Hello to anyone interested in psychology, research, or human personality.

I’m helping out with a study at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. I figured I would give a shot at trying to spread word through here, because this particular study is interesting and has some curious implications. Research will study how personality, namely psychological disorders, might persist between twins. This could elude to personality being determined, at least to some extent, on a genetic level. It also helps with a general understanding of Psychological disorders.

Like mentioned above, if you are a twin (or if you know of some, you can show them this), you can participate in this confidential, online study and earn 25$ per individual. You and your twin must email miss Michelle Buffie at mbuffie@uccs.edu to be directed to the study.

The money is a good incentive, but it does invite people to try and fake results (the test does take measures to prepare for this). In keeping with the spirit of good research, I can only request that those who are not twins simply pass on this notice to lead to someone who can participate. I really do appreciate it!

@hexaneandheels I don’t mean to impose, but would you be able to push this on to anyone you know that posts psychology stuff like this? I figure it might hold some interest to somebody. If not, no big deal, I still appreciate any time spent reading this.

Always inspiring to see how hard you work and how smart you are at what you do, keep it up!

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If you can spread this, that’d be nice! I happen to be a fraternal twin, but most of us aren’t twins, so if we can spread this it’ll be easier for those of us who can participate to do so!

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