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1,Gupta Lane,Kolkata (West Bengal)-700006,India
Phone Number  :-  +91-33-40208888/40208899

Fax – +91-33-40208855

Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan p Ltd.,Kolkata,Popularly known as Baidyanath is the acknowledged leader of ayurved know-how.Established in 1917,the company

has played a pioneering role in re-esstablishing ancient knowledge with modern research and manufacturing techniques.

Ayurved is a 5000 year old science of health care and herbal treatment. Ayurved is a highly effective in common and complicated ailments,assures long term relief and has no side effects.Ayurved is now backed by modern scientific research and technologies and provide its gentle healing touch to mollions around the world.

To be the global numero uno in Ayurved and its spheres by leveraging on our brand equity ,vast experience,core knowledge and competence,procurement expertise,modern manufacturing and research capabilities.
Baidyanath Ayurved Herbal Products/Manufacturing Details :

1. Ark, 2. Asava & Arishtas, 3. Bati Or Pills, 4. Beauty Care Products, 5. Bhasma & Pishti,6. Churana(Powders), 7. Food Products

8. Ghritas, 9. Guggulu, 10. Lauh MAndoor, 11. Manjan,Paste & Surma, 12.Madicinal Oils, 13. Parpati, 14. Patent Medicines, 15. Perfumed Oils, 16. Ras

Rasayan, 17. Herbal Products, 18. Herbal Teas, 19. Aroma Therapy Oil, 20.Herbal Facemask, 21. Herbal Ointments and a complete range of Ayurved Medicine……

Baidyanath Center,Store,Clinic all India details :-

Delhi, Mumbai,Kolkata, Chennai, Gujarat, Madhya pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarkhand, Orissa,Bihar, Chhatisgarh, Karnatka,Maharastra, Andhra

Pradesh,Goa and more……..

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