Hi, "Bots" mean "internet robots" or "automation tools" that automate your internet tasks on the browser. I am programming some bots (automation softwares). Let me know if you're interested in a copywhen they're finished and I'd like your feedback on which ones you think won't sell so I don't waste time building them. Prices would be in the range of $50 per copy. Haven't quite fixed their prices yet but they'll be low cost since I'm advertising them in this section. The bots are as follows: Comment Section Open Blog Finder - This bot will search for your chosen/niche keywords and find blogs who's comments are still open and save the list to a file. (You can then manually visit each link and leave your comments along with your links. One way to build links to your site from relevant blogs. I'm refusing to add the feature where the bot would auto post your comments as this could lead to people using the bot to spam all over the internet). Google Suggestion Scraper - This bot will search for your chosen/niche keywords on Google and whatever relevant keywords Google suggests it will save them to a file. Google suggested keywords are a list of keywords people are or have recently searched on Google. (Why build webpages based around keywords that people are not searching for ? If you build webpages or blog posts based around the keywords people are searching for then why shouldn't Google give you good ranking and present your links to these people since your pages have the keywords their searching for ? With these Google Suggested Keywords list, you can then build webpages based around these Google suggested keywords to get Google give those pages of your's a good ranking). PR Checker - This bot will check your chosen sites' PRs and make lists of their PRs. It will then weed- out the low PR sites from the list, leaving only high PR ones. (You can then manually leave your links to these high PR sites for link building purpose or you can sell the list). HIGH PR Site Finder - This bot will search for your chosen/niche keywords on the searchengines and scrape the links presented. It will then check the high ranked sites for their PRs and then add to list those ones that have high PRs. (You can use these lists to find high PR sites to leave your links for link building purpose or you can sell the list). DO FOLLOW Link Finder - DO FOLLOW Blog Finder - DO FOLLOW Forum Finder - The above 3 bots will search for your chosen/niche keywords on the searchengines and scrape the links presented. It will then check whether any of these link-pages are providing any external links with NO FOLLOW status or not. If not, then these pages are providing DO FOLLOW status to outside links and need to be listed in your list. (You can use these lists of DO FOLLOW link pages to leave your links there for link building purpose). Backlink Drop Checker - This bot will keep tabs on your links to see if anyone linking to them are dropping the backlinking to you or not. (You can use these lists to find-out which websites have stopped linking to you and then make them an offer to start linking again). PR Drop Checker - This bot will keep tabs on your chosen links to see if anyone's PR is dropping or not. (You can use these lists to find-out which websites have got their PRs dropped and stay away from leaving your links there. No good having sites going down the drain linking to your site as this might result in your own site's PRs getting dropped). Website Ranking Monitor - This bot will keep tabs on your chosen webpages to see if any of your webpages are losing ranks to your competitions. If it finds any losing ranks, it will save them to a list. (You can use the list to identify which pages you must improve SEO to get back the ranking). Competition Link Building Monitor - This bot is like a stalker. It will keep tabs on your competition link buildings and provide you with simple stats of new links linking to them. (You might aswell drop a line to these new links to start linking to you or you'll most likely lose the game to your competition). Link Anchor Text Builder - When you feed this bot with your links and text describing the links, it will generate anchor text (html code) for you to create links. Bulk Content Spinner - This bot will spin content and generate mass number of files. Bulk Spin Tag Generator - Do you have a Content Spinner where you have to feed it with spin tags ? Tired of doing all that manually from file to file ? When you feed this bot with a list of synonyms, it will auto generate the spin tags for you on your files so you don't have to manually do so. You can then feed the source files (with the spin tags) to your chosen Content Spinner. Bulk Link Generator - Are you sick and tired of manually creating TinyUrlDotCom or NullReferDotCom (checkout this one now!) or even Rotational links going on third party sites for each of your links ? Imagine, manually creating 100 Tiny Url short links for 100 of your new links. How tiring! This bot will create the links for you on auto pilot. Fast! Bulk Article Downloader - This bot will bulk save articles from article directories such as ezinearticles.com to your hard drive so you don't have to manually copy and paste each article from the directories to your hard drive. Bulk Uploader - This bot will bulk upload your articles from your hard drive to your Word Press blog. Bulk Domain Name Generator - This bot will bulk generate domain names list based on your keywords so you don't have to manually create them to search and register. So, if you type "lose fat fast" and you only want ".com" and ".net" domains list generated, then it will generate "losefatfast.com", "losefatfast.net", "lose-fatfast.com", "lose-fatfast.net", "losefat-fast.com", "losefat-fast.net", "lose-fat-fast.com", "lose-fat-fast.net" and so on. Note where the "-" is on each domains. Bulk Registration Bot - This bot will bulk sign you upto your chosen sites. Sites can be Webmails like Yahoo Mail, Social Bookmarks like del.icio.us, Social Networks like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Youtube, Face Book, etc. Bulk Registration/Signup Form Filler - Same as "Bulk Registration Bot" above. Only difference is, this bot will fill in signup/registration forms but will not click the SUBMIT/SIGNUP/REGISTRATION button. You will need to click them manually yourself. Bulk Comment Eraser - Tired of manually deleting spam comments from your Word Press blog ? I got tired too and building a bot that will mass erase all the comments regardless of whether it they're spam or not. Just rid them all! Uh! Bulk Subdomain Builder/Eraser - I'm about to mass delete Subdomains and so the idea came into my head to build a bot that will mass create and delete Subdomains from my cPanel account. Bulk Script Installer - I'm about to mass install scripts (forums, classifieds) on my site from my cPanel account. I thought, I might aswell build a bot to do it. It will only be able to install those scripts present on cPanel. Bulk Login - This bot will bulk log you into your chosen sites so you don't have to do it manually. Customer Leads Finder on Youtube - This bot will search for your chosen keywords on Youtube. When Youtube presents videos list, it will check each video for comments and make a list of the commentors' profiles on Youtube. These commentors are potential customers. If a person watches a video to lose weight then he/she is likely to be a person searching for a weight loss solution. Or, why else would he/she be viewing a weight loss video and why else would he/she be leaving comments under the video ? Commentors are potential customers. When you make a list of commentors, who watched your competition weight loss solution video, and contact them via their profile, you're likely to make sales here. (Some bots in the market, especially those available via Click bank, do just that. They go and Private Message your ads to you competitions' video viewers/commentors and result in making sales for you. have you seen those Click Bank ads where in the video the bot vendor shows he clicks a button one day on his bot and then the next day his Click Bank account is full of money ? Well, they never show you what exactly the bot did to earn the bot user that hard cash but the bot does just that. It goes around Social Networks and finds people mentioning the keywords in your niche and then just starts spamming these people with your links. There was another bot selling in Click Bank that searched for your chosen niche keyword on Yahoo Answers and then starts pasting your links on the presented discussions. That's all. These bots try to find people mentioning your niche keywords and then just starts spamming the heck out of that Social network resulting in you making some sales but getting banded from the Social network for spamming. Now, my bot will not post messages or spam. It will scrape potential customer profile links. You can manually contact the potential customer, yourself. This bot I'm building will not Private Message your ads. You will have to do that manually yourself. I don't want to build a bot so people can use it for spamming. This bot will be a "lead Finding Bot" or a "Lead Harvesting Bot" but not a "Lead Spamming Bot" like some bots available in Click Bank). Affiliate Leads Finder on Youtube - This bot is same as above. Only it won't scrape the commentors' profile urls but the video producers'. If you're selling a weight loss solution then it's obvious those videos out there on Youtube are produced by people providing the weight loss solutions. They maybe providing their own products or recommending your competitions. You might aswell contact them and do a deal to promote your products instead. Customer Leads Finder on Squidoo - Affiliate Leads Finder on Squidoo - Customer LeadsFinder on Hubpages - Affiliate Leads Finder on Hubpages - (These 4 bots similar as Youtube ones). These bots are not finished yet and I'm building them for my own use. If you want to buy a license copy then which one's are you interested in buying ? I might aswell show you a clip of how they perform on your screen and so subscribe to this thread and keep tabs on it. You can see them in action soon if you keep tabs here. I don't like penny pinching, scraping lousy pennies (pay for read, paid to click, etc. programs). Garbage. I plan on building bots that will do mass internet marketing for me mass building my links all over the internet and mass hunting customers and affiliates for me. My bot list above, says it all, what I'm going to be upto. Doesn't it ? I'm going to be a tough competition, am I not ? Unless ofcourse, you grab some copies of these wild beasts. Thanks for reading and PM me if you're interested in any of these bots. Would be great if you can leave replies here too.

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