Cancer cells appear in a man’s life when the immune system is not strong enough. Once cancer occurs it is a clear sign that there it reduction in nutrients. The causes of the disease are looked in genetics, the environment, food or lifestyle. In order to improve your immune system you need to change your diet.

It is important to know that:

1. Sugar feeds cancer cells. If you discard sugar from the diet you will stop the important food of the cancer. Substitutes for sugar are also harmful, and that is why you need to use something natural like honey or Melissa, but in very small quantities. You should also avoid salt because it contains harmful substances. Instead it is recommended to use either sea salt or bragg amino acid.

2. Milk stimulates the body to produce mucus, especially in the digestive system. Mucus feeds cancer cells. Avoid consuming milk and as a substitute you can use unsweetened soy milk, thus the cancer cells will starve.

3. Cancer cells develop and live in an acidic environment. Meat creates an acidic environment. This is why it is better to eat fish and chicken rather than beef and pork. Meat contains animal antibiotics, hormones that are harmful to everyone, especially for those suffering from cancer.

4. Avoid coffee, tea and chocolate because they have high levels of caffeine. Green tea is a better option because it contains ingredients that are good for fighting cancer. You need to drink clean and/or filtered water because the distilled one is acidic and should be avoided.

5. Create an alkaline environment in the body with a diet consisted of 80% of fresh vegetables, wheat germ, some fruit and 20% of cooked foods including beans. Fresh vegetable juices produce live enzymes that are easily absorbed and reach the cells within 15 minutes, which nourishes and stimulates the growth and development of new cells. In order to allow live enzymes to create healthy cells try drinking fresh vegetable juice. Enzymes are destroyed at a temperature of 40 degrees.

6. The walls of cancer cells are covered with a durable protein. When you abstain from consuming meat enzymes that allow penetration of defensive cells that destroy cancer cells are released.

7. Vitamin E allows destruction of cancer cells and their removal from the body.

8. Cancer cannot thrive in an environment full of oxygen. Physical exercise and deep breathing allow entering more oxygen, a treatment with oxygen provides the destruction of cancer cells.

Cancer is a disease not just of the body but also of the mind and spirit as well. Positive and active mind helps beat cancer. Intolerance, rage and anger create stress in the body and therefore an acidic environment. Embrace the positive spirit, be surrounded by love, and learn to forgive.

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