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  • Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, Prevent Disease Waking Times It is estimated that over 200 million people globally (about 35 million people in North America) suffer from at least one of the many forms of thyroid disease. In fact, thyroid problems are increasing...

  •   By LINDSEY TANNER AP Medical Writer CHICAGO (AP) _ The emotional pain and practical demands facing Nelson Mandela’s family are universal: confronting the final days of an elderly loved one. There are no rules for how or when the end may...

  • Cytomel (T3)
    via superiormuscle

    Cytomel T3 (chemical name: liothyronine sodium) is a synthetic form of thyroid hormone that is mostly used to treat hypothyroidism and myxedema coma. These conditions can be triggered by thyroid cancer, Graves' disease, and even by an unhealthy lifestyle...

  • Enter within the entry for a snug and exquisite light-up wrought iron chandelier, feasting on establishment and even fully-stocked kitchen. Individuals exclusive worries, together with too much use, individuals or simply a pregnancy attend reared problems...

  • John Cox posted a blog post
    via nhneneardeath.ning

    John Cox posted a blog post Words Regarding My Stroke (I've not proof-read this, so there's bound to be typos and other errors.)I had no idea that NHNE members would send me such supportive messages.  I need to say "Thank You" to all for your...

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  • Haukkari

    Tarinoita hauiksen kasvusta

  • Comments on Haukkari: FA-fest i Rösås

    2011-07-01T14:11:59.141+03:00 Tsot tsot, kyseessähän ei ole mikään slash greidi ... Tsot tsot, kyseessähän ei ole mikään slash greidi (eli tiukempi kuin 7b+ mutta helpompi kuin 7c) vaan nimeen omaan t...

  • Haukkari: May 2011

    Palataanpas ajassa taaksepäin, Blåberget 2008. Reitti nimeltä År av ensamhet (8- / 7b) erottui selvästi rännien joukosta. Reitti kulkee julmetun isossa katossa, jonka jälkeen  siirrytään otteettomall...

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