North Carolina school bus driver thwarts plan to shoot students, teachers at school, Powers are hailing a school transport driver for defeating a potential bloodbath at a North Carolina grade school.

Transport driver Alice Bradley called 911 Thursday morning to report a man guiding a firearm at her at South Macon Elementary School in Franklin. Officers reacted and captured Adam Conley, 38, and his sweetheart Kathryn Jeter, 29, of Franklin, on numerous charges. Powers said Friday the couple advised officers they proposed to shoot understudies and instructors at the school "in the event that it was God's will," WLOS-TV reported. Powers said they grabbed five handguns the couple previously possessed.

"Everyone says I'm a saint," Bradley told the station. "I'm not a legend. I simply responded like any other person would."

The Asheville Citizen-Times said the episode started when a firearm toting Conley defied Bradley at 5:15 a.m.. in the school's parking area.

"He simply pointed it at me, and I said, 'Master, he's going to shoot me,' I simply boarded my auto and went toward him," Bradley said, by 8. Her activities sent Conley running for spread, powers said.

The Citizen-Times said officers quelled Conley with an immobilizer after he drew nearer a representative with a firearm in one hand and two weapons in a holster.

Delegates likewise repressed Jeter with an immobilizer when she went for a weapon on the ground, Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland told correspondents.

"One of the people put forth the expression that in the event that it was God's will to shoot youngsters and educators, and if the other suspect needed the suspect to do as such, they would have continued to begin shooting kids and instructors," Holland said, by paper.

The sheriff said Conley and Jeter gave off an impression of being on medications.

Powers accused the pair of endeavored first-degree homicide, strike with goal to execute, weapon ownership and creature pitilessness. Holland said the couple conceded executing a feline that wandered the school grounds.

They were being hung on a $1 million bond at the Macon County Jail.

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