could appreciate a curtain like this one. It’s an easy way to get that classical library look even in the smallest apartment. And with a liner, it could easily become a shower curtain thanks to the hook-and-loop hanging scheme.

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Harry Potter Shower Curtains: Harry Potter memorabilia improves every room of the home, and the bathroom is no different. There’s a surprisingly wide variety of Harry Potter shower curtains out there, with designs ranging from proud logos to subtle references.

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Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set: Yes! If you’ve been meaning to pick up new hardcover copies of the books you’ve grown to love, this boxed set is the ticket. The original cover artwork makes this set a wonderful value – and it would make a great gift for a friend whose copies are showing their age.

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Alohomora Key Holder: Perhaps one of the most memorable spells from the series, “Alohomora” will unlock almost anything – but in the muggle world, a reliable place to store your keys tends to work just as well.

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Dumbledore Quotes Poster: Albus Dumbledore produced some of the most meaningful and memorable quotes throughout the series. These four phrases are extra positive, sure to brighten the atmosphere of a room with their kind encouragement.

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Harry Potter Wizarding World Poster: This huge poster is an instant focal point. Its classic look would blend right in with any interior that uses earthy colors. It arrives in 8 separate pieces that you can frame individually or piece together, so you don’t have to worry about curling or creases.

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Harry Potter Travel Posters: Travel posters are already super fun to collect, but nothing beats a cool Harry Potter theme. These posters are best suited to a modern or minimalist interior thanks to their tastefully straightforward designs.

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Harry Potter Wands Poster: Are you obsessed with the artistry of the wand designs? This poster illustrates several of the characters iconic wands in detail. The poster itself is screen printed by hand for a result that catches the eye like no ordinary poster could. These limited edition runs are worthwhile for art collectors and Harry Potter fans alike.

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Hogwarts Window View Wall Decal: It’s hard to imagine peering out the window and seeing the bustling Hogwarts castle awash in magical yellow light, but this large 3D wall sticker can bring the illusion right into your home.

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Harry Potter Themed Vinyl Wall Decal: At 10 x 20 inches in size, this vinyl wall decal is sure to make an impression wherever you decide to place it. In addition to walls, this piece would also work on a large mirror or the rear windshield of a vehicle.

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Snowy Owl: Who doesn’t love Hedwig? This plush snowy owl would make a wonderful gift for a young fan, or a nice decor piece for a Potter-themed display. It might look cool stored inside of a spare vintage-style birdcage.

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Cauldron Candle Holder: Those who can’t attend a Potions class in real life can at least settle for the fun of this cauldron-shaped candleholder. It fits a single tea light so it’s small enough to stash anywhere within your Harry Potter collection.

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Harry Potter Cookie Cutters: If you’re planning a party or other food-related event with a Harry Potter theme, these cookie cutters are an easy way to transform ordinary snacks into a fun centerpiece display. There are plenty of general Halloween-inspired shapes to choose from, too.

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Hogwarts Style Broom Pens: Not only would these delight just about anyone around Halloween time, but they’re also the perfect subtly-Potter accessory for the office or classroom.

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