Whenever I am reliant on transport other than my own and I have to wait, then I try to jot down whatever I am seeing or what my thoughts are at the time. Smart phones have become good companions for those (we should stop calling them phones I guess). Later on for reflection it always makes for interesting reading. It reminds me of the man I saw many years ago in Melville’s De La Crème (when Melville was still Melville) on 7th Street, writing down his thoughts using extra small letters in a tiny book. The mediums have just become so much more convenient. So here I am in the Surval shuttle on the way back to George to catch a flight back to crazy old Johannesburg with its brash attitude – and punching in my last thoughts. My mind is trying to order and sponge the weekend that it was. I can hear wedding guest Verna talk about her heydays as an air hostess for the SAA, Moscow, and the Orange Tail Crew. The landscape is whizzing by and for the first time I am able to see the mountains near George. A stark contrast to when I arrived.

It was rainy and misty (or it could have been vice versa). To the effect of having to detour via Cape Town first, just to wait out the weather and refuel before returning to George. Once on terra firma Carin’s father Dries played chauffeur and we headed out to Surval Boutique Olive Venue. From experience I knew that there wasn’t much we could do about the weather and that if there was a lot of love at the wedding, then we had nothing to worry about. We had our fingers crossed in any case. Having only spoken to Carin and Shaun via Skype previously it was a treat to meet them in person for the first time. Both Carin and Shaun are medical doctors and call Mossel Bay their home. They are also the proud parents of two Bassets from what Carin has shown me.

It was also great to meet Carin’s mother Lizelle with whom I’ve been in communication with quite often until then. A wonderful soul.

As the wedding day arrived I woke up with some sunshine peering through quite a bit of cloud. I decided to get some detail shots of Surval in the bag right after breakfast – just in case. Looking on my phone and all the weather sites stated that the sun would be gone by mid afternoon, but luckily no rain. So as predictions went the sun took a cloudy hiatus, but even in its absence the day just turned out perfect. The ceremony was beautifully scripted and the energy during the reception was off the chain. Carin looked absolutely stunning and Shaun was the uber gentleman that he is. To say I had fun photographing the Klein Karoo wedding of this beautiful couple then it would be a bit of an understatement.

Let me go grab some tea while you let your eyes have a go at this post.

The day awaits.


PS. I love the Cape!

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