For your convenience, and to help you navigate the 2015 AudiologyNOW! AAA Convention, The Hearing Review has compiled this alphabetical listing of AAA exhibitors. You can also download The Hearing Review’s Walking Guide to the 2015 AAA Convention, which includes a schedule of events, another listing of exhibitors, and a walking tour of the exhibit hall.

3 Shape AS: Booth 245

3Shape leads the market for 3D scanning and CAD/CAM technologies for supporting digital design and production of customized hearing aid shells, earmoulds, noise protection and soft moulds. 3Shape’s Audio System is easy to use, highly configurable, and easy to integrate with ERP, 3D printers, and 3rd party applications. (908) 867-0144; www.3shape.com

Able Planet: Booth 487

Acoustic Systems/ETS-Lindgren: Booth 553

Advanced Monitors Corp: Booth 208

Air Force Recruiting Services: Booth 596

Allwell Patient Financing: Booth 644

AllWell is a finance program provided by Allegro Credit. AllWell Patient Payment Plans are specifically designed for select healthcare industries and provide an alternative to high interest rate credit cards. AllWell knows its customers’ needs and its experienced professionals quickly respond to them. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service team. (877) 744-2290; www.allwell.com

American Hearing Aid Associates: Booth 344

American-Speech-Language-Hearing Assn: Booth 320

Amplicom USA LLC: Booth 591

Amplivox: Booth 881

Amplivox provides a range of audiological products and services that combine innovation, reliability, and ease of use. On display are the Otowave (handheld tympanometer) and our full line of audiometers. Visit booth #881 for hands on product demonstrations and show specials. (888) 941-4208; www.amplivox.us

Arizona School of Health Sciences (A.T. Still): Booth 482

Audifon USA Inc: Booth 585

audifon is presenting the company’s new innovations at AudiologyNOW! The new small RITE housing combines the latest technology with maximum flexibility. To ensure the broadest fitting range, audifon has developed 2 new receiver units, which are easy to fit and can be personalized to suit specific needs. audifon’s new power BTE offers up to 78 dB of gain and a 13 battery with up to 220 hours of life. This BTE is perfectly suited for customers who need higher amplification. It is available in the saga, libra, miro and vico product lines and comes with attractive comfort features. The company also presents its fitting solution audifit 5, which hearing care professionals appreciate for its intuitive handling and precise fitting experience. (800) 776-0222; www.audifon.com

Audigy Group LLC: Booth 691

Audigy Group helps private practice audiologists and hearing professionals excel in their businesses while allowing them to grow as leaders. We empower and inspire teams through superior tools and training. (360) 816-2563; www.audigygroup.com

Audina Hearing Instruments: Booths 347, MR6

Audina Hearing Instruments Inc is a privately owned American company celebrating 25 years in the hearing healthcare industry. Audina offers a comprehensive product line that includes all styles of hearing instruments. With its unwavering commitment to quality and outstanding customer service, Audina products are distributed in over 50 countries worldwide. (407) 331-0077; www.audina.net

Audioaid Supply Company Inc: Booth 681

Supplier of private-label hearing aid batteries and hearing aid cleaning products. (800) 535-6044; www.audioaidsupply.com

Audio Energy Inc: Booth 343

Audiology Systems/Otometrics: Booth 332

Audiology Systems is a national partnership of audiologists, industry professionals, and local instrument experts. We are an exclusive, US distributor of GN Otometrics products (AURICAL®, MADSEN® and ICS®) and other leading audiology and vestibular equipment. We elevate customer care through consultative dialogue starting with your investment decision-making process, all the way through post-installation follow-up, support, and training. Audiology Systems also offers comprehensive Care Plans and calibration service, continuing education units (CEUs), multi-site facility consultation, and online shopping convenience for supplies and accessories through the Audiology Systems Webshop. We put our customers first as we continue to add great innovative products and solutions to our portfolio. (855) 283-7978; www.audiologysystems.com

Audioscan: Booth 301

Take control with the new Verifit®2, a fully binaural REM/HIT verification system. Hear what’s happening at the eardrum or in the box with the equalized binaural headphones—troubleshoot, check streaming/synchronization, or compare competitive instruments, all instantly and simultaneously! Faster and more powerful than ever, the Verifit2 features all-new transducers that eliminate fuss…see how the new probe system, quick-connect binaural coupler, and putty-free testing of RICs increase your efficiency. These and other new features have made the Verifit2 the most successful product launch in Audioscan’s 25-year history. Visit the Audioscan booth to experience the latest in verification technology fitting systems. (800) 265-2093; www.audioscan.com

Auditdata A/S: Booth 360

Auditdata develops and supports total solutions in audiology. Originating from clinic management systems for public and private sector audiology, the innovative audiometer and fitting system, Primus, now plays a significant part of the business. The Primus Fitting System includes everything needed within audiometry, real ear measurements, client counselling, and hearing instrument testing. It includes state-of-the-art speech mapping tools, which will help you get on target quicker. (457) 020-3124; www.auditdata.com

AudNet Inc: Booth 169

AUDServ: Booth 858

Audsoft Inc: Booth 365

AUSSCO/ACS: Booth 282

A system for complete analysis and calibration of hearing testing equipment including audiometers, tympanometers, otoacoustic equipment, and test rooms. Developed with manufacturers’ cooperation, the system can directly interface and control the unit during calibration. This allows for complete exhaustive calibration of all aspects of the unit to ANSI, ISO, or IEC standards with the click of a mouse. See the artificial mastoid and NEW line of couplers. The units are in worldwide use by manufacturers, service companies, and the US military. (800) 755-8272; www.audiometercal.com

Austar Hearing Science and Technology: Booth 765

Bernafon LLC: Booth 123

Since 1946, we have been passionate about developing quality hearing systems that enable people with hearing difficulties to enjoy authentic listening experiences. With Swiss engineering, precision technology, and our commitment to individual service, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our aim is to provide extra value to our partners every day. (888) 941-4203; www.bernafon-us.com

Bionix Medical Technologies: Booth 491

Bionix Medical Technologies, a leader in safe cerumen removal, offers hands-on demonstrations of its award winning Lighted Product line featuring the Lighted Ear Curette with Magnification, Lighted Forceps, Lighted Suction, and Lighted Placement Tool. (419) 727-8421; www.bionix.com

BioSound Lab Co Ltd: Booth 387

Hearing aid manufacturing company located in Republic of Korea. +82-10-8448-4986; www.biosoundlab.com

Blueprint Solutions: Booth 2012

At Blueprint Solutions, we continue to introduce new innovative features helping your clinic stay productive and connected with your patients. Blueprint OMS features an easy-to-use interface, an effective marketing module, Noah and QuickBooks integration, document management, emailing and faxing, medical report writing, free insurance billing, dashboard, and more. (877) 686-8410; www.blueprintsolutions.us

Blue Tree Publishing: Booth 675

CallSource: Booth 797

CaptionCall: Booth 857

When you give your patients CaptionCall, you give them much more than a free phone! You give confidence, independence and peace-of-mind.  Most importantly, you enhance their overall health and well-being by helping them stay socially connected with friends and family. Visit our booth and get a complimentary gift card when you mention the key phrase, “Much more than a free phone!” (877) 557-2227; www.captioncallproviders.com

CareCredit: Booth 403

Want fewer patients walking out of your practice tested-not-treated? Visit booth 403 to learn how CareCredit can make a real difference. With financing options available through the CareCredit healthcare credit card, you can help more patients get the best solution for their hearing needs, which can increase proper adoption and satisfaction. In turn, this can help secure patient loyalty and referrals. It’s a win-win! In addition, CareCredit can help you grow your practice. You can attract new patients from a network of over 9 million cardholders and expand your professional network with other healthcare providers that accept CareCredit in your community. Connect to the CareCredit difference and enroll for free! If already enrolled, stop by to learn about the free tools and resources that can help you maximize opportunities in your practice! (800) 300-3046; www.carecredit.com

CFM Technologies Inc: Booth 244

CFM Technologies manufactures and distributes low-cost portable diagnostic kits designed for the effective examinations of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat, as well as the easy removal of cerumen from the ears. We are pleased to introduce our new line of single-use lighted ear curettes that can be used with any of our existing ENT Pocket Light or Cerumen Management Sets. (800) 297-0809; www.cfmtechnologies.com

Clear Advantage Direct Mail: Booth 234

Clearwater Clinical: Booth 268

Comfort Audio Inc: Booth 775

Our focus on quality and innovative technologies since our start in 1994 has earned Comfort Audio an international reputation for leadership in the field of assistive listening devices. In addition to personal ALDs, we offer a full range of digital FM hearing systems to enable active work environments and to promote learning in schools. (888) 421-0843; www.comfortaudio.com

Connect Hearing: Booth 286

Conversor Limited: Booth 375

Costco Wholesale: Booth 436

Costco Wholesale is a global retailer with warehouse club operations in 9 countries. We are recognized as one of the most admired companies to work for, dedicated to quality in every area of our business, and respected for our outstanding business ethics. Since day one, those business ethics are represented in our unwavering commitment to doing the right thing for our members, employees, suppliers, and communities. Our operating philosophy is simple: Keep costs down and pass the savings on to our members. When we combine our large membership base with our tremendous buying power, we are able to offer an incredible value. Stop by our booth to learn more about career opportunities with Costco Hearing Aid Centers, or about our hearing aid products and services. (425) 313-6416; www.costco.com/hearing-aid-center.html

CounselEAR: Booth 424

We believe that managing your clinic should be simple and stress free. Our innovative systems empower you to integrate your entire office workflow online. With CounselEAR, you can focus on your patients…we’ll take care of the rest. (888) 516-4281; www.CounselEAR.com

Debrox: Booth 476

Dreve-Otoplastik GmbH: Booth 367

Duracell: Booth 447

Dynamic Ear Company: Booth 203

Ear Gear: Booth 464

Ear Gear is celebrating 10 years of protecting hearing aids. Visit us and learn how Ear Gear can help you grow your business, convert clients into loyal advocates, sell more hearing instruments, and dramatically increase revenue. With over 250,000 units sold, Ear Gear reduces damage from moisture, sweat, and dirt; minimizes wind noise and friction sounds; and prevents loss and chafing. Ear Gear is ideal for those that hunt, fish, jog, or cycle. Parents love Ear Gear as it allow their kids to be active without losing their hearing instruments. Ear Gear is the perfect solution to seniors’ misplaced hearing aids in care homes. Available for all sizes of hearing aids, cochlear implants, Baha, even ITEs, in 8  fashionable colors. Let Ear Gear help your patients live life to the fullest! (250) 766-1838; www.gearforears.com

EarQ Group: Booth 942

EarQ Group Inc is the only independent privately held organization dedicated to supporting all business aspects of today’s highly competitive hearing healthcare practice. From interactive business support, to tested and proven marketing solutions, EarQ Group will always strive to provide its members with unique, profit generating programs that separate your practice from your competitors in our ever changing industry. (866) 432-7500; www.earq.com

Ear Technology Corporation: Booth 567

Manufacturers and distributors of Dry & Store®, recognized worldwide as a leader of hearing instrument care; Dry Caddy® passive drying kit that’s the “next-best thing” to a Dry & Store; TransEar®, the remedy of choice for single-sided deafness; Clik-EZ®, the open-fit BTE hearing aid that’s programmed without cables or computer connections; EarTech TV Audio®, the high quality digital TV listening with affordable price point and attractive margins; and EarTech Music®, world-class custom in-ear monitors (IEMs) for discriminating musicians and audiophiles. (800) 327-8547; www.eartech.com

Eckel Industries of Canada: Booth 103

Audiometric booths for hearing screening, audiometric testing and hearing aid evaluation, clinical audiometric rooms and suites for clinical examinations and auditory research. Anechoic noise research facilities, room noise control, and a broad scope of noise control products and systems. (613) 543-2967; www.eckel.ca

Educated Patients: Booth 860

ENT & Audiology News: Booth 771

EnvisionTEC: Booth 390

EPIC Hearing Healthcare: Booth 101

Founded in 1997, EPIC Hearing Healthcare is a leading provider of hearing benefits through relationships with every major manufacturer of hearing technology. Together EPIC and OneSourceHearing create one of the industry’s most powerful and influential buying groups. (877) 606-3742; www.epichearing.com

Etymotic Research Inc: Booth 205

Etymotic Research, the go-to resource for hearing wellness solutions for over 30 years, is a respected leader in high-fidelity audio and hearing conservation. Just a few of Etymotic’s many contributions to clinical audiology and auditory research are: Musicians Earplugs, ER-3 insert earphones for audiometry and ABR, OAE instrumentation, QuickSIN and BKB-SIN tests, directional microphones and personal noise dosimeters. Etymotic works to make affordable personal sound amplifiers accessible to Americans with limited resources. (847) 228-0006; www.etymotic.com

Europlasma NV: Booth 209

Europlasma provides the industry with the technology for PFOA- and PFOS-free nanocoatings to protect hearing devices against corrosion and damage from liquids. The Nanofics110 coatings are highly water repellent and highly oil repellent fluoropolymer type of nanocoatings deposited by low pressure plasma technology. (0032) 5530-3205; www.europlasma.be

Frye Electronics Inc: Booth 497

Frye Electronics will be previewing the upcoming release of its FONIX Colt Audiometer, with the new Tactile Option that adds comfortable, quiet, tactile controls to the existing tab-let user interface in order to give the user the ability to perform an audiometric test through touch and feel. Frye is also showing the FONIX 8000 Hearing Aid Test System, which now features ANSI 09 and Profiler. New features for the HEARLab Cortical Auditory Evoked Potential Analyzer include the addition of /s/ stimulus, with energy concentrated in the 5500Hz and 8000Hz frequency range. Its inclusion is intended to assess a child’s hearing at high frequencies, unaided or aided. The /s/ stimulus enables benefit evaluation of frequency shifting hearing aid algorithms. (503) 620-2722; www.frye.com

The Geneva Foundation: Booth 173

GRAS Sound & Vibration: Booth 549

G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration is a world-class manufacturer of acoustic test equipment. Since 1994, we have been dedicated solely to continuously improving the acoustic transducer selection available to engineers, technicians, and scientists. Come by booth #549 or visit www.gras.us to see KEMAR, our acoustic coupler program for hearing aid test and development—including the latest high frequency coupler. (330) 425-1201; www.gras.us

Grason-Stadler (GSI): Booth 652

For over 65 years, Grason-Stadler (GSI) has been “Setting The Clinical Standard” in Audiometry, Tympanometry, and hearing healthcare diagnostics. Far more than a tagline, it is embedded in our corporate DNA and is the driving force behind everything we do. Market feedback confirmed that GSI is seen as the Clinical Standard. It also established the three attributes most identified with the GSI brand: Quality, Reliability, User-Friendly. (952) 278-4402; www.grason-stadler.com

Hal-Hen Company Inc: Booth 356

The TVaid® Wireless Amplification System offers great profit! Please stop by for demonstrations of our exciting new products. Hal-Hen one-stop shopping offers over 4,000 items including: ALDs, Personal Communicators, FM Systems, Impression Materials, Infection Control, Otoscopes, Earlites, Earmold Supplies, Cerumen Management Systems, and more. We’re available by phone or Web 24/7. Our commitment is to provide the very best in quality and service. (800) 242-5436; www.halhenpro.com

Hamilton CapTel: Booth 778

Dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that make phone conversations simple and accessible for individuals with hearing loss, Hamilton CapTel® makes it possible to listen while reading word-for-word captions of everything said to a user on the phone. Hamilton CapTel phones ensure amazingly clear phone conversations and are powered by the same proven technology that has made over 43 million captioned telephone conversations possible. As a hearing healthcare professional, your patients trust you as their hearing loss expert, and they count on you to understand the difference between living with hearing loss and living well with hearing loss. This is exactly why hundreds of hearing healthcare professionals recommend Hamilton CapTel to their patients through the Hamilton CapTel Hearing Healthcare Program. It’s about living well with hearing loss, and the Hamilton CapTel Hearing Healthcare Program is a simple, no-cost way to extend this to your patients. (800) 826-7111; www.hamiltoncaptel.com/hhc

Hansaton Hearing Systems: Booth 781

Hansaton is a family-owned privately held manufacturer of high-level hearing instruments that has been in existence for over 50 years. Hansaton manufactures a complete range of digital hearing systems and is also a leading supplier of inductive rechargeable battery technology for hearing systems. (888) 984-7432; www.hansaton-usa.com

Harris Communications Inc: Booth 690

Get your assistive listening devices from the most recognized name in the industry. Harris Communications backs your practice with the products, knowledge, and support you need to give your clients a complete hearing solution. Stop by booth #690 and see how we can help enhance your patients’ hearing experience while offering you dealer prices to help build your business. (800) 582-8569; www.harriscomm.com

Hear USA: Booth 801

HearingFUSION: Booth 228

HearingFUSION is a cloud-based Office management solution that empowers hearing healthcare professionals. It incorporates scheduling, tracking/reporting, insurance billing and reimbursement capabilities, all built upon a foundation of sound accounting principles and HIPAA Compliance. At the heart of the company is a commitment to unparalleled customer service, support, and user experience. The HearingFUSION staff can successfully and securely import data from your existing system. (855) 822-2900; www.hearingfusion.com

Hearing HealthCare News: Booth 710

Hearing HealthCare News® is a customized newsletter for audiologists to send to their patients. Audiology HealthCare News is written for referring physicians. Their service includes the Practice Development Program, designed to increase patient satisfaction, increase sales to current patients, and increase patient and physician referrals. Dozens of tips and strategies developed with leading audiology practices over the past 29 years are provided in the 150-page manual, including customized patient newsletters, physician newsletters, a patient retention and patient program, and patient satisfaction surveys. (800) 342-1643; www.hearinghealthnews.com

Hearing Healthcare Recruiters LLC: Booth 543

We provide staffing and recruiting services to the hearing healthcare community across the United States. (714) 580-5951; www.HearingHealthcareRecruiters.com

Hearing Journal-LWW: Booth 642

Hearing Loop Systems: Booth 275

Hearing Review: Booth 289

The Hearing Review is a leading monthly trade magazine and online resource that provides concise, timely, and accurate information to hearing care professionals worldwide. HR focuses on the practical aspects of hearing instrument testing and fitting, technology, marketing, and business management. (949) 791-2590; www.hearingreview.com

HIMSA Inc: Booth 250

IAC Acoustics: Booth 731

Ida Institute: Booth 401

We are an independent, non-profit organization that aims to foster a better understanding of the human dynamics of hearing loss. We share and co-create knowledge and tools with hearing care professionals to help them open communication with patients and better address their needs. (457) 022-7217; www.idainstitute.com

IMHear Corp-NewSound: Booths 474, MR8

Founded in 2004, the whole family of NewSound has been devoted to offering great hearing aids with affordable price to the hearing impaired around the world. Guided by ISO 13485 certificated systems, NewSound has its own integrated R&D, manufacturing, as well as quality control teams and facilities. NewSound manufactures a full range of hearing aids which can well suit various needs and lifestyles of the customers, and all the products have been certificated by CE and FDA. 86 (0) 5923921171; www.usnewsound.com

Infinite Therapeutics: Booth 475

InnoCaption Inc: Booth 381

Insta-Mold Products Inc: Booth 357

Since 1970, Insta-Mold Products Inc has been formulating silicones for the hearing health industry. Insta-Mold will be demonstrating and holding workshops on how to make custom-molded earmolds and earplugs for water and noise protection in your office with our Insta-Mold Featherweight instant silicones. Learn the subtle differences in taking these types of ear impressions, as well as all the finishing and modification techniques involved. (800) 523-4081; www.instamold.com

In’Tech Industries Inc: Booth 210

In’Tech manufactures and maintains an inventory of faceplates, battery doors, battery boots, BTE components, earmolds, ear shells, and accessories for use by hearing aid manufacturers around the world. (763) 576-8100; www.intech-ind.com

Integrated Surface Technologies: Booth 382

Nano-coating equipment for hearing aid manufacturers. (949) 481-0481; www.insurftech.com

Intelligent Hearing Systems: Booth 303

IHS has dedicated more than 30 years to developing and refining cost-effective methods for hearing evaluation. We offer a variety of product platforms to meet both clinical and research requirements. Complete screening and diagnostic testing using evoked potentials (ECochG, ABR, MLR, LLR, P300, ASSR, cABR, ENoG, VEP), otoacoustic emissions (DPOAE, TEOAE, SOAE), and visual reinforcement audiometry techniques. (305) 668-6102; www.ihsys.com

Interacoustics US: Booth 463

Our products range from small portable devices to full clinical instruments and are sold all over the world wherever hearing healthcare is practiced. This is one of our strengths, because it enables us to provide integrated solutions whatever your situation. Whenever you purchase audiological equipment with Interacoustics, you are not just guaranteed a quality product, but also highly trained support and training personnel with specialized knowledge. We operate in more than 100 countries through a carefully selected network of distributors and service centers to ensure that you receive total support and service. (800) 974-6334; www.interacoustics-us.com

International Hearing Distribution: Booth 383

International Society of Audiology: Booth 889

Intricon: Booths 199, MR7, MR13

Inventis SRL: Booth 201

Inventis is a high-tech oriented Italian company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge medical devices for the fields of audiology. In 10 years, our work has been continuously guided by two main principles: innovation and design. Our equipment always makes use of state-of-the-art technologies, while remaining fully aware that the main goal of technology is improving the user and patient experience. We believe that a well-designed device can improve the user and patient experience. 0039 049 8962844; www.inventis.it

Jedmed Instrument Company: Booth 409

JEDMED is an employee-owned company serving the medical community since 1978. Our company offers a full complement of specialty items for accessing, visualizing and cleaning the ear canal. All of our visualization products use only the brightest LED technology available, and products include HD Video Otoscopes, Portable Video Otoscopes, LED Illuminated Loupes, Cerumen Management Instruments, and Patient Chairs and Mobile Suction Treatment Cabinets. (314) 845-3770; www.jedmed.com

Kaiser Permanente: Booth 443

LANTOS Technologies Inc: Booth 364

At Lantos Technologies, we have developed the world’s first intra-aural 3D scanning device for the custom earpiece device market. Our technology enables audiologists to eliminate the uncomfortable, messy, and error-prone technique used to generate impressions of the ear canal. (781) 443-7634; www.lantostechnologies.com

Larson-Davis Inc: Booth 509

The Listening Academy: Booth 376

Maico Diagnostics: Booth 310

For more than seven decades, MAICO has been an innovator in audiological instruments, developing, producing, and distributing reliable products ranging from hearing screening to diagnostic solutions. MAICO has grown over the years to fulfill the specialized needs of the growing field of audiology. On display, at Booth 310, will be our new EroScan PLUS (handheld OAE device) and our newly designed MA 42 (Air/Bone/Speech) full 2-channel diagnostic audiometer. (952) 941-4200; www.maico-diagnostics.com

MED-EL Corporation: Booth 787

Since 1975, MED-EL has set new standards in hearing implant innovations, developing and manufacturing technologically advanced hearing solutions for people with varying degrees of hearing loss. MED-EL hearing implant systems combine the latest scientific advances, engineering, and manufacturing techniques for performance, safety, and reliability. MED-EL offers the broadest portfolio of hearing implant systems, including the MAESTRO cochlear implant system and the Vibrant Soundbridge®. (888) 633-3524; www.medel.com

MedRX Inc: Booth 302

MedRx manufactures and sells PC-based diagnostic equipment. Our products are portable, powerful, and affordable. MedRx products are state-of-the-art and offer many features, such as built-in speech files, a calibrated speech stimulus, NOAH™, TIMS® and Sycle compatibility, excellent third-party tools, a well-tested software platform, and integrated software modules among many others. (888) 392-1234; www.medrx-usa.com

MG Development: Booth 856

Micromedical Technologies: Booth 457

Micromedical specializes in products and systems for vestibular and balance assessment and rehabilitation. Turnkey configurations include complete Balance Centers and Fall Prevention Clinics, as well as laptop vestibular testing systems for the ultimate in portability. (217) 483-2122; www.micromedical.com

MicroPower Batteries: Booth 462

Distributor for all brands of hearing aid batteries. Private label brands, custom battery packaging, professional label with custom imprinting front/rear for audiologists, available in 4, 6, or 8 pack dial wheels. Sales to more than 140 countries. (305) 371-9200; www.microbattery.com

Microson: Booth 231

Microson’s commitment to providing great hearing solutions, based on technological advances with which it is possible to offer the best value for money on the market, is manifest through its research and development department. This is a place where professionals work to incorporate the best quality and most efficient features in all its products. 00 34 93 300 58 00; www.microson.es

Microsonic Inc: Booths 279, 667

Microsonic is recognized as one of the nation’s leading full-service in-ear-molding laboratories specializing in earmolds, hearing protection, and hearing enhancement soultions. Microsonic offers an array of accessories for the hearing aid specialist. Engineering staff on site. 3D printing capabilities. Microsonic is women owned and operated. ISO 9001:2008 Certified. (724) 266-9270; www.microsonic-inc.com

Mid-States Laboratories Inc: Booth 348

Mid-States has served the hearing aid industry since 1951 with quality earmolds, open-fitting molds, noise protection products, swim molds, Yellow Stuff impression materials, and related supply products, and excellent customer service for the quality-minded dispenser. (316) 262-7013; www.mid-stateslabs.com

Mimosa Acoustics: Booth 257

Miracell Inc: Booth 648

National Hearing Test: Booth 379

The nonprofit National Hearing Test is the US’s first validated phone-based hearing screening. It was developed by hearing scientists with funding from an NIH grant. The NHT has no financial connection with any hearing products or services. It presents 3-digit sequences in noise, rather than pure tones, to provide a reliable screening measure of hearing loss despite the differences in sound levels of different telephones. After taking the NHT, those who fail are encouraged to seek a full hearing evaluation. (812) 336-1766; www.nationalhearingtest.org

NIDCD: Booth 479

The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), conducts and supports research in the normal and disordered processes of hearing, balance, taste, smell, voice, speech, and language. (800) 241-1044; www.nidcd.nih.gov

Natus Medical Incorporated: Booth 501

Neuro Kinetics Inc: Booth 573

Neuro Kinetics Inc (NKI) is a world leader in eye tracking technology and non-invasive neuro-otologic diagnostic testing. Central to our I-Portal® product mix is the premise that the eye is the portal to the brain. (412) 963-6649; www.neuro-kinetics.com

Neuromonics Inc: Booth 229

Based in Westminster, Colo, Neuromonics Inc manufactures and distributes clinically proven, FDA-cleared medical devices to treat tinnitus. (720) 242-6893; www.neuromonics.com

Neurosoft Ltd: Booth 466

Noise Barriers: Booth 240

Noise Barriers is a premier source for modular audiometric testing enclosures. Made with pride in the USA, our products are custom tailored to meet the needs of your practice. We are your single source for design, supply, and installation. Our clientele ranges from small practices to much larger projects, such as VA hospitals. (847) 843-0500; www.noisebarriers.com

Nupur Technologies: Booth 259

Nupur Technologies LLC is a medical device company whose mission is to design, develop, and market new, patented, cost-effective technologies in the medical device field. Based in Buffalo, NY, Nupur draws upon the rich tradition of manufacturing excellence in the region. (716) 222-2323; www.nupurtech.com

Nutshell Marketing Inc: Booth 542

NXP Semiconductors Belgium: Booth 870

Oaktree Products Inc: Booth 352

Oaktree Products Inc is the resource for hearing health care professionals, dedicated to assisting you to help your patients while, at the same time, helping grow your business. This is achieved by providing a wide range of essential products and programs with a commitment to the highest level of service to customers. (800) 347-1960; www.oaktreeproducts.com

ON Semiconductor: Booths 191, MR10, MR11, MR12

Oticon Inc: Booths 311, 411, MR1

Oticon, a world leader in hearing instrument manufacturing, has a strong track record of innovation and technological breakthroughs. A pioneer in innovative technology, Oticon continues to develop and manufacture technologically advanced hearing solutions to help people with hearing loss in every age group. (800) 526-3921; www.oticonusa.com

Oticon Medical: Booth 601

At Oticon Medical, more than a century of experience in audiology and sound processing is being combined with decades of pioneering experience in hearing implant technology. Our connection to Oticon gives us unique access to knowledge, resources, and technology. It also empowers us to bring progress to bone-anchored hearing systems. (732) 560-0727; www.oticonmedical.com

Otodynamics Ltd: Booth 353

Innovative hearing screening and diagnostic products from the originators of OAE technology. Recognized for quality, reliability, and performance, Otodynamics delivers the widest range of Gold Standard OAE instruments including our renowned desktop Echoport and our flexible, upgradable Otoport handheld. International supplier of OAE and ABR screening instruments, and leaders in advanced clinical OAE analysers for over 25 years. (828) 478-9880; www.otodynamics.com

Otoharmonics Corporation: Booth 272

Otometrics/Audiology Systems: Booths 262 & 332

Audiology Systems is a national partnership of audiologists, industry professionals, and local instrument experts. We are an exclusive, US distributor of GN Otometrics products (AURICAL®, MADSEN® and ICS®) and other leading audiology and vestibular equipment. We elevate customer care through consultative dialogue starting with your investment decision-making process, all the way through post-installation follow-up, support, and training. Audiology Systems also offers comprehensive Care Plans and calibration service, continuing education units (CEUs), multi-site facility consultation, and online shopping convenience for supplies and accessories through the Audiology Systems Webshop. We put our customers first as we continue to add great innovative products and solutions to our portfolio. (855) 283-7978; www.audiologysystems.com

OTOTRONIX: Booth 545

Otto Trading: Booth 478

Path Medical GmbH: Booth 374

PATH Medical designs and supplies devices for fast and reliable newborn hearing screening confirmation diagnostics, as well as preschool and school screening devices and diagnostic equipment for all ages. (647) 519-6522; www.pathme.de

Perfect Seal Laboratories Inc: Booth 377

Persona Medical: Booth 757

Persona is the oldest custom manufacturer in the United States, and one of the largest high-end independent hearing aid laboratories. Over four decades of experience has helped us to remain on the cutting edge with advanced innovations. (800) 789-6543; www.personamedical.com

Phonak: Booths 503, MR2

Life is on. We are sensitive to the needs of everyone who depends on our knowledge, ideals, and care. And by creatively challenging the limits of technology, we develop innovations that help people hear, understand, and experience more of life’s rich soundscapes. Interact freely. Communicate with confidence. Live without limit. Life is on. (800) 777-7333; www.phonakpro-us.com

Pluggerz: Booth 391

Pluggerz has been developed by Comfoor BV from Doetinchem (Netherlands), which is a laboratory that was set up in 1985 for custom-made earmolds for hearing devices and custom-made hearing protectors. 31 (0) 314 369897; www.pluggerz.com

Plural Publishing: Booth 469

Prescott’s Inc: Booth 468

Prism Hearing Solutions, Div of AUDserv Inc: Booth 858

Pro3dure Medical: Booth 576

QTC Medical Services, a Lockheed Martin Co: Booth 480

Rayovac Corporation: Booth 643

Rayovac is the world’s largest manufacturer of hearing aid batteries. ProLine is available direct from Rayovac exclusively through hearing health care professionals in the US and Europe. Extra Brand is available only through select hearing aid distributors in North America and Europe. (608) 275-4935; www.thepowerofhearing.com

Renata Batteries/Sy Kessler Sales Inc: Booth 308

Renata is a company of The SWATCH Group of Switzerland, the world’s largest watch company and long-time Olympic sponsor. Renata ranks among the world’s top-3 producers of button cells. Renata’s 0% Mercury Zinc-Air hearing aid batteries are the ideal solution for consistently long battery life, featuring higher voltage, a 4-year shelf life, great prices, and a money-back guarantee. (800) 527-0719, Ext 146; www.RenataUSA.com

Resonance: Booth 577

ReSound: Booth 703

ReSound helps people rediscover hearing. We develop hearing solutions that emulate the function of the natural ear. Our aim is to give your patients the opportunity to live a rich, active, and fulfilling life unaffected by hearing loss. (800) 248-4327; www.resound.com

Restored Hearing: Booth 481

Rexton: Booth 751

Discover the smart choice. Rexton is a company with great service and people offering exceptional hearing technology accessible to all. Trust our superior speech understanding, durability, and personalization to deliver unprecedented wearing comfort. QuadCore 4c Technology is coming soon, and this is no ordinary upgrade. Since we can’t wait to reveal our newest products, beat the rush and listen before everyone else. Visit our booth to hear for yourself. (800) 876-1141; www.rexton.com

Salus Univ/Osborne College of Audiology: Booth 363

Sebotek Hearing Systems: Booth 177

Secure Health Inc: Booth 484

Our Better Balance™ technology is comprised of proven systems that identify, diagnose and treat vestibular and balance disorders. An essential component of our Better Balance™ technology is NysStar™ VNG diagnostic equipment manufactured by Difra Instrumentation. Secure Health Inc is the exclusive US agent for Difra Instrumentation, a leading manufacturer of diagnostic balance disorder technology for 48 years. We offer business systems for vestibular, balance disorders, and falls prevention. (260) 804-4041; vngtechnology.com

Serene Innovations Inc: Booth 109

Siemens Hearing Instruments: Booth 425

Siemens considers its binax a world first. Clinically proven to outperform normal hearing in demanding listening environments like restaurants, cocktail parties, cars. Wearers can focus precisely on their desired sound no matter where it originates. Experience binax in an expanded portfolio of BTEs, RICS, and Customs. (800) 766-4500; www.usa.siemens.com/hearing.

Sikka Software Corporation: Booth 107

Simply Hearing Software Inc: Booth 386

Our clinic management system, Simply Hearing OMS | AURORA, is browser-based, comprehensive, customizable, easy to use, and can be cloud-hosted or installed on-premises. The deployment for Simply Hearing OMS | AURORA is zero footprint with no additional plugins, Active-X controls, or Java Applets being required. (519) 725-3881; www.simplyhearing.com

smart optics-sensortechnik GmbH: Booth 574

Sprint CapTel: Booth 646

Sonetics: Booth 885

Delivering day-long comfort and rugged performance in high-noise environments, Sonetics Apex 3-Series wireless headsets conserve hearing without sacrificing safety and situational awareness. The industry’s first integrated personal sound dosimeter shields users from dangerous noise levels while enhancing other audio to comfortable listening levels. Sonetics Wireless Headsets, Intercoms, Belt Packs, and Base Stations provide millions of users with the communication solutions they need to get the job done. (800) 833-4558; www.soneticscorp.com

Sonic: Booth 312

Two new products. One business-changing program. See them at our booth. New Celebrate rises to any occasion with sounds that are clear and natural. Available in BTE and custom models, Celebrate helps more people live it up every day. Journey, our new Super Power BTE, goes the distance so people with extreme hearing loss can put great everyday moments on the map. Both products are built on our robust Speech Variable Processing platform and include powerful new features like Frequency Transfer, Reverb Reduction, and updated wireless capabilities. How about first-time patients? Our new Everyday Sounds Better marketing program is the perfect introduction. Within 20 years, nearly 20% of the US population will be over age 65. Since hearing loss is a natural result of aging, your patient base is growing. The Everyday Sounds Better program makes it easy to connect with new patients without risk or hassles—learn how! (888) 423-7834; www.sonici.com

Sonion: Booth 679

Sophono Inc: Booth 701

Sophono Inc is a Colorado-based medical device manufacturer specializing in magnetic bone-conduction hearing solutions. Sophono’s magnetic-based osseointegrated implant technology offers the industry’s smallest magnetic implant paired with a proven sound processor system providing hearing loss patients with outstanding sound quality. The Sophono Alpha 2 MPO™ System is a leading magnetic implantable, bone-anchored hearing solution for those with conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, and single-sided deafness. (720) 407-5160; www.sophono.com

SoundCure: Booth 384

SoundCure© is the creator of Serenade©, a sound therapy platform used by audiologists in the United States and United Kingdom to treat patients with tinnitus. Simple to use and customized to each patient, Serenade’s digital signal processing system is based on the relationship between specific tonal algorithms and their effects. (408) 938-5745; www.soundcure.com

Soundlink Co Ltd: Booth 291

Spectrum Audiology: Booth 232

Spectrum Audiology partners audiologists and ENT physicians, such that the audiologist works with, not for, the ENT. In this mutually beneficial relationship, audiologists receive support while maintaining independence in clinical operations. (210) 402-6020; www.spectrumaudiology.com

Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children: Booth 270

SureWay Marketing Services: Booth 486

SureWay Marketing Services is a leading provider of print and direct mail services to the hearing aid industry. We understand the consumer difficulties (hurdles) in purchasing hearing devices and our creative design team has the marketing experience to design solutions that motivate prospects to contact your office. (866) 783-9781; www.surewayms.com

Sycle.net: Booth 791

Sycle is a leading hearing care practice management software that over 5,000 clinics depend on everyday to help grow their businesses. Thousands of hearing care professionals are simplifying their lives while increasing hearing aids sales. Scheduling, sales reporting, marketing, insurance billing, patient financing, and more are wrapped into one easy to use web-based solution. (415) 240-4219; www.sycle.net

Texas Department of State Health Services: Booth 385

Thieme Medical Publishers: Booth 325

TIMS for Audiology: Booth 608

Tinnitus Practitioners Association: Booth 582

The TPA is a non-profit professional organization of audiologists dedicated to providing tinnitus and sound sensitivity care to their patients. The TPA supports their efforts through professional and practice development, education, certification, research, and public awareness of tinnitus and sound sensitivity rehabilitation. (203) 823-0393; www.tinnituspractitioners.org

Turtle Beach Corporation: Booth 328

Developer and distributor of the HyperSound Hearing Solutions listening system. (888) 477-2150; www.hypersound.com

Unitron: Booths 735, 743, MR5

At Unitron, supporting you in delivering exceptional patient experiences is our focus. It always has been. It’s part of our larger commitment to work with you to drive greater hearing aid adoption and, ultimately, practice success. Our underlying product development philosophy is grounded in creating solutions that meet real patient needs. You can see this clearly in our powerful new North platform. And our iconic Flex business solution that truly enhances patient trust and confidence. (763) 744-3300; www.unitron.com

The University of Texas Medical Branch: Booth 337

US Army Medical Recruiting: Booth 378

Varta Microbattery Inc: Booth 329

VARTA Microbattery, manufacturer of power one hearing aid batteries. Mercury-free “wireless approved” power one hearing aid batteries offer maximum energy density that especially meet the requirements of the new generation of hearing instruments. For extreme demands, the power one IMPLANT plus p675 meets the demands of high drain processors. (914) 592-2500; www.powerone-batteries.com

Vivosonic Inc: Booth 206

Warner Tech-Care Products: Booth 330

Well Brain International Ltd: Booth 477

Wells Fargo Health Advantage: Booth 246

The Wells Fargo Health Advantage® credit card program offers a comprehensive range of financing options. With no interest, no interest if paid in full, and reduced rate financing, your audiology practice can focus on providing hearing care to your patients while building your practice. (877) 231-0294; www.wellsfargohealthadvantage.com

Westone Laboratories: Booth 451

Founded in 1959, Westone is known worldwide as a premier manufacturer of quality products that enhance and protect the hearing experience. The company’s precise, custom-fit earpieces provide comfortable and highly effective sound transmission to the ear. The company is a major provider of professional supplies, custom earpieces for hearing aids, and custom hearing protection products. (719) 540-9333; www.westone.com

WhisperRoom Inc: Booth 490

WhisperRoom Inc manufactures test booths for audiometric applications, and offers 20 sizes and two levels of sound isolation, with a flexible system that you can assemble on site; no specialized personnel required! Our test booths are portable, modular booths, which provide the necessary attenuation, and are a more economical choice over permanent  steel structures. WhisperRooms have been tested and have met ANSI standards for audiologists across the country, and are used by audiologists worldwide. We will have a 4’ x 4’ on display for you to try out, and we’ll have a show special. Reducing sound to a Whisper since 1990! (800) 200-8168; www.whisperroom.com

Widex USA Inc: Booths 715, MR3 & MR4

Widex is committed to sophisticated hearing technology, unmatched design, and sustainability. We are proud to feature the remarkable DREAM family of hearing aids all driven by the groundbreaking platform, TRUE Integrated Signal Processing (TRUE ISP). We are excited to debut the new Fashion Power BTE and the tiny DREAM CIC MICRO, the newest additions to the DREAM product portfolio. (800) 221-0188; www.widexusa.com

Xiamen Retone Hearing Technology Co Ltd: Booth 483

ReTone Hearing was established by a team with rich experience and network of hearing industry. As a professional manufacturer, we’re engaged in offering high quality products and satisfied service. ReTone hearing aids are certified by CE and FDA, and widely praised by our customers around the world. We are glad to provide ODM, OEM, and OBM services. 86-592-5777665; www.retone-hearing.com

ZeniPower Battery Co: Booth 774

ZeniPower Battery is a company mainly focused on manufacturing hearing aid batteries and cochlear implant batteries. It is a professional company which has over 26 years’ experience in this industry. +86 133 2286 5000; www.zenipower.com

ZPower LLC Booth: 252

ZPower silver-zinc battery chemistry offers the highest performance of any rechargeable microbattery on the market today. Our advanced solution offers up to three times the energy density of traditional rechargeable batteries. (937) 750-2997; www.zpowerbattery.com

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