Do you have a product to sell? Do you want to ensure that it appears professional and appealing to potential customers? If so, you need to carefully consider the point of purchase display you purchase and how it is displayed in a store. The fact is that a POP display is an essential component in a successful marketing plan, but they still remain invisible to many customers.

A customer is likely thinking about a certain product, but will be drawn to the one that has been displayed in a prominent, professional and appealing manner, in many cases without even being aware their preference is being swayed. A well-done POP display will draw in a customer to a certain product over its competition while providing stores with the appearance of being cleaner and better organized than they actually may be.

The POP display can be as simple as a plastic holder with a card in the front offering information about the product, or it can feature a banner in an eye-catching light box. It is important to explore everything offered by a Custom Display Manufacturer in order to determine what is right for a product or a store. There are a number of manufacturers that offer simple solutions for the POP displays they provide, which includes the use of brochure holders, lobby displays, poster holders and suction cups. The best part is that with all the options of POP displays, you can find one that suits your business, or product, needs.

There are also a number of low cost options for POP displays, which are typically crafted from injection molding. These types of holders use the process of actually injecting melted plastic into a certain mold. For businesses that are just starting out, these types of displays provide durability and affordability. However, for those seeking a sleeker way to display certain products, they can have custom designs created by established manufactures, which may include a business’s own concepts or designs. While this can result in a higher cost for the finished product, it will often result in more sales.

If you are searching for the right type of POP display for your business, consider the options carefully. This will ensure you create a display that encourages purchases from your customers, rather than sending them in the other direction when it comes time to make a purchase.

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