Less than a week until the Royal Rumble, so you can expect the final build-up for all the key matches, including the just announced Tag Title match with the New Age Outlaws facing The Rhodes Bros, set for the PPV pre-show, the WWE World Heavyweight Title face-off with Cena and Orton and the star attaction, the Royal Rumble itself. Of course tonight also sees the return, after nearly 4 years, of 'The Animal' Batista. Make sure to keep it here for all the live action from tonight's Raw show.

Martin Luther King video package now, in celebration of MLK Day.

Triple H and Stephanie are already in the ring  as Raw gets underway. Stephanie welcomes everyone, and Triple H says Sunday's Rumble is officially starting the Road To Wrestlemania. Triple H then introduces and welcomes back Batista... only to be cut off by Randy Orton, who races to the ring. Orton asks who do they think they are, and Stephanie asks of Orton the same thing. The WWE has been focused on the network, with everyone watching, and Randy goes and not only loses to Kofi Kingston but attacks John Cena's father in the crowd, really not setting a good example for the company, which is shown to everyone on the Tron.

Stephanie says these actions may have been OK in the past, but this new Authority will not let anything like this happen. Orton says that they are to blame, by putting him in a rematch against Cena, and bringing back both Lesnar and Batista. Orton says without him, there would be no WWE Network. Orton says that if he could do it all again, he wouldn't change a thing. Triple H says that Orton is the champion because the Authority believes in him being their man. But Orton seemingly doesn't believe in himself, especially after last week's actions. Orton has the capability to beat Cena, Lesnar and Batista. He needs to rise up and fix everything. Triple H will face Kofi Kingston again tonight. He's also got a backstage camera which will inform him as to when Cena arrives. But he won't have any assistance from The Authority.

BATISTA's music hits and makes his usual pyro entrance before heading to the ring. Crowd seem to be pretty hyped by his return. Triple H and Stephanie are smiling broadly, but Orton looks pensive. The Authority leaves and Orton offers a handshake to Batista, which he doesn't accept. Batista says that the reason that he's back is for his belt, to well as win the Rumble, become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and headline Wrestlemania once again.

Later tonight, Big Show and Lesnar will go face-to-face. But up next, Big E. Langston will team up with The Rhodes Bros. to take on The Shield.

Back from break and Langston and the Rhodes Bros. are already in the ring. The Shield then make their entrance through the crowd. There's a reminder that the Rhodes Bros. will face the New Age Outlaws for the WWE Tag Titles on the Royal Rumble pre-show. Ric Flair, Shawn Michales and 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan will be part of the panel on the pre-show as well.

Match 1 - Big E Langston & The Rhodes Bros. (Cody Rhodes & Goldust) vs. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)
Good match. Seth Rollins gets the pinfall on Big E. Langston after connecting with the Black Out.
WINNERS - The Shield

They now recap last week's ending to Raw with Bryan turning face again. Good video package here. Up next, Daniel Bryan speaks out for the first time.

Back from break and Daniel Bryan is in the ring, the crowd proudly chanting 'YES!'. People asked him why he joined the Wyatts, as he did it by taking them down both physically and mentally, the best way possible. He took out 3 men that he despised last week inside the cage. He says that he follows no-one and last week, HE was the Buzzard. Bryan exposed the Wyatt Family, and on Sunday Harper and Rowan will be in the Rumble match, as will Bryan, so he will be able to go one-on-one with them both. YES! chants ensue until The Wyatts cut in. Bray Wyatt cuts an excellent promo saying how Bryan exposed himself and how he should be with his family as everything that happens to him from now on, is HIS fault alone. Wyatt cut to break.

Back from adverts and Fandango is in the ring finishing his entrance. He's facing Xavier Woods. R-Truth is on commentary

Match 2 - Xavier Woods vs. Fandango (w/Summer Rae)
The match starts and is already over within a minute as Fandango won after a leg drop.
WINNER - Fandango

Emma is pointed out as being in the crowd celebrating by dancing.

The commentator's mention how Kane chokeslammed CM Punk on last week's Smackdown.

Maddox and Kane backstage, arguing over Batista's return last night. Stephanie appears and says she wasn't happy with Kane's conduct last week. Kane apologizes but Steph asks him to apologize to Punk as well. Kane obviously isn't happy with this.

Martin Luther King video.

Kane is now coming out, making his way to the ring. They recap how he handled Punk on Smackdown last week. Kane asks CM Punk to come out to the ring, which he does after a short wait. Kane makes his apology. Punk says he needed to speak louder, and Kane apologizes again. Punk says that he apologizes as well, and hits Kane and they brawl. Brad Maddox comes out and says that Punk will get his wishes and will have a fight tonight, but not against Kane, but against one of the New Age Outlaws, who make their way to the ring. Billy Gunn loses at 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' (despite beating Road Dogg's 'paper' with 'scissors') so he's in action. Road Dogg is on commentary.

Match 3 - CM Punk vs. Billy Gunn (w/Road Dogg)
During the match, Punk goes and attacks Road Dogg at the commentary table. The finish comes with Gunn trying to hit the Fameasser, only for Punk to reverse this into the GTS.

Maddox and Kane come out and Kane declares that CM Punk will be competitor #1 in the Royal Rumble match on Sunday. So Punk's going to be having a long run in 6 days then.

The backstage camera spots some people heading into the arena and it's... Lesnar and Heyman. They'll be out next.

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