LG G2, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless)

Product Descriptions :

Super-fast performance, a seamless user experience, and long-lasting battery.

The first smartphone in LG’s premium “G” Series, the LG G2 for Verizon Wireless brings everything together in a device with comfortable, functional, convenient and beautiful design. Powered by Android 4.2.2 and a super-fast 2.26 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, the 4G LTE-enabled LG G2 allows you to run multiple apps at once, browse the Web, or enjoy video and games seamlessly. And the 5.2-inch Full HD display is the largest display designed for one-handed operation.

The LG G2 offers a unique, forward-thinking design that’s actually a bit backwards by placing all the buttons on the rear of the device (instead of along the sides). Moving the main buttons to the back of the phone gives you more control since this is where your index fingers are naturally located — you’ll wonder why they haven’t always been there. Researchers have also found that moving the buttons also results in fewer dropped phones when adjusting the volume while talking.

Capture sharp pictures and smooth videos with the G2′s 13-megapixel rear camera, which features Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology and Full HD 1080p video recording. The LG G2 comes with 32 GB of internal storage (22 GB of user available storage) and up to 18.2 hours of talk time.

Edge-to-Edge Display

Enjoy an immersive viewing experience that fits perfectly in your hand with G2′s 5.2-inch Full HD in-plane switching (IPS) display. Its sharp, 423 pixels-per-inch resolution shows off every detail, while its IPS display gives you bright whites and rich colors with a 16:9 cinema-like presentation. In addition to the expansive viewing experience, LG’s innovative Dual Routing technology reduced the phone’s bezel to a mere 2.65mm on the side edge. For more efficient energy usage, the LG G2 employs Graphic RAM (GRAM) technology, which reduces the display’s energy use by up to 26 percent on a still frame and increases overall usage time on the device by approximately 10 percent.

Go Further Between Charges

The G2′s step design 3,000 mAh battery gives you impressive power, without compromising style. With SiO+ technology (an enhanced version of the lithium-ion batteries), the G2′s battery provides maximum storage capacity and long-lasting efficiency, with a thinner profile than traditional batteries. You’ll get up to 18.2 of talk time and up to 275 hours (11.4 days) of standby time).

13-Megapixel Camera with Optical Image Stabilization

Capturing important moments in shaky conditions is a breeze with the rear camera’s Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), which maintains focus while you hold the camera for less blur in photos and less shaking in videos –even in low-light settings. The Multi-Point Autofocus improves focus and depth of field with 9 AF points, especially for images with multiple faces or moving objects, while the Super Resolution Zoom provides more detail and sharper zoom quality, helping maintain clarity with 8 times the normal digital zoom. With the Dual Recording/Dual Camera feature, you can activate the front and rear cameras simultaneously to put both you and your subject in the shot with picture-in-picture technology.

The 13-megapixel rear camera also captures video in Full HD 1080p resolution. The Audio Zoom feature helps to focus in on what you want to hear by using multiple stereo mics to amplify sound from a specified angle and de-emphasizing the surrounding noise for video recording and playback. The rear camera is complemented by a 2-megapixel front camera for video chats on the go.


Spec Highlights

3G/4G LTE connectivity

Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system

2.26 GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor

5.2-inch touchscreen IPS display (1080 x 1920)

13-MP rear camera (with Full HD 1080p video) + Optical Image Stabilization

Front 2-MP camera

32 GB storage + 2 GB of RAM

Wireless-N Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0+ NFC

GPS for navigation and location services

Up to 18.2 hours of usage time

Designed with the power and volume buttons on the back of the phone.

Studio Quality Hi-Fi Sound

The powerful Snapdragon 800 processor also helps the G2 to boast impressive sound features such as Hi-Fi sound playback and HD multichannel audio for enhanced sound quality. The LG G2 features 24-bit/192 kHz Hi-Fi playback that reproduces studio-like quality sound, far superior to a CD.

LG Enhancements

QSlide Function. Multitask efficiently with the ability to open two additional windows over your main screen, and adjust their window size and transparency.

QuickMemo. Write or draw on any screen using just a finger, adding a personal touch to everything. And with On-Call Notes, jot down ideas during a call and access them later on from G2′s call log entry.

QuickRemote. Turn your G2 into a programmable remote to control multiple compatible electronic devices such as TVs, cable set-top-boxes, audio systems, and even air conditioners.

Capture Plus. Save a full Web page rather than a limited screen capture.

Clip Tray. Lets you copy and store multiple items, such as a screen shot, to a PC-like clipboard for use in other applications.

Slide Aside. Move between up to three apps at once, by using three fingers to slide your current screen aside, and access another app.

Guest Mode. Customize the G2′s experience with two modes — one for yourself and one for a child or guest — keeping your personal information and device settings safer. Access Guest Mode by unlocking the device with a separate lock screen pattern, letting you control which apps are available for a different user.

KnockON. A simple knocking gesture is all it takes to wake G2′s display without picking it up or pressing the power key. G2 senses the gesture and turns the display on or off automatically.

Verizon’s 4G LTE Network

Covering over 90 percent of the U.S. population (287 million people across the country), the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network provides average download data rates of 5-12 megabits per second (Mbps) and 2-5 Mbps on the uplink in real-world, loaded network environments.

You’ll be able to stream HD movies without the annoyance of constant pauses to buffer the video stream–as well as quickly download HD-quality movies right to your phone in minutes. Additionally, you’ll be able to download a new song file in about 4 seconds or upload a photo to your favorite social networking site in about 6 seconds.

With the enhanced security of 4G LTE, you’ll be able to maximize productivity and efficiency while you’re out of the confines of your office with the ability to tap into most VPN networks with less waiting and faster responsiveness. You’ll be able upload 10 MB presentations back to your team in less than 25 seconds.

In areas serviced only by 3G, you can expect download speeds of 600 Kbps to 1.4 Mbps and upload speeds of 500 to 800 Kbps in Mobile Broadband coverage area.

Google Now.

Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS

Fast, fluid, and smooth, the Android 4.2 operating system (nicknamed Jelly Bean) offers effortless movement between home screens — like turning the pages of a book. And it includes faster orientation changes, quicker switching between recent apps, and smoother and more consistent rendering throughout your mobile device. And widgets work like magic. As you place widgets on the screen, everything else automatically moves to make room. When they’re too big, widgets resize on their own.

Browse and download thousands of free and paid apps from around the world via Google Play or the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Smooth Operator. More reactive and uniform touch responses mean you can almost feel the pixels beneath as your finger moves across the screen. .

Live in the Now. With Google Now, you get the right information at just the right time — before you even ask. It can tell you today’s weather before you start your day, or when the next train will arrive as you’re standing on the platform. .

Photo Sphere Camera. Snap pictures in every direction — up, down, and all around you — and have them come together into incredible, immersive photo spheres that put you right inside the scene.

Smarter Keyboard with Gesture Typing. Just glide your finger over the letters you want to type, and lift after each word. You don’t have to worry about spaces because they’re added automatically for you.

Beam Photos and Videos. With Android Beam, you can easily share your photos and videos.

The Amazon app suite is one swipe from the device’s main home screen. Sign in using your Amazon.com account.

Seamless Access to Digital Content and Shopping with Amazon App Suite

The Amazon app suiteprovides seamless access to Amazon digital content and shopping right from your phone’s home screen. Interact with Amazon digital content you already own, access over 23 million games, books, apps, and songs, as well as shop millions of physical products in a single, fully-integrated, and easy-to-use experience.

All the Content

Get instant access to over 23 million games, books, apps, and songs including all of the most popular Android apps and games, over 20 million songs to download or instantly stream, and over one million Kindle books in the Kindle Store, including New York Times best sellers and new releases.

Seamless Shopping

Instantly access Earth’s biggest selection with millions of physical products available to search or browse with the integrated mobile shopping experience, plus all of the benefits of shopping on Amazon, including personalized recommendations, customer reviews, 1-Click ordering, Prime FREE Two-Day shipping on over 15 million items, and more.

Single Sign In

Enter your Amazon.com login just once to access all of Amazon Mobile Shopping, Kindle, MP3, and Amazon Appstore for Android apps, receive personalized recommendations, and interact with the Amazon digital content you already own right from your phone’s home screen.

“Buy Once, Enjoy Everywhere “

With apps available on the largest number of devices and platforms, Amazon makes it easy for you to access your content anytime, anywhere, from virtually any device or platform you choose. You can read and sync your Kindle books across any device with the Kindle app installed, including Android phones and tablets, Windows 8 tablets, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and in your web browser with Kindle Cloud Reader.

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Why you should buy LG G2, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless) ?

Display: 5.2-inches

Camera: 13-MP

Processor Speed: 2.26 GHz

OS: Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome, with a couple caveats, September 19, 2013


M. Atlas (Madison, WI) – See all my reviews


This review is from: LG G2, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)

This is by far the best phone on Verizon, IF you’re willing to spend some time tweaking it to get around the somewhat annoying customizations that LG and Verizon have stuck on the phone.

The G2 has wayyy better hardware than anything else you can get on Verizon right now. I also played with the Moto X & Droid Maxx in store and the G2′s overall smoothness, ability to run a bunch of apps at the same time, or lots of tabs in Chrome, etc is a noticeable improvement over those phones. Rock solid.

LG & Verizon’s software layered on top of stock Android is not very good. I had to spend a couple hours getting the phone set up how I wanted. Now that I did that initial work I’m loving the phone.

If you want a nice clean Android experience right out of the box then this is probably not the phone for you. But if you’re willing to do some tweaking it’s worth it for the hardware. I’ve got some of my tweaks listed in the cons section.

+ Great battery life. I’m a heavy user and at 1:30 pm on the first full day I’ve had the phone I’m at 74% battery.
+ Performance is fantastic, animations smooth, apps open quickly, multiple tabs in Chrome no problem, very stable. Compared to a Motorola Droid Maxx (VZW’s other option with excellent battery) the G2 is noticeably better.
+ Awesome screen. Clear colors, good resolution. Compared to AMOLED it has much more natural colors but viewing angles aren’t quite as wide. A fair tradeoff.
+ Super small bezels around the screen. It doesn’t feel like a big phone. A little bigger than my old Galaxy Nexus but thinner and weight is fine.
+ Camera is quick, good amount of controls in the app, and takes quality pics.
+ LG’s custom lock screen is kinda handy with customizable shortcuts, and you can still add widgets like stock Jellybean lock screen.

- Buttons on back of the phone make waking it up a little tricky. The Verizon G2 has smaller buttons than all other variations of the phone.
- Knock-on feature is supposed to let you wake up screen with double-tap on screen when off but works maybe 2/3 of the time. Also lets you turn off screen with double-tap on empty part of screen but if not in LG launcher this only works if you tap status bar.
- Glossy plastic back is a fingerprint magnet.
- There’s a junky looking sticker with the IMEI number on the back of the phone that is already getting ragged looking from 1 day of use. I’ll probably take it off and stick it to the box (which already has the IMEI printed on it).
- Lots of Verizon & LG bloatware.
- LG launcher is pretty bad. Home screens are OK but the app drawer forces all the Verizon & LG bloatware to the first two pages and puts your installed apps after them. You can rearrange the installed apps but I couldn’t find an option to sort them alphabetically. I ditched it for Nova Launcher.
- LG keyboard takes up too much screen real estate, replaced with Swype. If you don’t want to spend .99 on Swype then download the stock Google keyboard.
- LG SMS app is very bad. Annoying popup notifications, and the message compose box in the conversation window is too big so with the keyboard up you barely see any of the conversation. Replaced with Chomp SMS.
- On-screen buttons (back, home, etc) let you customize layout but there’s no option for a multitasking button. You’re stuck with back, home and menu. It lets you add a button to open notification drawer if that sounds appealing to you. Can choose multiple themes but no plain black. There’s a “black gradient” option but it stands out more than plain black buttons on Nexus & other devices.
- QSlide apps are pretty worthless and take up an extra row in notification drawer. Can get rid of it by editing the toggles in the notification drawer and checking the box for QSlide toggle, then toggle QSlide off.
- Can’t take screen shots by pressing combo of hardware buttons. Would be tricky to do with buttons on the back so I guess LG took this feature out. Instead you have to use Quick Memo which is accessible on the toggles on the notification drawer. A bit fussy, but workable.

I know that seems like a lot of cons in a 5-star review, but again the hardware on the G2 is so much better than anything else on VZW right now that I’m ok recommending it as long as people know what they’re getting into with the software.


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Just what I wanted, September 15, 2013


rdurand – See all my reviews

This review is from: LG G2, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)

Fast, no lag at all
Slim, not razor thin but not a brick either
Battery, easily last a day with heavy use and 2 with light to medium
Buttons, natural for me took a day to get used to
Screen, amazing color/crisp/sharp
Size, as big as you can get without making it a phablet
Camera, OIS really does make a difference
Headphone jack, IT’S ON THE BOTTOM!!!

Knock on, doesn’t work all the time sometimes needs to be taped 4+times

This phone really does leave the GS4 and One in the dust (Speakers & design wise the One is still better imo). This should be expected though with a phone running more advanced hardware. Overall I couldn’t be happier and feel that my 0 (yes I bought off contract) was well worth it. This phone easily will get you through a full day of use (I’m on Verizon btw) if not more. I check my phone all the time, constantly stream music/video, and have yet to drop the battery below 40% in a day. Not sure if this is new to smartphones but this thing charges incredibly quickly too. From dead to full charge is probably in the 90 minute range, something I really like.

Only reason I wouldn’t recommend this phone is if you have small hands…


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No Longer Addicted Looking For The Perfect Cell Phone Because Its In My Hand!, September 30, 2013


The Graphite Girl (TEXAS y’all!) – See all my reviews

This review is from: LG G2, Black 32GB (Verizon Wireless) (Wireless Phone)

Customer Video Review Length:: 6:51 Mins

i was a Sammy girl /HTC Chick for years, constantly bouncing back & forth between the two, but my last 4 phones have been all LG….the attention to detail LG and the “level of customization options” has used in the designing of this UI is simply amazing. It is so maddening that ppl keep calling LG a Samsung copycat. Truth be known, BOTH companies purchase many of their software designs from smaller companies such as Pantech. LG takes longer to implement them into their UI, therefore they work MUCH BETTER, so it may appear Samsung developed them first, however that is untrue.

If i could change ONE thing, it wouldn’t be about the phone, it would be about ALL the criticism LG’s UI has received from people who either haven’t even laid eyes on it or ppl who do have the phone and haven’t bothered to learn it….While YES there are a gabillion options, almost all can be ignored or disabled, & even EASILY replacing ANY icon you don’t care for with a photo, image, etc. but YET are “there if you need them WITHOUT slowing down the system ONE iota!”…

At first glance it might appear as a “Touchwiz Copycat”, but what i love so much about LG’s implementation is that you really are not “stuck” with anything you don’t like. It allows almost every option to either be removed, hidden, or disabled. Yes, it does take a little “hunting & learning”, but is that so bad? There are tons of “how to” vids out there including mine (my bossytexaschick youtube channel) that make learning this phone, “a breeze”… : )

This video i made i had just woken up but it is just a small sample of all it can do, wanted touch on a couple of highlights regarding this device. I have been using it non-stop for 2 weeks, and I have to tell you, where normally the FIRST thing I do is d/l a replacement launcher, with this phone I have not had to. The one thing I really love is you have the option for 5 icons across screen, where Touchwiz only allows you 4. Upon further digging, I found so many options that equal or surpass replacement launchers, I just decided to keep its native launcher, and I love it. With using its own O/S, it has never once crashed or given me the familiar “loading” screen, everything flies, and I have it set up exactly as I would had I replaced the launcher….

I also put some customer images up (at top of product page)if your worried about fingerprints, look how great these custom skins from cell phone shop dot net look for about 10 bucks!

Another thing i have found… Before this i ALWAYS had to root, whether to improve battery life, improve performance, get rid of bloat, and a thousand other reasons… With this device, there is absolutely nothing i feel will gained by having root access…So why bother? That alwaus unnecessary stressed me out, and things always popped up, drivers missing, apps jacking up, some niggles with every custom rom i ever had, this phone running AS IS delivers a 100% satisfying Android experience : )

My TWO main concerns with this device were the fact that there was no removable battery and no removable SD card… well, here’s how i’ve come to feel about that:

NO SD CARD- NO BIG DEAL! : With the “wireless storage” option in Settings, it will automatically assign a user name & password for you to type into Windows EXPLORER (not browser) and u can access, move, copy, paste files to you phone in a flash. That way you can easily keep your 24 GB that is available organized and not run out of space, without any hassles.

NO REMOVABLE BATTERY- WITH LG G2′s ENDLESS BATTERY LIFE, WHO CARES! The battery life on this device is insane. I can hardly imagine it running out of battery regardless of a day’s usage, and worst case you can keep a portable battery pack for emergencies, but trust me, it will collect dust!)

The buttons on the back take about 10 uses to get used to, and soon you will wish that design plus feature plus “knock on” feature were on everything! If knock on only works 3 out of 4 times for you, try always doing a “triple tap”… Turns a 95% success rate into a 99% rate : )

There are so many more PROS about this phone and truthfully I have not found even 1 negative, from price, to speed, to productivity, to screen size, to hand holdability, to convenience, to never getting hot, to ease of use, it ticks EVERY BOX!




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